The obvious truth finally dawns for Bush 

After years of being in denial, the president has finally discovered the reality of global warming.  Exxon-Mobil, after spending  millions from their record profits to subsidize renegade climatologists in an effort to cast doubt on the issue have now  ceased that misbegotten activity. A new group of major company CEOs has formed the U. S. Climate Action Partnership; Alcoa, BP America,  DuPont, Caterpillar, GE, and Lehman Bros. among others.Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gasses 60% by 2050. Tony Blair, Arnold  Schwartzenegger, Deval Patrick, Barney Frank, and other political figures are making moves on behalf of their constituents' welfare and  that of the planet. Responsible thinking is on the move!

It seems strange that Senator Kennedy remains opposed to our best chance to benefit our health and our pocketbooks and doing our  local share in the effort to protect the planet. Is he waiting to see seaweed on his lawn?

The ever-hesitant Senator Kerry continues to stand aloof in the Cape Wind discussion. If he wants the support of environmentalists  (we all consider ourselves to be in those ranks don't we?) he ought to endorse the project that could reduce mercury pollution and acid  rain as well as eliminate the CO2 component of electricity generation.

Congressman Delahunt has taken a page  from the Karl Rove playbook: put out a proposal that pretends to be a positive force for  change, but in reality is a smoke-and-mirrors negation of achievable progress. His junket to Germany is a farce. He knows deep water  
turbines are so costly they wont help us in the foreseeable future.  

But have a good time, and don't forget to thank the donor.

Perhaps those whose SUVs sport "SOS" stickers will come to a much broader vision, saving the planet. "SOP" stickers would show a  desire to prevent disastrous weather consequences the world over. Can we hope the obstructionists will convert to responsible stewardship?

Richard C. Bartlett

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