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Laws which violate the will of the majority

By Robert Kelly 

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but a new trend began a few decades ago that is epitomized by the headline over an article in the Boston Globe of June 8, 2006 that read:  Senate OKs syringe sales.

needlex The article deals with a bill that passed in the Senate 26 to 8. It now moves to the House for approval before it goes to the Governor. House approval is expected because it did so once before by 115-37.

Gov. Romney disapproves, but the bill seems to be veto proof, and it will probably become law in a matter of weeks.

Legislators defending the bill (that will permit over-the-counter sales of syringes) note that dope addicts often swap needles during the course of an orgy. By making clean ones more readily available, the argument goes, the spread of diseases like HIV will be curbed.

Opponents of the bill, like Gov. Romney, argue that legalizing the sale of syringes will have the opposite result.

The action of the legislators is typical of the long-term drift of American society that goes something like this: 1) Detect a problem; 2) Label those who have it as “victims” of society; 3) Call it a disease; 4) Invent a pill (in this case, a syringe); 5) Ignore the primary cause of the problem (in this case, the defining sexual act of homosexuals). 

Legislators fail to realize that the laws of the state are often confused with moral laws, especially in the unformed minds of the young who tend to confuse the “legal” and the “good.”

And this confusion has become dangerously important in American life. The U.S. Government has increasingly passed laws that violate the moral principles of the majority population, which for them has made obedience to law more difficult than ever before.

It is perfectly obvious for example that the law in question is being passed to convenience drug addicts. The benefit to them is clear – easy-to-get needles; alleged benefits to society – less HIV -- are, at best, prospective.

But in addition to these consequences, another message is being sent to society, especially the young: Massachusetts has legalized the sale of syringes to addicts therefore the use of drugs has been indirectly legalized. And whatever is legal, many say, must be moral.

The U.S. is on a dangerous road. It legalizes abortion because births to unmarried women are a problem. Condoms are freely available to the young because sex among teenagers is rampant. Homosexuals are inconvenienced by cultural norms, so same-sex marriage was legalized. A kid’s grades are poor in school so social promotions are invented in order to protect his/her self confidence; illiterate immigrants are a problem, so stuff them into the overburdened school system and complain about school efficiency.

On and on it goes. Do everything – anything. But, by all means, avoid the problem and close your eyes to the social consequences.

The song goes: God Bless America….
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