Letter: Local Pol's "Resignation to Go Off-the-Grid"

from Yarmouth's Joe Glynn

Letter to the Editor from Joe Glynn:

It is with regret that I submit a public statement to withdraw my interest and standing throughout the community! This includes all Civic and Community interest including school studies and all political affiliations! 


Community Housing Institute

Cape Leadership  Institute 

Pending appointments on local boards

Future appointed / elected positions.  

Yarmouth Housing Authority Board of Commissioners- Assistant Treasurer



Resignation to show desire to go off the grid! 


My resignation from the YHA has nothing to do with the all Woman Administration and Minority or Women Commissioners or NAACP membership or civil rights commission, connection of any board commission. 


People who should be most empathetic are not! 


It has to do with the lack of understanding by the greater community of the offensive nature of comments by many in the community and my personal feelings of a overall jaded pessimism towards the tolerance and respect to those feelings.  


Empathy to a struggle


    I have never pretended to understand certain struggles of certain protected classes that I did not or could not endure despite understanding of many of the economic demographic struggles like being raised poor in the inner city by a widowed, single mother and with numerous housing and other challenges.  I am dismayed by arrogant comments by many unnamed community members.  I am quite comfortable with fading into the sunset with decades of civic leadership, standing tall for all people and helping many. 


Public Statement to say I am not saying anything anymore! 


    I do not seek attention and merely want to detach myself from having to explain way I am offended.  I want to retreat to a flag draped closet off the grid as I am drained of energy and motivation that I have long had ample reserves of dedication to civic leadership. 


Make you or break you but now they forsake you! 


   I am not defeated and seldom give up in any situation but I am demoralized.  I will be happy if the greater community says don't go away mad just go away.  Defeat has always been a temporary state of mind for me, but this time it is more like a real bad storm delaying a game at the end of a bad season. I most offended by those who have witnessed my dedication since I was a young person involved in leading people to do the right thing for the greater good. 



Sick to my stomach 


   I don't know to what extent my PTSD contributed to my physical nausea and despair this weekend but I think a young version of me prior to any of my life's traumas and struggles would have had the same reaction without the luxury of wisdom but by intuitive sense.  The only difference now is I am fatigued and have the credentials of sacrifice and commitment to be  demoralized on principle!  


See ya ! 


I just don't feel like I can help anymore!  As we you to say to the boys in the hood : "See ya ! Wouldn't want to be ya!" 



Life changing offense 


I am a way different man than I was mere hours ago.  More changed than the poor 6 year old Dot boy who just lost his Dad in a VA hospital leaving a mother that would be a senior raising teenage boys in a tough neighborhood.  More changed than a boy who got a letter from an immigrant cousin in the USMC from Vietnam shortly before learning he was KIA thereafter. More changed than separation, economic upheaval, homelessness, or stresses of war.  Those things could not disrupt survival instincts. 


Out of our control


    This despair has to do with things I can not control.  Despite knowing the things I can and can not control and having been granted the wisdom to know the difference, my desire to battle against forces that have formed against my very core and the values I have stood for in every situation . 




Just plain ol Regular Joe, 

Former Outspoken Critic 

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