We endorse Martha Coakley for the United States Senate

A middle of the road, honest woman for a change
Complacency could defeat Coakley, poll shows a virtual tie

Massachusetts has sent conservatives and liberals, white men and black men, great men and tarnished men to the United States Senate, but we have never sent a woman.

Martha Coakley is the state's highest law enforcement officer, and yet she is still a woman with impeccable liberal credentials. Her career proves that our country can have good laws, well enforced, without surrendering any of our hard won freedoms and civil rights.

She has a long record of middle of the road wisdom, and is precisely what our state needs after a half century of flawed hero worship.

The United States Senate is often called the world's most famous deliberative body. It has several exclusive powers not granted to the House of Representatives, including consenting to treaties as a precondition to their ratification and consenting or confirmation of appointments of Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, other federal executive officials, military officers and other federal uniformed officers, as well as the impeachment trials of federal officials.

Two of the U. S. Senators which Massachusetts has sent to represent us later became Presidents of the United States. The giants among the Massachusetts U. S. Senators include;

These were men of enormous accoumplishement, men who had a profound effect of our country's history.

One shudders to think of Scott Brown in that company.  State Senator Brown is a Bush-Cheney ditto-head and his election would mark a giant step to the past for our state.

But complacency is Martha Coakley's biggest threat.

Special elections always produce a small turn-out of voters, and the media has ballyhooed MS Coakley's lead as being so large that many Democrats and Independents may think their vote won't matter in two weeks.

But an opinion poll published today by WBUR claims that the race is a virtual tie, a dead heat. Neither our state nor the country can afford to send Scott Brown to Washington.

What Brown stands against

Mr. Brown doesn't so much "stand for" things as "stand against" them. A Tory from our past, he is even in favor of water-boarding. He doesn't think it's either torture or a violation of the Geneva Conventions which our country has pled to follow.

This alone would deny him our consideration.

But Mr. Brown also opposes;

  • the current health care legislation,
  • gun control, 
  • same sex marriage and
  • Cape Wind

Coakley's positions are for the most part the opposite.

Scott Brown is a poster boy for the 19th century. In this race he is paying his dues to the GOP which needed someone to run, but he is most likely positioning himself to run later for some attainable goal like Governor.

Given the one-party cabal of Democrats in Beacon Hill, that's probably a good idea.

But America doesn't need ditto-heads in Washington. We need people with open minds and the ability to grow with life's experience.

Martha Coakley is such a person, and she deserves your vote on January 19th.

- Walter Brooks

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