South Coast Slaughterhouse Scene Self-Defense?

More Questions Than Answers In Wareham Double Murder
Don't bother looking for the "good guys" in this one

Richard Walling: a murder or self-defense?

Was Richard Walling justified in stabbing two men to death in a shadowy Wareham motel?

Get ready for a wild court case with no real good guys involved.

Let's review this local tragedy.

The White Pines Motel located at 3137 Cranberry Highway, Wareham Massachusetts. There was probably a time when people came to the Pines to escape the heat of Boston... or at least when they gave up on being stuck in traffic, before they put the bypass in that killed the East Wareham/Buzzards Bay district. It's a short walk to the Canal, and it was a fine base for a fishing trip.

Now, it's a shabby dump populated by crackheads and section 8 cases. The police have been there 12 times since June. There was a subsequent drug raid/arrest at the Pines before they had washed Bolia's blood off the street that same day. Due to her reputation, locals call the motel, "White Lines."

Leonard Bolia is our sympathetic murder victim. He's just your average father of three who may have gone to commit an armed robbery at a crack house. He has a profound police record for a small town, including guns, A+Bs, Threatening To Commit Murder and other model-citizen stuff. He left the scene DOA.

Ryan Aponte was just out of the Army, and what the Taliban couldn't give him in Afghanistan came to him in the hallway of a Wareham abattoir. If Richard Walling is lying about the armed robbery, Ryan's just an innocent man with a mask over his face and a gun in his pocket. DOA #2.

Neither of them deserved to die.

This column has already beaten up Richard "Dick" Walling, both literally and figuratively. We'll do so again in today's column... but we'll also force the question of what you would do if two armed robbers burst into YOUR home? Does it matter that Walling has a lengthy police record, including some previous knife work? Does it matter that he stormed into someone else's yard 40 days before this incident to attack them? Walling is being held on two counts of manslaughter, $50,000 bail.

Candace and Walling from her Facebook

Candice D'Italia, who had been summoned to court for a separate assault case four days before the slaughter, who you don't have to work that hard to find Wareham police reports of "report an incident of threats made by Candice Ditalia," and Bourne PD also having similar reports on her... she was the second most innocent person in the room, after the neighbor who came in to make the save with the fire extinguisher.

Ryan LaChance, who may have been the wheelman for a planned robbery... he lied to the cops. He was at least MAYBE smart enough to not be at the actual murder scene.

John D'Italia, who owns the blood-soaked White Pines motel on the Cranberry Highway. His daughter Candace dates the stabber. He may have told David Curran that the masked assailants committed the murder.

Jack Atwood, who has to prove that his client stabbed two men maybe twelve times in self-defense.

Sharon Donatelli, the DA who must draw a line in the crack as to how far you can go to defend yourself, and sift through a mountain of conflicting stories and outright lies. She concedes that a robbery took place, but insists that Walling used excessive force.

Here's what we know. There was a fight at a Wareham dive motel. The only ones in the fight who didn't have a criminal record were a) found dead near the gun he was alleged to have used in the supposed robbery and b) a guy who intervened in a double murder by hitting one of the murder victims with a fire extinguisher. We don't know if the killing blow to Aponte was delivered by a knife or a blunt object, but witneses describe Bolia as having "holes in his ass (i.e. body), like rat cheese."

Police took away 2 bodies and one suspect, Richard Walling. Walling was then given two manslaughter charges, $50,000 cash bail, and had his bail revoked from his previous A+B case. Whether he was dealt with for his missed pre-trial hearing on 1/3 is unknown.

Walling is a small town punk who has a string of violent incidents in his recent history, including an A+B/Deadly Weapon. He may have used a knife on someone in September. In November, he attacked a witness in a police case against him in the guy's own yard. By the end of the New Year's first week, he had caused two bodies. During the course of investigating this article, I encountered 3 people who Walling had threatened to kill. 

At this rate of deviant growth, and given predicted gains in the East Asian birth control efforts, Walling will have killed everyone on Earth by June 2nd, 2018.

The Standard-Times is reporting that Aponte was stabbed 4 times, while Bolia was stabbed 8 times.

The victims are interesting as well. Here's a conversation I had- several different times- with locals about Bolia:

TBC "Why do you think they were fighting?"

Local: "With Lenny, there really didn't need to be a Why."

Bolia had caught a case recently that involved an unlicensed gun and some physical threats. Aponte- who had a baby on the way- was clean, record wise. A fake gun was found within ten feet of his masked body. From what I hear, LaChance was spotted dumping off Bolia and Aponte at a nearby 7-11, as police looked at the 7-11's cameras before LaChance's arrest was made public.

Bolia had been drawn to Walling because Walling was flashing some inheritance (lol) money around, and a resident at the motel told Bolia that the puny Walling would be an "easy target." He turned out to be as easy as multiple stab wounds.

Atwood will have to sell a reasonable force case for someone who may have inflicted 12 stab wounds. He will also have to explain how the 160 pound Walling "bullrushed" an armed US soldier out of a fight, and then peeled the 240 pound Bolia off his girlfriend...and THEN took out his pocketknife.

Donatelli will either have to convince a jury that a) someone in the White Pines family is lying and/or b) that a US citizen has to just lay there and get robbed without taking whatever means are at hand to defend himself and his woman.

It's not too hard to spin this story so that your hero is a double murderer, your damsel-in-distress had an assault case come up in court the week before, and your villains are a father of three and a US soldier, and you'd be almost 100% correct.

Things are rarely that simple, however... which is why both cops and reporters are known to drink heavily. We'll keep you informed.

My thanks to David Curran for his help on this story.

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