Foxes in the Hen house

Barnstable County government asks its 'inventors' to judge them

How Barnstable County Government would re-invent the pencil sharpener:
Open window (A) and fly kite (B). String (C) lifts small door (D) allowing moths (E) to escape and eat Bill Doherty's red flannel long-johns (F). As weight of shirt becomes less, Sheila Lyon's shoe (G) steps on switch (H) which heats electric iron (I) and burns hole in Elliot Carr's pants (J). Smoke (K) enters hole in tree (L), smoking out opossum (M) which jumps into basket (N), pulling rope (O) and lifting cage (P), allowing woodpecker (Q) to chew wood from pencil (R), exposing lead. Emergency knife (S) is always handy to sharpen the pencil in case opossum or the woodpecker gets sick and can't work.

Like sending the foxes to guard our hen house

The players:
Henri Rauschenbach
State senator since 1988, Republican, resident of Brewster.
Ranking Republican on the Senate Ways and Means Committee since 1992.
State Rep from 1984 to 1988.
Acquitted in 1995 of ethics charges related to taking $2,500-per-month payments from an Osterville investment broker.
His initiatives while in office:
Cape Cod Commission Act in 1989.
Economic Development Council in 1992.
Cape Cod and islands license plate.
Lower Cape Cod CDC.
Career Opportunities Center in Hyannis.
Succeeded by:
Rob O'Leary;
MMA professor 1975-present.
County Commissioner 1987-2001.
State Senate 2001 to 2011, resident of Barnstable.
Helped establish CC Commission 1987.Cape Cod Land Bank.
Ocean management legislation.
Chair of Higher Education Committee.

We all know how good committees are are creating things. After all, a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

We remembered that saying and re-made the Rube Goldberg cartoon above when we read this Barnstable Patriot  story on Thursday last:
Rauschenbach, O'Leary open to co-chairing county review

The story said that the County Commissioners had voted to form a special review commission to evaluate county government, using as an outline a statement from the Cape Cod Business Roundtable and they were going to ask former State Senators Henri Rauchenbach and Rob O'Leary to judge the worth of the very organization they helped create lo those many moons ago.

These are both good guys, and as honest as one can hope for in anyone who spends his entire career in politics and other publicly paid jobs, but really, they created the Cape Cod Commission, and now they can fairly judge its merits of lack there of.

Who is kidding whom?

Do their successors at the commission there really think the taxpayers on Cape Cod believe they can be fair in their analysis.

Isn't this the same as asking Goldman Sachs to judge the financial industry's responsibility for America's worse recession.

I can't help being reminded of what famous bank robber Willy Sutton answered when he was asked why he robbed banks.

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