You can?t run nobody

You got to run somebody against Scott Brown to take back the Kennedy seat

The citizens of the Commonwealth elected him to run the state. The Democrats elected him to run the party. By virtue of being the popularly elected Governor in a 2nd term, Deval Patrick has the right, as well as the obligation, to take control the single most important election in Massachusetts next year. 

As titular head of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts, the Governor has the right to choose and get behind the Democratic candidate for US Senate.  If he cannot, as head of the party, find a credible candidate to run against Scott Brown, then he has to do it himself.

This is not as difficult as it sounds. While Scott Brown enjoys the support of the state's independents, so does Deval Patrick. While Brown can raise $10 million for the race, he has to do it outside of Massachusetts.  Patrick can raise $10 million inside of Massachusetts alone. And with the President's help, he can raise another $10 million out of state too.  He is the only candidate on the horizon who can do this.

President Obama is going to win re-election with or without Deval Patrick campaigning for him. Massachusetts is a foregone conclusion for the President. Even though the PAC the Governor recently created allows him to raise money and travel to other states to campaign for Barack Obama, the PAC could easily be used to allow Patrick to travel to other states to help his own election to the US Senate.

Governor Patrick can best help President Obama by running for and getting elected to the US Senate.   The inheritor of the Kennedy legacy is best served if the next guy carrying the torch from Massachusetts is not Scott Brown. 

How does the President come to Massachusetts  next year to campaign with Deval Patrick for his own re-election while ignoring the fact that no one is running against Scott Brown? Not to mention the fact that the President will be here raising and taking millions of Democratic dollars out of the state so he can win somewhere else.

You can argue that both the Governor and the President are at fault for Scott Brown's election in the first place. Both won their own historic elections.  Both are Kennedy stalwarts. Yet both were oblivious to the politics in the race last year, both taking a hands-off approach to the Democratic primary that resulted in the nomination of a weak candidate.

Neither wanted to spend their own political capital to get a Democrat elected to the Kennedy seat. Well it's time to spend some of the political capital that Kenndy left them.

Both the Governor and the President will be committing political malpractice if they shirk their responsibility to defeat Scott Brown now.

Both the Governor and the President will be committing political malpractice if they shirk their responsibility to defeat Scott Brown now.  The Governor should get together with the President on this, and decide to run for the US Senate. Otherwise, the Governor's re-election and the President's likely re-election will be Pyrrhic victories.

Barack Obama is already in Washington. The Governor will likely be joining him before the end of his 2nd term.  And Scott Brown will still be there. Is the Governor Patrick satisfied that Scott Brown will end up serving in Washington long after President Obama leaves office? Instead of treating Scott Brown's election as an aberration, the Governor and the President are accepting it with conformity.

Time is against the Democrats. The Governor has to decide what to do before the Democrats gather on June 4th. Can he seriously come to the Convention in Lowell with no candidate for US Senate in hand, and no offer to carry the flag himself? 

This is the hand dealt the Governor.  He cannot fold. He has to go all in.

The Democrats need someone to run against Scott Brown. Should that be Deval Patrick, Massachusetts could see a Teutonic clash between two titanic figures of their respective parties, in an election riveting the whole country next year.

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