A letter from Bugsy's dad

This is the one year anniversary of my first blog post on Cape Cod Today.

Walter and Julie Brooks were kind enough to invite me for a guest post to their very popular Cape Cod Media blog. This is a story about my dog, Bugsy (on right), and my experiences blogging in Barnstable over the past year.

Bugsy The other day I stopped by the Cumberland Farms near my house to pick up a gallon of milk and the Barnstable Patriot. This is my Saturday morning routine. I left Bugsy in the car.

The clerk gave me a funny look when I pulled the Patriot out from under a pile of out-of-town papers at the bottom of the newsstand. She looked at me like I was the only person on all of West Main Street that had ever bought the local paper.

I threw her a big smile, shrugged my shoulders, "They have color pictures now. You have to buy it," I said.

She gave me an unconvinced look. "Yea, they were bought up by the Cape Cod Times, weren’t they?”

“Yes. But, it's really not a bad paper. The Times hasn’t ruined it."

"Do you work for them?" she asked suspiciously.

"No, I write about them. Actually, my dog does," I said pointing to the car where we could see Bugsy with his nose pressed to the window and his tongue out.

She gave me another unconvinced look. Then from nowhere, a big smile crossed her face, "You're Bugsy! Cape Cod Living - I read you all the time."

"I just run the errands,” I said throwing up my hands in defense, “Bugsy’s in the car waiting for his milk."

"I love Bugsy! You know my Aunt Ruth used to write for the Barnstable Patriot over in Marstons Mills. She wrote the local gossip column. She talked about who was getting married, who has having kids, and the occasional town scandal. She was real popular. But, you and Bugsy are great!"

"Thank you. I wish Bugsy wrote a gossip column. My life would be a lot easier," I said thanking her for the milk.

“Ah..don’t worry,” she said dismissing my concerns. “Until John Klimm runs for dog catcher, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Barnstable doesn’t like its bloggers. They haven’t taken to us. Some question what we’re trying to accomplish.  Recently an anon-y-mouse wrote and called me “a Cape Cod intellectual hopeful” and accused me of trying to “bring down Barnstable's government under the guise of ‘saving the poor taxpayers.’”

Now, I’ve got this fish named Coddah tagging me around town leaving comments like this:

“I have to ask why the most vocal critics of Barnstable also work so hard to be the most obnoxious people in bloggerville?

There are a lot of people in town who are interested in bettering local government. Unfortunately, once the 'ship of fools' gets involved in a topic, many reformers with common sense run the other way.

Every community has its issues...but to solve them we need to work on better answers, not bigger insults.”

For once, Coddah and I can agree on something. I too am tired of the insults - especially from the likes of this cold fish.

Coddah likes to “talk the talk” and pretend that he’s a sane, rational person open to innovation and creative thinking. In fact, he’s a troglodyte that is capable of recognizing the many contributions bloggers have already made to Barnstable’s often stale political landscape. What Coddah doesn’t understand is that blogging is about finding better answers. Blogging is not a nefarious plot to overthrow town government.  

Coddah should realize that the solution to Barnstable’s “blog problem” isn’t following me around town slinging anonymous insults. The solution to Barnstable’s “blog problem” is more and better blogs.

Maybe Coddah should start a blog of his own? Then, the next time he stops by a Cumberland Farms to buy some milk for his dog, someone there will give him a big smile and a green light to keep on blogging.

For more misadventures with Bugsy, the Pug dog, please visit capecodliving. Tell ‘em Walter sent ya.

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