Scott Brown: a regular guy and it isn't an act [Letter]

Rebuttal to your Brown vs. Warren Politics Etc.

Just take a look at all the corruption on Beacon Hill

By Brian Sullivan

After reading Mr. Brooks opinion about Deja Ja Vu and the Warren campaign for United States Senator I couldn't  help but respond.

The fact that she teaches Law at Harvard is  tantamount to telling us she is a pompous ass.I am like many people, I am tired of the Red State, Blue State, Us vs Them, Rich vs Poor, noise, because it isn't really about any of that, it's all about power.  Like many voters at one time I thought that people went into politics to serve as a civil servant, but now that I am older I know that most people don't.

Just take a look at all the corruption on Beacon Hill in Boston, patronage jobs, bribes, and corruption are constantly in the news. Federal indictments are certainly going to come from the probation scandal and three former House Speakers are already convicted felons. Do I have to mention former Senate President Billy Bulger?

Sadly, I think it's always been this way or worse, and I think the only reason anybody would want to run for a Federal office is either they have a massive self serving ego like Donald Trump or the corruption is one hundred fold more lucrative at the Federal level, or both.  Rarely are we lucky enough to get a candidate that is neither, but we did, two years ago.

It is my opinion that the now Senator Scott Brown ran for the United States Senate against the mighty Martha Coakley because some Republican had to. I doubt he ever dreamed he had a shot at winning because up until then politicians were picked and then elected. But who elected them and why? The people who drive pickup trucks and wore leather jackets elected them because

We have always been told that the Democrats stand up for the little guy and that Republicans are for the rich.   Yet the little guy was Scott Brown, and he drove a pickup truck and wore a leather jacket and,he wasn't rich. Scott Brown was a regular guy and it wasn't an act.  He ran a great campaign and worked hard. Working hard is something many voters admire in other people and acting as if you are entitled like Martha Coakley is something WE despise.

Aren't Harvard and Yale grads mostly responsible for the mess the country is in now?That brings us to today where Mr. Brooks a Democrat, wonders why people are not connecting with Mrs. Warren and I think I have a pretty good idea why. Mrs. Warren we are told,  is from humble beginnings, yet we are constantly reminded that she is a Harvard Law Professor.

Aren't Harvard and Yale graduates mostly responsible for the mess the country is in now? Am I supposed to be impressed by the fact that she is paid close to a half million dollars a year to teach law to a bunch of silver spooned trust fund kids? Seriously? As far as the average voter is concerned the fact that she teaches Law at Harvard is  tantamount to telling us she is a pompous ass. 

She's never won a primary but she's the front runner? Talk about arrogance.

So far Joe III's greatest accomplishment is to be born with the last name KennedyMrs. Warren hasn't won a primary to any elected office ever in her life, yet she is the front runner in the Democratic Party for a United State Senate seat. Talk about arrogance and entitlement. Are we the masses just supposed to follow the lead of the rich out of staters that have mostly contributed to her war chest without asking why?

To make matters worse another silver spooned, trust fund Harvard Law grad is running for Congress. Like Warren he has never won a single election. So far his greatest accomplishment to date has been to be born with the last name Kennedy, yet I feel he like he has already been anointed Congressman by the news media.

Does anyone wonder why the country is in massive debt? Why unemployment is at an all time high and the once American dream of owning a home has become a bad joke?

I don't, and that's why Mrs. Warren isn't connecting with the average voter, she represents everything that is wrong with our political system.

Brian Sullivan
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