Political signs of the times

Tying your business to a candidate or party is plain dumb

  These signs were near the entrance to the movie theater on Route 134 in Harwich.

By Walter Brooks, Editor, capecodtoday

I pass a lawyer's office on my daily bike ride through Chatham, arguably the most conservative and Republican town on the Cape.

The sign at the Stony Hill Road Chatham lawyer's office has been smudged to protect the naive.

Stuck on the lawyer's front yard is a campaign sign for Democrat Sarah Peake.

You can bet your next mistrial that not a single Chatham Republican who sees the sign will ever chose to engage her services.

And well they shouldn't, because, believe me, any lawyer that dim is not someone I would seek to represent me in any capacity, and I'm a Democrat who probably agrees with that attorney on most political issues.

Putting your mouth where your money is

It boggles my mind every time I see any business which allows its personal opinions to piss off half their potential clients or customers. Stick the sign in front of your house, not your business.

Yet, during every election season I see business allowing their political feelings to cost them business - as if they would question the politics of a client who came in their store, "Hello, welcome to my business, but please first tell me what your political beliefs are, and then I will decide if I want to take your money."

Since most elections are decided by only a few percentage points, no matter what politician's sign you stick in front of your business, you will annoy about half your customer base.

Christy - the exception which proves the rule

With this election not over, Christy is already planning how he'll unlock the Beacon Hill gate  for voters in 2010.

Our good friend Christy Mihos is a notable exception.

Christy makes no bones about his political positions, and he's a politician to boot.

In fact, while we disagree with him about Cape Wind, we'd support his run for any office because we know he's a real straight shooter, and everything he says is straight from his big Hellenic heart.

Just this week he said, "Unfortunately, there is a very real possibility the "Bradley factor" is at work (in the 2008 election).  Guys like Murtha, who is a hero, and Biden, have got to shut up.  Kennedy on the side lines has hurt the Obama campaign.  They are smart though in keeping Michelle Obama out of sight. On her worst day Hillary Clinton looks like Mother Theresa compared to Michelle Obama."

Now I disagree with Christy about Michelle whom I like even better than her hubby, but as long as Christy will sell me gas 10 cents a gallon cheaper than most others, I'll drive pass any campaign sign he chooses to get to his pumps.

Now maybe if that Chatham lawyer offered a 10-cents a gallon discount...

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