Congressman Keating's Statement on "TrumpCare"

"At least 24 million Americans will lose their health insurance..."
Congressman William Keating (Courtesy of the Congressman)

Yesterday, Congressman Bill Keating voted against the American HealthCare Act, also known as TrumpCare.  Below is his statement on this legislation.

“The Republican majority made political careers out of running to repeal the Affordable Care Act, despite its marked success and approval from a majority of Americans. Today, they paid off their political debts at the expense of every hard-working American. Simply put, at least 24 million Americans will lose their health insurance under this plan. Even if you don’t lose your insurance, you will be paying more for less coverage.

“If you’re an older American, like the thousands who live in my district, you can be charged five times more for your insurance premiums under this bill.  You can be charged more as a woman simply for being a woman.  If you’ve had a cancer diagnosis, insurers can force you off your health plan and into high-risk pools.  Coverage for opioid addiction treatment, maternity care, services for children and adults with disabilities -- all out the window thanks to Republicans who forced this bill. 

“And the only way the Republican majority could get their Members to support this bill was by bribing them with an extra $8 billion to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. Their guarantee that pre-existing conditions would still be covered is simply untrue - just like the idea that this bill will do anything to help Americans.”

[See the Congressman's video below]

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