Our 2012 Gifts to both good and bad Cape Codders

Cape Cod Today's Christmas Wish List for 2012

It is our tradition to suggest the blessings and curses appropriate for our fellow Cape Codders whose fanfares or fiascoes have helped fill our news-hole this year.

By Walter Brooks

Twas the night before Christmas, and here on Cape Cod,
It's the time to "pull legs" with a very gentle  prod.

To my fellow eCapers whose labor is prodigious,
A great Christmas dinner, and someone else does the dishes.

To all of our bloggers who make this site rock.
Lots of ideas to ridicule and miscreants to mock.

To our eighty-thousand plus readers whether in sackcloth or drindl,
An e- reader to read us, like an Amazon Kindle.

To Nate Welch who is building a new CC Today site,
Our biggest of thanks & hope it's a version our readers will like.

To our local Great White Sharks, a tummy full of seal,
As they continue to make Phoca vitulina their favorite meal.

Let's leave out food for that Bear who started last Season,
The national  publicity helped tourism - that's a really good reason.

Kudos for our friends at the Masonic Angel Fund,
A thousand new PCs - no make that a thousand and one.

Congratulations to both Charter Schools, their new buildings built with thrift.
And please show the other schools how you did it without a state gift.

Best wishes to the group of Harwich EMTs,
Who set a new record saving me, if you please.

A lump of Coal to Orlean's town webmaster,
We hated to awake you, but your work's a disaster.

For Falmouth's 22 year old selectman's son appointed on the commish,
A lump of coal for his on-the-job training is our wish.

To Cape Cod's politicos who next seek our vote,
May you all get elected (hey, that's only a joke).

To Senator Scott Brown - some win and some lose,
Just don't revisit that camp named Camp Good News.

To Commissioner Sheila Lyons, may she learn how to drive,
Without any booze - check out our poll - it will keep you alive.

And to Truro Selectman Palmer and his third OUI,
Check out our poll - it's time for you to say Bye Bye.

To all our school districts, may peace be their goal,
We all can forget the results of this poll.

To the new Monomoy committee for their great work - I think,
A case or two of some high energy drink.

To Ptown artist Julian Popko's spectacular Lobster Pot Tree,
Two kudos for beauty - oh let's make it three.

To Congressman Keating, whose 9th District was born,
A permanent move to his summer home in Bourne.

For Senator Dan Wolf, what could ever be finer,
For his commute to Boston -  a Boeing Dreamliner.

To Rep Sarah Peake who we've all gotten use-ter,
We hope her new constituents like her in  Brewster.

 To Rep.  Cleon Turner whose district slide further west,
We hope voters in Yarmouth realize they got  the best.

 To DINO Mannal and Whig Party Hunt,
Some top-notch opponents to be perfectly blunt.

To "The Michael" O'Keefe who gives much excitement,
A Happy New Year with no federal indictment.

To muckraker Manso as he and O'Keefe bout,
A best-selling status for his book "Reasonable Doubt."

To Democrats here as they drift to the right,
A new name for their party - GOP sounds about right.

To Cape Cod's Republicans as they disappear from sight,
It was fun while it lasted, sleep well and good night.

To Nauset Regional for it's stellar performance,
A brief respite for Dick Hoffman, at least for this once.

And I won't forget Sandwich - HQ for KKK,
Why else would they treat footballers that way?

Let's give Wareham its own prison, their miscreants to banish,
And keep your kids away from the Triangle in Hyannish.

To the Cape Cod Commission and its anti-business creed,
It's time to expire, we've outgrown your need.

To Mashpee "Praying Indians" who forgot Jesus Christ,
A conversion to their old gods - hey, they got a good price.

To Orleans' DPW for their Cove Road repair role,
A deep hole to hide it and a small lump of coal.

To our police and firemen who work day and night:
No one plays with the matches and everyone drives right.

To Bob Dwyer at the museum of our nature, so dear,
A thousand new donors to greet the New Year.

To Cynthia Stead, a bizarre change of will,
And a return to her Liberal youth on Blue Hill.

To Cape Cod Healthcare, every doc, nurse and lackey,
A quiet New Year when no visitor goes wacky.

To Felis at Alberto's who hosts our every fete,
A thousand good reviews - every one of them neat.

To Clean Power Now for their long, well fought fight,
Retirement at last,  may your future be bright.

To Jim Gordon at Cape Wind, as he heads for the wire,
No more opposition, and another big buyer.

To our friends at Cape Cod Times, may ad space cease to taper,
And everyone on Cape Cod subscribe to your paper.

To the folks at Cape's weeklies, short staffed and ill-paid,
Generous publishers who make their wage woes all fade.

May our eight Public Radio station's staff start to smile,
As thousands and thousands more turn to their dial.

May Bob Whitcomb at Projo at last reach his goal,
A well-financed dotage some place near Woods Hole.

To the gang at The Globe, the end of its groaner,
When a liberal local becomes its new owner.

For Cape Cod TODAY, an internet heaven,
As more dig our motto: "Cape Cod 24/7."

To my hard-working wife Pat, who says "all is forgiven.
You can still write this column and not work for a living

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