Snapping turtle rehabbed, released by Cape Wildlife Center

Turtle had shell damage consisted with being hit by a car
Cape Wildlife Center staff release a snapping turtle (See Cape Wildlife Center video in story)

From the compassionate folks at the Cape Wildlife Center:

This snapping turtle was brought to us suffering from some minor abrasions on his carapace (the top shell) and a few lacerations on his jaw. These injuries are most likely due to being hit by a car.

Turtles are especially active during the spring and summer months and frequently have to cross roads to find nesting places and basking spots. If you come across a turtle in the road (as long as it is safe to do so) you can carefully pick up the turtle and bring it to the direction that it was heading in, if you put it back on the side of the road it started on it will just try to cross the road again, they're persistent!

We see a lot of turtles that suffer from car strikes, and thankfully this one made out relatively unscathed!

After a brief exam by our veterinary team he was ready for release within a few days. He was brought close to his original location, however further away from dangerous roads! Please watch for turtles folks!

[See video below of this turtle's release]

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