What's up, Chuck?

Charles Vinick's raw wind bigotry
So Long Chuck. Wake up Cape Cod.

Carl Freeman, Orleans 

I hope everyone appreciates the poetic justice as the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound's Charles Vinnick is taking his leave to help promote windfarms in California. I'm savoring his departing words in all their ironic glory when asked about the hypocrisy of saying: "I'm for wind power, just not in Nantucket sound." This raises the question; Was Mr. Vinnick against offshore wind because he was paid to be against offshore wind? Or did he really believe that Horseshoe Shoals has a higher purpose and a windfarm would destroy that sacredness?

There will always be people willing to trade on their reputation to rake in some bucks. I think Mr. Vinnick easily falls into this category as an opportunist, as do many of the highly paid 'yes people' that populate the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound corridors.

Mr. Vinnick's departure highlights an assumption that is embraced by many on the Cape; No matter what scientific, environmental, or quality of life benefits the Windfarm may bestow, it is still perfectly fine to oppose it because Nantucket Sound is a sacred place where no wind farm should ever be built.

I am involved with a renewable energy committee in Orleans looking for locations for wind turbines and it is amazing how quickly the number of viable plots of land evaporate when you consider all the variables such as, fall zone, proximity to power lines, wind resource, land ownership, where the power will be used, etc.. When or if another ideal location for turbines can be found in Orleans, the inevitable chant of 'not in our back yard' is sure to surface. It may be disguised under a variety of excuses and rationalizations, but at its core there is an assumption that the appearance of a wind turbine is an affront to 'True' Cape Codders.

This is raw wind bigotry. No matter how benign wind power has proven the world over, (or even Cape Cod in the 1800's) hate groups will continue to expound oft disproven theories about the dangers of wind turbines where ever they are proposed. It is a blow to rational thought that Ted Kennedy is on board with this specific brand of wind prejudice, despite his years of environmental advocacy. Just as everyone knows we are really in Iraq for oil, everyone knows Ted is against Turbines because: 'It is where he sails'.

It took four years of work by several committees, tens of thousands of dollars of research, and heavy lifting by a score of lawmakers to to realize the possibility of wind turbines in Orleans before it was stopped cold. Perhaps it can act as a bucket of cold water to wake up Cape Villages as to what really needs to be done to start down the path of energy independence drawn from clean, renewable, sustainable sources. Me personally, I'm getting tired of the cold water. 

So Long Chuck. Wake up Cape Cod.

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