Mannal's election woes are self-inflicted

Editor's note: The following letter was received in response to yesterday's letter from Jack Pitney entitled "Mitrokostas' false accusations against Mannal de-bunked line by line".  Pitney's letter was in response to Spyro Mitrokostas' political post "Professional Storyteller".

To the Editor:

In response to  Jack Pitney’s blog regarding the veracity of Attorney Brian Mannal’s employment in my office, Mr. Pitney is asking readers to believe that comments by “S.M.” were made by an individual associated with Rep. Demetrius Atsalis camp. Is it not possible that it came from Mannal’s camp so they could respond?  I have researched the issue of blogs and anonymous comments and people like Pitney often use dozens of disguises. Nevertheless, the real issue involves my endorsement of Rep. Demetrius Atsalis.

I chaired the House Committee on Local Affairs for five years. Rep. Atsalis often came to Committee hearings to advocate for his district.  I endorsed Rep. Atsalis based on his State House work ethic.  I did not mention Atty. Mannal because it was my intention to attest, exclusively, to the character of Rep. Atsalis.  Attorney Mannal wants to blame someone else for his election faux paux. The matches for this bonfire can be found in Mannal’s camp.

In response to my endorsement of his opponent, Attorney Mannal has threatened me and others with lawsuits. He stated, publicly, I was involved in “corruption.”  Additionally, he made negative comments regarding my effort to be compensated in the same manner as College President William Bulger who included the value of a campus house in which he never lived to bolster his pension. I asked for a similar employee benefit.  Obviously, Atty. Mannal in seeking to place the blame for his first strike of public,  slanderous  attack on my 35 year public service as Selectman, legislator, including 25 years in private industry. It appears Atty. Mannal used various newspaper accounts as documentation for his callous remarks.   I have never been spoken to or with any official about the “probation” scandal.  Atty. Mannal needs to think about his public and  slanderous  charges of corruption against my good name.

 Atty. Brian Mannal has never called or spoken to me since FY2000. Is it unreasonable to expect  an attorney to check the true and legal source of his first strike caustic remarks every reader knows were made by Attorney Mannal after my endorsement of Rep. Atsalis?

He wants you to believe  he is the victim. I am neither the candidate nor his opponent.

In response to Atty. Mannal’s denial of  his dismal employment record, I contacted my former chief of staff. I asked her if she recalled Atty. Mannal’s employment in our office. She responded, "Oh, you mean the 'dentist kid'?" There was more but Atty. Mannal might ask another crony to respond.  Enough has been said. 

There should be no doubt in any reader’s mind, that Attorney Brian Mannal’s election woes are self-inflicted. He attacked me with charges of corruption….a strong term. My son-in-law, a long-time successful attorney, tells me when a charge like that is not true, a lawsuit is something to consider.

As for my responses to Atty. Mannal’s employment in my office, strong language, I agree. However I am entitled to my opinion and I believe my chief of staff and I have spoken the truth.

Marie J. Parente
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