It's Time for Citizens to Disarm "Citizens United"

It's Time for Citizens to Disarm "Citizens United"

Citizens United has turned our American democracy into an oligarchy

By Richard Bartlett

Our area has been home to a dedicated activist for peace and justice for many years. Mary Zeppernick has been a "queen-pin" in POCLAD (Program on Corporations Law and Democracy) from the get-go. That organization has been opposing "corporate person-hood" for years, pointing out that despite years of Supreme Court confusion on the question, anyone but a SCOTUS Justice and recently Mitt Romney, can tell the difference between a living, breathing person and a pile of documents that constitute a corporate entity.

SCOTUS has determined that money is speech... My wallet never says a word to me.Unsurprisingly, the Citizens United decision has turned our American democracy into an oligarchy, allowing corporations, lobbyists, superPACs and the super-wealthy to control our elections. Secret money flows. TV lies can be repeated so incessantly that they get to be believed by the gullible.

SCOTUS has determined that money is speech. My wallet never says a word to me. But now the buying of elections is legal, thanks to justices not content with their constitutional role, but eagerly becoming policy-makers, a role the founding fathers gave to the legislative and executive branches.

In November Massachusetts voters will be able to register their rejection of Citizens United  on a ballot question. It deserves our thought and our vote.

Check out the Move To Amend website.There is now a growing groundswell of private citizens to get an amendment attached to the Constitution that would undo the Supreme Court's fallacious decision. When the Constitution was drafted they didn't foresee corporations insinuating themselves into the governmental function. Now corporations own so many politicians that we the people have to step in and force a remedial amendment.

Not surprisingly, if you check out the website  you will find Mary Zeppernick is one of the charter signers of Move to Amend. Their roster is impressive, including many church groups, veteran's organizations, environmentalists and others. There are chapters all over the country. Cynthia Franklin is listed as the Cape Cod facilitator.

Move to Amend has the healthy, optimistic view that the will of a people aroused will form an unstoppable wave when they have rallying points working to convert indignation into action.

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