Plymouth Police Blotter for March 14, 2011

Arrests and call log for Monday, March 14, 2011

Plymouth Daily News is pleased to bring you the arrest and call logs from the Plymouth Police Department.


Stephanie L. DaSilva, 23, of 5 North Spooner Place in Plymouth, was arrested on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 4:22 p.m. at that address and charged with aggravated assault and battery. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

06:35:11 AM, alarm sounding on Edgewood Circle

06:39:46 AM, damaged/disabled cruiser on Court

06:56:19 AM, alarm sounding on Great Island

07:15:36 AM, property damage on Wareham Road

07:20:49 AM, transfer ambulance on Clark Road

07:50:59 AM, alarm sounding on North Street

07:51:26 AM, motor vehicle accident on Old Sandwich Road

08:06:27 AM, reported death on Tenderwood

08:19:41 AM, transfer ambulance on Ellisville Green

08:24:19 AM, police with ambulance on Ellisville Green

08:35:07 AM, attempted service on Nicks Road Road

08:38:01 AM, abandoned call on Salt Marsh Lane

08:48:05 AM, motor vehicle accident on Old Sandwich Road

08:53:30 AM, larceny on Burgess Road

09:09:50 AM, transfer ambulance on Headlands Drive

09:20:36 AM, damaged/disabled cruiser on Beaver Dam Road

09:22:23 AM, general services on White Horse Road

09:57:04 AM, transfer ambulance on South Street

11:09:47 AM, alarm sounding on Long Pond Road

11:24:57 AM, larceny on Main

11:39:13 AM, found property on Freeman Drive

11:54:33 AM, suspicious activity on Nicks Rock Road

12:07:59 PM, fraud on Federal Furnace Road

12:26:14 PM, legal process on Skylark Ave.

12:40:08 PM, attempted service on Clearwater Drive

12:53:43 PM, transfer ambulance on Samoset

12:54:07 PM, transfer ambulance on Aldrin Road

01:05:14 PM, police with ambulance on Aldrin Road

01:12:17 PM, alarm sounding on Reed Ave. East

01:18:51 PM, transfer ambulance on Long Pond Road

01:20:47 PM, abandoned call on Stage Point Road

01:21:35 PM, service of 258E harassment on Barbara's Way

01:22:05 PM, service of 258E harassment on Barbara's Way

01:26:51 PM, property damage on Brook Road

01:59:28 PM, transfer other agency on Route 3

02:17:48 PM, sex offenses on Long Pond Road

02:20:23 PM, vandalism on Algonquin Terrace

02:25:29 PM, legal process on Lantern Lane

02:32:55 PM, alarm sounding on Perseverance Park

03:12:15 PM, transfer ambulance on Sanderson Drive

03:14:30 PM, domestic assault and battery on Long Pond Road

03:23:02 PM, well being check on Algonquin Terrace

03:37:43 PM, domestic disturbance on North Spooner

04:04:34 PM, disable motor vehicle on Samoset

05:16:22 PM, transfer ambulance on Castle Court

05:26:12 PM, disturbance call on Pembroke Road

05:35:40 PM, attempted service on White Horse Road

05:37:12 PM, transfer ambulance on Chapel Hill Drive

06:24:00 PM, suspicious activity on State Road

06:39:16 PM, traffic/motor vehicle complaint on Court

06:42:25 PM, well being check on Court

06:44:42 PM, attempted service on Laurinda Lane

06:46:19 PM, malicious mischief on River

07:02:08 PM, general disturbance on Court

07:31:00 PM, transfer ambulance on Warren Ave.

07:34:00 PM, transfer ambulance on Court

09:15:51 PM, civil complaint on Strawberry Hill Road

09:20:20 PM, abandoned call on George

09:22:59 PM, runaway on Squanto Road

09:31:20 PM, building check on Halloran's Way

09:42:09 PM, attempted service on Chapel Hill Drive

09:53:48 PM, service of 258E harassment on Morton Park Road

10:31:36 PM, attempted service on Clearwater Drive

11:15:36 PM, suspicious activity on Squanto Road

11:38:31 PM, domestic disturbance on Dartmouth Road

11:42:04 PM, domestic disturbance on Fresh Wind Drive

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

12:24:53 AM, property damage on Nightingale Road

01:56:07 AM, unwanted guest on Samoset

01:53:39 AM, transfer ambulance on Rexford Road

03:05:24 AM, alarm sounding on Hayden Hollow

04:56:10 AM, suspicious activity on South Street

06:46:57 AM, attempted service on Clearwater Drive

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