Middleboro voter says Saturday's vote was reminscent of Florida 2000

Dozens of legal objections raised about the casino vote on Saturday
Charges town employees were used to styme voter's voice

Although the Secretary of State has indicated observer(s) were present during the 'Process,' one must wonder what they were looking for or viewing.
Does Big Gambling Money blind and silence everyone?
While standing in line prior to 8 AM, Mr. Roger Brunelle arrived in a golf cart and announced that he need help before is scheduled volunteers arrived.
Those he selected were in front of us waiting in line and they ALL had on orange tee shirts (casino supporters). They travelled with Mr. Brunelle  to the rear of the high school building.
Voters were instructed in the town mailing to bring the letter along with them, but the mailings were never checked.
Those handing out the ballots and the Agreements were Pro-Casino. Has anyone reconciled the ballots distributed with the attendance?
Most check-in personnel were from out-of-town, so if I claimed to be a dead person, who would know?

Has anyone examined the registers?

How many people were present?
All ballot counters appearing in the Boston Globe photo of the ballot counting were distributing flyers or publicly 'Pro-Casino' prior to town vote. Could that be why they cheered when results were announced?
The Orange T-shirtsAll town employees were wearing orange tee shirts. Was that appropriate? After town meeting, they resumed moving tables, clearing the field, picking up trash still wearing their orange tee shirts. Were they on the town payroll the entire time?
A bus driver who was wearing an orange shirt was told to change.
Casino supporters were distributing orange tee shirts, white hats, stickers and flyers inside the town meeting area, but flyers were confiscated from casinofacts members. Ironically, Cirelli's was distributing discount flyers freely. Appropriate?
As I was standing near the handicapped porta-potty, inside the SECURED PERIMETER, speaking with a  school committee member, Sarah S. (a new school committee member, apparently recognizing a familiar face), came up and asked where she could register to vote.
She had entered the SECURED AREA without going through the gym. If it happened once, how many more  times did it occur?
It can't be excused that she was a 'known' voter by the police officers because most were from other towns.
Others reported people entering from the rear of the field.
Did anyone notice that the State Police helicopters didn't begin filming the event from the air until some time after the meeting began?
Article 1 was voted on and accepted without the report being read or distributed. How odd!
Captured on video are many voters leaving who appear to be empty-handed. Perhaps their ballots were in their pockets, but did anyone collect them as they departed?
As ballots were cast, no one checked for hand stamps.  What was to prevent out-of-town volunteers or others from casting a ballot after removing their badges? (You may recall that volunteers had badges worn around their necks.)
It appeared that the wrong type of ink had been used because it smudged and spread.
The Comcast recording of the event indicates 'voters' with no red markings on their hands.
Some recorded on video appear to have a 'wad' of paper dropped into the ballot box. Perhaps it was the poor quality of the video, but monitors weren't watching.

One Pro-Casino person voted four times
One young woman reported a classmate she recognized as having 4 BALLOTS IN HIS HAND.
One elderly man who wanted to leave attempted to give his ballot to a police officer.
One police officer dropped a ballot in a box as it was moving past him. The officer standing to his left then poked him. Was either a Middleboro Officer?
There was so much confusion on the field, there was no prevention from going from ballot box to ballot box and  adding additional ballots.
It's all on the video isn't it?
Selectman Alan Bond's back is bruised from patting himself about the great deal that screwed the town out of gambling revenues.  Hope your reward is worth the + $10 million you saved the investors.
The handicapped, disabled and any with physical problems were disenfranchised. What a pathetic situation!
More than reminscent of Florida 2000!
When you obtain the desired outcome, does your integrity get discarded at all costs?
Just wondering!
Jessie Powell
Middleboro Voter

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