Delahunt blows smoke into the wind, again

Lest we forget...

By Stephen Peckham

First & foremost: Bill Delahunt and Mark Forest neglect to mention in their interview this week in the Vineyard Gazette that currently there is no way for Canada's utility scale electricity to be transmitted over the existing power lines traversing Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine for the well known fact that these transmission lines do not have the capacity. and in order to gain that needed capacity, the following will have to occur:

  • Planning, design & engineering.
  • Purchasing and/or land takings
  • State Legislation authorizing such.
  • Public Hearings & local approvals.
  • Bidding & Construction for the project.

All that will take a minimum of 5 years and probably more like the 10 years Delahunt managed to delay America's energy revolution here. In the meantime Delahunt opposes Cape Wind.

Secondly, as noted:
The James Bay Project, under construction since the 1970s, has flooded an area of pristine wilderness 'the size of Belgium'. In the 1990s vociferous objection by the aboriginal Cree population, who had used the surrounding rivers for fishing and trapping for thousands of years . Subsequently a $70 million settlement between the government of Quebec and the Cree was agreed upon.

"Ironically, an ongoing project to divert the Rupert River at the southeastern end of Hudson Bay has some in the native Canadian community calling for the construction of wind turbines rather than the continued diversion and damming of rivers."

So, the Cree forever lost an area the size of Belgium and were paid $70million. Cape Wind offered to pay the Wampanogs $2 million for a 25 square mile part of the 625 square mile Nantucket Sound as a 'peace offering' to mitigate the possible ancient (and unproven) burial grounds and for the possible (again unproven & doubtful) impact on the sunrise ceremonies.

Personally, I think the Wampanogs did get a much better offer and might have got a better deal had they had the forethought to accept/negotiate.

Furthermore as noted: "Ironically, an ongoing project to divert the Rupert River at the southeastern end of Hudson Bay has some in the native Canadian community calling for the construction of wind turbines rather than the continued diversion and damming of rivers."

Well, seeing that the USA has embarked on a huge program to remove many dams (especially in the Northwest) so that we may reclaim our devastated fisheries, it would seem more than logical to advance the 'concept' of more wind farms, at least to the wise and informed that is.

Almost comically:
The Gazette story states "Mr. Forest claims that the Canadian government has been more tactful in its approach with the native population." Let's see: $70 million for an area [forever underwater] the size of Belgium vs $2 million 'for the -use- of' 25square miles of Nantucket Sound.

And then he has the audacity to say:

"In Massachusetts people have been quick to dismiss the concerns of Native Americans about offshore wind." He added, "but in Canada the concerns of the indigenous population have been a huge priority."

Excuse me while I LOL.


"Mr. Delahunt views Canada's growing collaboration with the United States on energy issues not only as a tool to meet its renewable energy goals but also as a national security imperative. In recent years Canada has become a major figure in oil exports to the United States and its recently discovered vast reserve of shale natural gas has energy companies salivating and environmentalists shuddering."

So, yes....
The envionrmentalists are rightfully "shuddering" - These oil sands 'discoveries' are polluting not only the surrounding communities but the air/envionrment as tons of noxious gasses are emmitted in order to process these sands.

A big thank you Mr. Delahunt for being instrumental in the effort to import low-cost home heating oil from Venezuela, from a dictator who hates the USA and makes no bones about it and has nationalized (stolen from US companies) refineries and drilling facilities that US companies financed and developed. Thanks again Bill!

As laughable, also in an "ironic" way he proffers:

"The resources are there and there are new technologies to exploit them, but there is debate about how to do it in an environmental way," Mr. Forest said.

Well, I guess the "new & unproven technology" (according to prior statements from Delahunt) of wind energy being captured to generate our electricity, as it is being done by thousands of wind turbines all over the world.


Is just not in an "environmental way" according to Delahunt / Forest eh???

Because with no thanks to you we will soon have the most enviornmentally correct project to hit Cape Cod since the National Seashore Park grace our waters:


Hey... Happy Trails, and thanks again!

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