Scott Brown's curious timing

Scott Brown’s story, the curious timing and the whole mannerand style of his book and how he has framed his alleged sexual abuse at aChristian Summer Camp on Cape Cod remainshighly problematic for me, regardless and even despite these recent disclosuresabout other alleged cases of abuse in more recent years.

Does Scott Brown have the right to the publicity withour naming his alleged abuser?

Evidence was one of my better classes at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, even though I never pursued becoming a trial lawyer. Yet,it matters not because Scott Brown dropped a bomb on an institution that wasfounded by a WW II Hero W. Wyeth Willard that has been involved in good works and improving thelives of young people for decades, yet Brown does not believe that saidinstitution deserves the ability to defend itself against his unsubstantiatedallegations. Has Camp Good News not earned that right? Further given recentcases in headline news where sexual predators had been on the loose for thebetter part of 40 years, it is technically possible that Brown is enablingfurther abuse with his silence if his story is true. 

As I said in my blog Molested in Massachusetts, “There is something so American Gigolo aboutthe Julian Kay like swagger (i.e., hustle) of the Massachusetts Senator. Now conveniently other rather odd or curious allegationsfrom a different time period surface; thus maybe relieving Scott Brown of theobligation to come forward and name his accuser. I will hold to my positionthat Scott Brown is LYING about Camp Good News and that his story of sexual abuse actually pales in comparison to his story of the physical abuse and violence he allegedly suffered. 

As stated by his supporters at NAMBLA:

“Scott Brown's Story Reveals America[n] [Media's] GreatestConcerns For Child Abuse: Surprise! It isn't brutalization at the hands ofparents or family members. No, it's having been briefly fondled by a camp counselor."

I do not put it past Scott Brown that he may have had knowledge that there were brewing scandals in lateryears that fit his dialogue and would insulate him when he made his allegations about sexual abuse at a Christian Summer Camp on the Cape. Brown even kept those allegations sufficiently vague and that nothing was actually consummated. In my estimation Brown's allegation fit the classic heterosexual, homophobic reactionary speak of: "That homo looked at me and made an advance but I got out of there." Brown is not naive. He had to know the truth of NAMBLA's assertions, as a society we sensationalize anything sexual but physical violence we are on some level numb to. Whether it is PC or not many do not view a spanking, a smack or limited physical reprimands as child abuse. However, a gay or pedophile man looking at a little kid and saying I want to touch you conjures up far greater horror, if it involves Christians, Pastors or counselors it is even more scandalous. Remember this guy is a politician who chose to tell this story when? Uh hello.

These allegations coming forth now make it easier on some level to hide behind other abuse and helpframe the camp as one with a broken system. In time, when the citizens ofMassachusetts wake up, they may come to realize that Scott Brown is a verydifferent political animal than Democrats, Republicans or Tea Party supporters ever contemplated, one whose character consists of a deeply opportunisticand fraudulent morality, protected by the mainstream media which refuse tosubject him to an exhaustive cross examination. Instead “AgainstAll Odds” Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, hishandlers and Harper Collins seem to have most of the mainstreammedia in their pockets or at least under control as the PRCampaign to sell his book around the country rolls on.

Kennedy'esque fairy tales

In time, my prediction is that Brown will be understood as a NWO Elite Establishment Plant designed to confuse voters. Brown is a Cosmopolitan, a fake and maybe even plastic man, not some hick from the sticks who drives a pick up truck. That is just a convenient pose of a man who hung out at Studio 54 and with New York City's Gay Elite in the 1980's and is now telling fairy tales. Who knows who Brown's real friends and enablers are. All rather convenient that a Kennedy'esque looking character appeared on the other team when Teddy Kennedy passed away.

Old boys networks do exist. Likewise, one also has to wonder whether there are RealEstate interests that would like to see the collapse of Camp Good News and aforced sale of their property for who knows what reasons.  The Tea Party supporters who supported Scott Brown should have realized that there is a difference between an opportunistic political douche-bag and a Tea Party Patriot, or Tea-bagger. If anything they should have realized he is more like a Chai Tea Latte.

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