It's time for Bill Delahunt to retire

The Congressman must depart early to give his party a chance to retain his seat

By Walter Brooks

Congressman Delahunt has only two choices:

  1. Retire gracefully with his modest reputation still intact today,
  2. Be defeated ignominiously by voters after a Right Wing "Willy Horton" attack.

The Republican "Willy Horton" video ad in 1988.

Mr. Delahunt was already in trouble before this weekend's revelations that he was the District Attorney in 1986 who let Amy Bishop go free without trial after she shot her brother twenty-four years ago, and possibly mailed a fire bomb or two to a college professor she thought might fail her.

But MS Bishop went on to murder three colleagues at University of Alabama Huntsville a few days ago because she allegedly was upset at being denied tenure at her college.

Many readers perhaps do not remember the infamous GOP "Willy Horton" TV ads on right which defeated Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukikas' bid for the Presidency in 1988, but you may bet that the Tea Baggers remember, and they and the resurgent GOP will have a heyday at Delahunt's expense while severely damaging his party along with him if he doesn't do the right thing immediately.

His career in the congress is lackluster. He's perhaps the humblest politician I know, and the one with the most reason to be, and now that Ted Kennedy is no longer here to tell him how to vote, he's a lost soul anyway.

What awaits Mr. Bill if he runs

But if he insists on running again, the debate will not be left vs right, or his empty suit vs their overstuffed rhetoric - it will be about Amy "Willy Horton" Bishop and the D.A. who let a murderer go free to kill again and again and again.

Throw in his way too cozy friendship with South America's Number 1 America hater, Hugo Chavez, and you have a campaign from hell awaiting him. Just read Dial Joe-4-Chavez in the Wall Street Journal.

While we have never been a fan of Mr. Delahunt's - he been sort of embarrassing after the brilliance and knowledge of his predecessor Gary Studds - and he would not have survived without the continued support of his late master Ted Kennedy.

But Ted is done, and the "powers that be" in Boston are suddenly dredging up photos of young Joesph P. Kennedy III as his uncle's successor in the U.S. Senate.

But the 29-year-old lawyer must have a lower echelon job first, and it looks like Bill Delahunt's job is the one they want for Joe III.

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