Camelot died Tuesday night

Angry voters hand GOP historic victory one year after Obama took office
People get the government they deserve

One year ago today Barack Obama was sworn in after an historic victory, and there was not a teabag in sight.

Hoisted on their own petard

The Bay State Democrats are responsible for their debacle. They charged the law in 2004 to prevent GOP Governor Romney from appointing a Republican replacement for Senator Kerry should they win the Presidency. Then Ted Kennedy hangs on to the office beyond his capacity to serve, and a Special Election ensues which brings down his dream of a new health Care Bill.

Today his agenda is shattered by an equally historic vote in the bluest of the Blue States, one he won by 26% only fifteen months ago.

Obama is left with the largest majority any party has enjoyed in the U.S. Senate in a half a century, 49 to 41, but will he or the Democrats use it?

If the past year is a lesson, they will not. That rumble you hear in the background is Democrat politicians slinking off to the right to protect themselves for the November election to come.

When a people are frightened, they make bad decisions, but when people are frightened they don't read history books, they read messages which confirm their fears and prejudices.

It happened in America in the 1950s with the Joe McCarthy scare, and before that in Germany in the 1930s when people turned to the loudest and simplest answer.

George Bush rammed through historic, even U. S. Constitution alerting legislation with half that majority in both houses of Congress, but the Democrats show no signs of knowing how it's done.

As the finger-pointing begins, it will justifiably start with the weak, over confident campaign by the lackluster Martha Coakley, and all campaigns really do begin and end with the two names on the ballot.

Scott Brown ran a near-flawless campaign for which we congratulate him.

So did Richard Nixon, but in that election Massachusetts still saw through the smoke and mirrors and was the only state out of fifty which voted for George McGovern.

Historic advice from a French friend

When America was only a few decades old, French writer and historian Alexis de Tocqueville  is said to have warned his American friend, Thomas Jefferson, "A people get the government they deserve."

Yesterday Massachusetts got Scott Brown.

We must deserve him.

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