Would You Like to Sponsor a Baby Bunny?

Wild Care has baby rabbits galore...
Some of the 25 baby rabbits already cared for at Wild Care this season (WCCC video image)

From Wild Care Cape Cod:

Wild Care's "Rabbit Whisperer" Kristine Beebe, licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator has been rehabilitating rabbits for 22 years in her home in Dennis.

This year, she has already cared for over 25 rabbits. (Last summer she cared for 75 orphaned rabbits the entire season.)

She starts her mornings checking in on the babies to make sure that everyone is bright-eyed and doing well.

Orphaned rabbits are notoriously one of the most challenging species to rehab. They have a low-tolerance for stressful environments and a very delicate gastrointestinal systems. They require quiet, consistency, and proper nutrition.

Kristine is an amazing human being and rabbit momma. We are so grateful for her loving care and expertise!

See Wild Care video below.


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