Disrespectful comments from those opposed to Cape Wind

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article 'Public comment from Cape Cod Commission hearing on Cape Wind' published on the 9th of September 2007, regarding the Cape Wind project for Nantucket Sound.

I attended the public hearing on the Cape Wind project proposal on the 6th of September and remember listening to many of the statements made in the article. I agree, there were a wide range of comments and views from the public, majority of which leaned towards being in favour of the proposal.

I must admit I was a little disheartened by those opposed to the Cape Wind project. While I sat and listened to the view presented by various people from the public and those involved directly in the Cape Wind project, I gave everyone my full unbiased attention. From a group of people opposed to the Project sitting in the same row as me, I heard laughter, snickering and negative comments while those who expressed their support of the project spoke. In my view this was very disrespectful and was a very immature way of getting their point across.

I also noticed that the opposition of the Cape Wind project used figureheads and lawyers to represent their views. I felt that this approach was very impersonal and in my view almost like cheating. Rather than have the raw concerns of the public communicated, high paid and over educated professions were sent to represent the oppositions views. It is obvious to me that way too much money is being poured into the opposition to the Cape Wind Project.

One such figurehead to the opposition was Cliff Carroll. Cliff argued over the result of the Cape Wind oil spill report and attempted to alarm the audience by reciting the consequences of if a oil spill was to occur from the transformer platform at the Project site. What Cliff failed to include was the mitigation measure in place for such a spill and the preventative measures in place to avoid such a spill in the first place. His argument raised alarm without communicating the chances of such a spill occurring. In my view his speech was an attempted scare tactic.

Although I am aware of incidences of bird deaths at other wind farms around the world (for every 10,000 bird deaths, less than 1 is caused by wind farms), research and studies conducted on birds deaths as a result of the Cape Wind project show that impacts will be minimal. Cape Wind has also committed to monitor impacts to birds during the operation of the facility. Impacts to birds was one of the issues raised by the opposition to the project. In my view, the issues raised by the opposition in terms of impacts to birds and other wildlife were not justifiable given the research and studies done on the environmental impacts of the proposal.

After attending the public hearing on the Cape Wind project, I was very disappointed in the oppositions arguments on why to reject the Cape Wind proposal, and even more disappointed in some of their behaviour during the hearing. I went in expecting to have a level of respect for everyone's views, but this was clearly not the case.

Kim Nicholls
Westborough, MA

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