A Grand Old Cat Sleeps with the Angels

Trevi, the oldest of the Masonic Angel Foundation’s office cats died today

Trevi, a majestic twenty-something friend

It is with sadness that we report that Trevi, the oldest of the Masonic Angel Foundation’s office cats died today following a short illness.  A resident of the MAF office in Orleans for five years, she was coy about her age but rumored to be as old as 20.

Trevi and her late sister Allie were taken in by the Masonic Angels in advanced old age and lived out their lives in a doting, pampered environment.  The more forward of the pair, Trevi took great delight in greeting visitors to the MAF office.  Most were graced with her trademark shrill cry of welcome and a select few were also honored by a not-to-be-refused audience in their lap.  For the most special of visitors, Trevi would work hard to slip her tongue into their unsuspecting mouth.  If the Foundation had decided to sell mouthwash, they would have raised considerable money from victims of Trevi’s special kiss.

The alpha female in a community of eight cats, Trevi raised three generations of special kittens her humans took in.  When some of these kittens grew into twenty-three pound Maine Coons Trevi was not impressed.  Despite having been de-clawed by a previous owner, Trevi would swat the biggest male Maine Coon into submission even a few days before her death.  As with many de-clawed cats, Trevi was an accomplished biter.  Trevi with a mouthful of Maine Coon hair while in pursuit of a fleeing giant cat was a typical antic over the years.

Shortly after joining the family, Trevi suffered a catastrophic illness.  During this ordeal, one of her Masonic Angels fed Trevi with a syringe for six weeks to pull her through the crisis.  He remarked today that this experience bonded the two as tightly as if she was raised in the office from kitten-hood.  She spent the next five years on his desk, in his lap and on his keyboard every moment that he was in the building.  Trevi passed away in his arms in the office at 12:40 p.m. today.

Even in advanced old age, Trevi was happy to embrace change.  When the Foundation moved to a new office last year, Trevi happily dashed to the top of the staircase, jumped on the banister and shrieked down the stairwell like a cat in a haunted house.

In welcoming new things, Trevi was a special fan of the Foundation’s Laptops for KidZ project because the donated computers arrived carrying so many different interesting scents to explore.

Though one would expect an ancient grimalkin like Trevi to be staid and dignified, she took great delight in chasing her own tail.  She also derived great pleasure from finding an unattended tuxedo coat and doing “snow angels” on it until the coat was covered with her white, gray and beige hairs.

Trevi leaves her beloved human family, her friends at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Brewster shelter and her loyal feline subjects Peter, Penelope, Nicholas, Alexandra, Henry, Mary and Nigel.

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