Sutter still having trouble speaking the truth [Editorial]

When misstatements add up they become lies

Instead of debates, Sutter should ask Keating for lessons on being a better DA

By Walter Brooks

Bristol County District Attorney and candidate for congress, C. Samuel Sutter, just sent the press one of the most obviously untruthful releases this editor has ever read.

The release called "Sutter Shocked at Keating Indifference Over Pilgrim Relicensing" his more holes than Swiss Cheese. Worse, his entire candidacy is beginning to smell like Limburger, Roquefort or Stinking Bishop District Attorney cheese.

Here are some of his misstatements replaced with facts to put his latest fabrications in context:

Sutter writes that Congressman Keating only offered a single line in response to a general question about Pilgrim and that the quote in question is equivocal. This is false. Keating spoke about Pilgrim Nuclear at length during the Chamber event. 

Worse yet, Sutter says the Congressman's response to a question if he thought that Pilgrim Nuclear met the standards to deserve to have their license renewed.  As a responsible political, and not a nuclear scientist, Mr. Keating suggested that issue should be decided by qualified experts, not pols.

When we asked Bill Keating's office about that quote, we were told it was from a Patriot Ledger article last week, and Sutter wasn't even at that Chamber event.

Congressman Bill Keating has visited Pilgrim Nuclear power plant, spoken numerous times with the interested parties, and he has consistently stated that safety is concern number one. 

I suppose it never occurred to Sutter that Keating might also be concerned about the 650 Plymouth area folks who work at Pilgrim Nuclear.

While criticizing his opponent, Sutter has not stated his position in the release, never stating whether he thinks the license should be renewed or allowed to expire.

Congressman Keating is a cosponsor of Congressman Markey's Nuclear Power Plant Safety Act of 2011. This bill if passed would direct the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to create procedures to review nuclear power plant safety regulations to ensure that licensed facilities can withstand and adequately respond to catastrophes like last year's Fukushima disaster in Japan.

If memory serves, this will be third time in under one month that Sutter has egregiously misrepresented the Congressman's positions on issues.

What's Sutter's "Day Job"?

C. Samuel Sutter (don't you just love guy who use initials like that) is always bragging about his record as a District Attorney, which given the misconduct allegations listed below. Last Saturday  there was a homicide in Bristol County.  But C. Samuel Sutter wasn't at the murder scene working with police as DAs normally do?  No.  Why? 

He was instead politicking at a meeting of the Chatham Democratic Town Committee. 

Instead of asking Bill Keating for debates, he really should ask him for lessons on how to be a responsible and "honest" District Attorney.

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