"Green Energy" - NOT

Dear Editor, I thought you and your readers might be interested in a few facts as far as the postings of a so-called blogger (Green Energy) who, is as you know in reality is trying to sell a product which he purports to be a much better choice for us than what Cape Wind is offering.

He suggests that we purchase his equipment which will utilize and “store” the electricity that is wasted because… according to his postings… the power companies always operate at full capacity and produce more electricity than we can use… and somehow it, well… I dunno how, but… He says it is “lost forever”.

Having a pretty extensive background in electricity myself I challenged his claims a month or two back and said he was full of crap. He is apparently at it again with the new & improved version of his pitch as noted on last weeks ‘UPI wrap up on Cape Wind and the Don Young amendment. I did respond to that as you will note but at this point is well… “Old news” I guess.

I think it is important for a variety of reasons that Green is exposed as the fraud he is.

One reason is that the uninformed should understand that what he is peddling is not as he says it is. It  is nothing more that a glorified emergency backup system with it’s own inherent problems.

Secondly, what he is suggesting as far as the electric generating utility companies so called “lost electricity/energy” is pure bull…

And thirdly, he says that the power companies do not “ramp up & down” in order to meet or adjust to load demands.

I have been in contact with a former power plant operator who is presently in a different, yet related position in electric power generation. I would consider him an expert in his field. He would prefer not to become embroiled in this dialog but the information I obtained is readily verifiable thru a variety of sources he assures me.

For the record:

Green Energy states that the smokestacks discharge (noxious) gases @ 5,000 degre and to vary the output of electric generation would cause the smokestacks to contract & expand as much as 24”.

Therefore he postulate -  The facilities cannot ramp up and down to meet the varying needs of the demand us consumers are calling for over a 24hr period or whatever the timeframe. Furthermore he states that electricity is somehow “lost” (a real funny indeed!) because of the fact that the power plants generate at 100% ALL the time and this so called lost electricity can somehow be ‘captured’ by his the special product lines available (seemingly exclusively) thru his company.

These are the facts:

  • Steel melts @ ~2,500degrees. So much for the steel in the 5,000 degree smokestacks he is suggestive of.
  • Boiler operating temperatures range from 2,000 to 2,500 degrees.
  • Steam is generated to turn the turbines (which in turn turn the generators) @ ~1,000 degrees.
  • Exhaust is released into the smokestacks (after various heat recovery elements) @250-300 degrees

So much for Greens so calle “Basic Physics", the  lunacy he taunts a fellow blogger with.


This is ACTUALLY HOW ur local power plants generate electricity,  as opposed to what ‘Green’ supposedly “knows”:

The Canal Plant…

  • Unit #1 Operates @100% 24hrs a day 365days a year… for the most part… This sounds good for Green huh?
  • Unit #2 Ramps up and down (amazing) usually on the order of 50% every day/night & occasionally… SHUTS DOWN.

The Brayton Point Plant…

  • Unit #1 Operates @ 100%... Just like the Canal Plant
  • Unit #2-3 Ramp up and down… Just like @2 @ the Canal Plant
  • Units #’3-5 Start up as needed & fill in / ramp up and down like #’s2&3

Electricity, other than in batteries, can neither be stored or lost. Yes, there are “transmission losses” due to the voltage drops experienced in long transmission line runs. That however is not recoverable as "Green Energy" would like you to believe. Electricity is generated and used as the demand requires… No more & no less.

So, as far as the so called “surplus energy” this dude is saying is available for our use and therefore we don’t need anymore new generating facilities - be it Cape Wind, friendly Nuclear, or non-renewable Oil, Coal or Gas - it is just… “Blue Smoke” belching from so called… “Green Energy.”

And as he taunts us with his sarcastic… “I gave this blog the answer a couple of times before so if you are so technical and have been paying attention… you may already know the answer.

I know… He’s full of it… And, I don’t mean the answers.

Stephen Peckham is a long-time Electrical Contractor both on Cape Cod and Nantucket. 

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