Letter: You "Otter" Cull the Officials as Sharks and Seals Driving us Beaty

from Joe Glynn of Yarmouth

Letter to the Editor:

Sharks and Seals driving us back on shore Beat-y!

We don't need to "Tar and Feather" these lame politicians and we don't need to give Ron Beaty the Beaty treatment. (Real ironic that the Pol that didn't mention sharks in his campaign vs his parking spot thief, is now grandstanding in.. He not only complains about no Pols speaking on the issue, but the guy who threatened elected officials is crying about threats he received for his stupid comments as an official??).  All the County Officials who have punted the issue, while I was clarifying and qualifying the responsibility, doubled down on kicking the can to others, while trying to capitalize on the media sensationalized attention.  Ron set back the resolution of the issue back when he made bold "Crazy Beaty" statements then went and hid once he got the attention he wanted.  Now he is backtracking and taking credit for the foresight that the other lame Pols didn't have. 

Professional Courtesy for Unfathomable Waste Products!

There is only one person running for office, that campaigned on, clarified, and provided a palatable solution, for this issue-Yours Truly! So we don't need to Beat-y Down Pols or put tar on them without the feathers.  We just need to have a debate on Monomoy Sand Bar with the Pols painted in Tar Black in the water, and the County Commissioners with the County Assembly (The County Legislative Body) Chair. (This is where the solution could come but they all have to wait untilI explain it to them, like I have previously stated that they have plagiarized from here). The PC Pols might not get bit because, as the joke goes, Professional Courtesy.  The county officials won't get bit by the seals for the same reason, as they devour all the  resources while getting fat with a sandy parking spot, and contribute nothing but nitrogen waste to the political environment.  It will be difficult after to determine the sick, lame and lazy although seal noises clapping for a fish would be welcome noise from the county Complex.  These waste products devour town money and create useless spending programs but it is unfathomable to even one fathom, on any solution

Finger pointing Poor Land, Ocean Management and Waste Management-No duh CPT Obvious!

So they are just finding out, there are too many seals and some are just finding out what body is responsible for the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA).  No lie, I had a local daily Columnist say "Joe he (a Congressional Candidate who later indicated the same dismissiveness of federal responsibility) is running for Congress and can do anything on this matter"?  The same kicking of the can, waste management by waste products wasting our money.  You see if they all point the finger and blindly proclaim limited solutions without the courage to say out loud their solution because they will offend half the people they can still grandstand.  So cowardly call other Pols cowards who are trying to get elected because you are to cowardly to say yourself because you are trying to get elected is your solution?  The years of mismanagement on land in these Political Pods is not going to be resolved by another committee or tasked force. They can't even come up with a restructure plan for their own body after numerous committees/task force/blue ribbon panels, because "it requires an act of the State Legislature"??? These Ombudsmen, I mean Ombuds-humans, have to create committees and departments to coordinate with people that they say are the officials they know how to communicate with on behalf of us!  These fish-brained Mis-Managers try to tell us they are liaisons that they are the regional problem solvers.  (They as recent as this morning used wastewater as the example of their fine abilities).  Problem solvers now that is funny.  Nitrogen producers from every orifice and office.

Careful of what you Read-You 'Otter'  Listen to what is being Reported!

So I am listening to local news yesterday and I hear there is a water animal in a waterway but it is reported that a " Shark was in an unusual place".  I said to myself:" that is not an unusual place. " If a water animal was knocking on doors on Main Street Hyannis eluding police that would be news and an unusual place. Breaking NEWS:  "Otter Eluded police slipping in and out of doorsteps, on Main street in Hyannis! " Give the poor fellah a break he want to duck in to the Duck Inn Pub before he hoped on the Duck Boat back to lower cape because he missed the h2O .  C'mon it was a stressful week. If people can invade his water he can slam back a Guinness like a Penguin, it's only human nature.  Human nature is nature right?  He probably was going to go over to the Fresh Ketch cus the seals ate all the fish in the water!  It was mis-reported (Probably by Main Street/Ocean St. Media-Use to be Penguins Go Pasta) that he smelled something fishy cutting through the village green by Barnstable Town Hall.  Fake News except there was "an Otter eluding police on Main street in Hyannis"! "Signs, Signs everywhere are Signs".

Get What You Deserve or Get Your Absentee/Ballot-VOTE to CULL them out!

We keep letting them get away with it. Nobody knows who is responsible because people are uninformed on what they do1  People go down the ballot ( or don't get at all) and if they don't know the office or the candidates , they vote for the incumbent, with the crazy logic that no news is good news. This is crazy in good times or bad government. If you are happy but don't know what this official does they are not the ones responsible for your happiness and they are responsible for what they haven't done. This case the perfect example.  They all claim no responsibility, have done nothing, so they all are culpable!  SO the Chair of the BARNSTABLE County Assembly of Delegates (again the County legislative body), has not put on the agenda, created a county paid program out of tens of millions of dollar budget of our money, and has not contacted fish-brained stormed with any official, for any funds, from any source, for any idea.  The media will not report ,sponsor any debate, publish candidate profiles, report on bills, incumbent records or even get comments from ANY County Assembly Candidates in any of the 15 towns in contested races or not!  No wonder why nobody knows what they do. nobody reports on the nothing they don't do!  Write letters to editors, call radio shows, demand profiles, debates, quotes, and action then shout it from the rooftops and get your ballot and VOTE!  Cull them out of office until you get your moneys worth!  Otherwise you get what you deserve! 


 The Author is a Yarmouth Board Commissioner for the Yarmouth Housing Authority and Challenger to the Chair of the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates from Yarmouth on the election of November 6th.

Joe Glynn, Yarmouth

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