Letter: Expresses Concerns Over Fatal Shark Attack's Effect on Tourism

from Joe Glynn of Yarmouth

Letter to the editor:

80 Years and 30 Yards!

     Well alleged local leaders and news outlets down played potential and apparently you have to have death of a young person and the only industry to start the 80 year clock.  Apparently rescuers do a great job and save a life but it doesn't count as an attack until the inches of bad luck and equally valiant efforts can not save that life!  It was nearly a month ago and three weeks when a few of us told the public, alleged leaders, all media outlets, and candidates. The headlines will downplay other attacks and reality of impending doom .  The comments will distract from issue by clouding the distance from shore so it was not a beach goer but a risk taker.  They will muddy the waters about surf boards and bookie boards and how many sharks that are in water. Boogie Boards and 30 yards from beach is stuff of kids play 


Death by a Thousand Cuts not preference!

  "The sharks don't like to eat humans"!  Like that matters!  Death by a thousands paper cuts hurt deeper than any explosion with nobody home!  There did not have to be a tragic death off Cape for leaders to speak up.  We have had ample warning.  


Bad Reviews will be more than Clam Plates and Parking Spots

     This is an election year!  If you can't get attention now during summer around both primaries and general elections for local County (County assembly in all15 towns) & State positions (State Rep), County (Commissioner) & State Regional (State Senate) Federal Regional (10th Congressional), and Statewide Federal (US Senate) and State Offices( Gov/LT Gov, Sec Of State, AG, treasurer etc. Many of whom have places here).  We have debates about a regional county guys running for regional state office parking spot, and his Yelp review of a

Clam plate of another County Legislator. This all the while well some of us were presenting proposals and pleading to address the issue before its too late to save lives and before it kills more tourist and Tourist Industry! 


Post Cards Don't Ring Twice

Families don't have to write a review about the house or hotel they don't rent next year.  They don't have to send a post card back to us saying we are not coming back because of what we saw in person or on the news.  They don't have to cancel Dinner reservations for next memorial day despite having a lovely meal or great hotel service.  They don't have to send regrets to good neighbors for houses they don't buy on the water.  They don't have to say people gave great directions, the public safety and nurses were great when little Johnny didn't fall while running at a Cape League Game.  They don't have to send thanks to the local daily for the strangers directions from the ferry to the Pops Concert they didn't attend. They won't shout it from the rooftops. They just won't come! The worst reviews will be the ones we won't get!


Oh and by the way there is a Family morning a Loved One!

This was preventable!  There is common ground.  There is a shark safe swimming sanctuary that is palatable to all.  shark lovers, seal lovers and people lovers and loved ones1  We here these funded researchers, Federal Laws, State Federal and Town Taxes and this includes County Deeds Taxes.  We have beach funds from business and property taxes,  We have stickers for ORV, Parking, resident and visitor. We have hotel/Motel and Meals taxes.  We have Chamber fees and Tourism funds from State and federal government and C&i Plate funds, Lottery, and National Seashore funding.  Then there is Marine Mammal Protection Acts of congress and fishing and tourist industry Federal earmarks.


The Only Species we need to Fear are Parasites and Crickets

All of these alleged leaders, land and sea creatures by the millions, political animals of all sorts and all we are hearing from are news parasites and crickets posing as Officials! 


Wake UP People before its too late if its not already!

The Town that implements safe swimming areas with enclosures that have Sonar Emitting Repellant devices as a redundant backup will have a boom to their Town and may save the Cape economy. If many Towns and beaches have them the  reviews will pour in!


Demand County Does its Job!

Demand the County purchases and distributes enclosures while fulfilling its Regional Ombudsmen duties and coordinates with Towns, State and Federal counterparts!  This is a disaster!  It is man made and natural but it is a bad storm we can no longer ride out!  If you want to be Cape crusaders or Barnstable patriots.  As the NE Patriot Leader says "Do Your Job"! and "No Days Off"!  Don't wait until it is a little girl with a screaming Mother on Video.  Two men one older and injured and one younger and lost is tragic enough!.  Don't ya think?

Joe Glynn, Yarmouth

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