Cat Owners are Killers

Are you a cat lover or an accomplice to murder?
Killing one species while loving another


By Bob Wilds 


"With this hand I stroke the bird, and with this hand I shaft the whale."I remember a lecture I attended in the 1970s; the speaker was describing an interview he had with the owner of the largest whaling fleet in Japan. That year the IWC set a quota of 38,000 whales to be legally slaughtered.


In describing the office of this corporate miscreant he described the beautiful setting overlooking this man's office; it was a bird sanctuary, one he created. His office was also filled with bird related sculptures and paintings.


The interviewer pressed him as to his involvement with birds and found the whale magnate was the largest contributor to bird conservation in Japan. Stunned, the interviewer asked how he could love the birds so intensely yet slaughter whales so mercilessly. His answer was this; with hands raised he swept his hand gently to one side and said. "With this hand I stroke the bird," and with a violent jab of the other hand, he finished, "and with this hand I shaft the whale."


Simple, he professed to love nature but not enough to keep from killing one of its greatest wonders by the thousands. Sadly and hypocritically in America we have the same mentality, this week alone I have seen collared cats, not strays, the ones we stoke at the door before allowing them outside to maul and kill birds in our back yards. While driving to work this week I luckily was able to stop an attack on a chipmunk and rescue it and in my own yard saw three different cats stalking my bird feeder by week's end. Unlike the quotas set by IWC cats are indiscriminately killing more birds than the whalers ever dreamed of. At least the whalers stopped when the carnage was tallied. Your cats don't!


So, I ask the owners of cats, do you realize your cats are killing 1000s of birds a day across the country? It used to be easy to blame hunters, or pollution, which do enough damage single handedly, but more effective in the killing fields are your cats. What a sad day when the ones who traditionally claim to love animals are one of the worst offenders. I implore you to decide whether you love animals or not--if you do, use a leash or don't let your cat out. If you read this and continue to let them out you are no longer a cat lover but an accomplice.


Bob Wilds

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