"A Beacon of Hope" at Eastham Ace Hardware

Bucket sale, grilling demonstration today for Boston Children's Hospital
"A Beacon of Hope" stands outside the Eastham Ace Hardware store (Eastham Ace photo)

That stack of blue buckets in front of Eastham Ace Hardware is a "beacon of hope" for children with serious illnesses.  It's part of the store's campaign to raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital.

In addition to raising funds in the store, the family-owned store is hoping their "bucket lighthouse" will win the $7,500 competition for best display among other Ace Hardware stores.  

Customers who donate $5 for Children's Hospital will receive a blue "Helpful Bucket".

Eastham Ace will hold a grilling demonstration today and a celebration "Until Every Child is Well" throughout the day Saturday.

Be sure to view the photo gallery below and also the video from Ace Hardware and Children's Hospital.


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