Letter: "Moral Relativism" and the Alleged Stony Brook Sexual Molestations

from Don C. Hayward of Bourne

Letter to the Editor

    Moral relativism, as a cause and effect relationship to the sexually deviant and alleged criminal behavior at Stoney Brook School and school shooters, will not be a topic of conversation among the academic/medical/political establishment. It destroys their political ideology to the core.

     Moral relativism as defined back in 1960’s, has in fact, led to fatherless families that in many cases has led to those who have committed monstrous acts of violence in the large number of school shootings and the sexual violence that has led to behavioral freak shows like that of Stoney Brook. One common denominator of those acts of violence is that the perp had either ignorant or non existent father figures.

     Within the liberal, academic moral depravity there is an absence any “absolutes” Christian or otherwise.  Unless of course, it is anti Christian. Being offended now means opposing an insane ideology of equality of results of effort.  

      What has been an anchor of spiritual/moral development for many centuries has, in large part, been under successful  assault by the Marxist academic for 70 years.  What is now becoming  stunning examples of such  successful attacks on all moral absolutes, are the freaks found in education and the school shooters that have been bred by the insanity of moral relativism being indoctrinated in those same institutions.

      In no small measure the institutions that have indoctrinated amorality/immorality are now under assault from that which they have produced. 

     You/I will reap what is sown.  

                                                                                 Don C. Hayward


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