Letter: DY Dysfunctional Tax Burden Will be Swept Under the Astro-Turf Again

from Joe Glynn of Yarmouth

Officials will pay for lack of leadership!

The ongoing cluster of poor leadership by all parties in the DY drama came to a head following Tuesday’s vote.  What has become clear is it is not about debating finances or supporting education vs economic efficiency.  It is not the new school vs improved education or the alleged leaders on both sides. It is about profiles in discouragement. 

     We the people have been let down by ALL the officials during every facet of this debacle.  The DY Dysfunction and poor vision will haunt these players and town legacy for eternity. 


December Vote orchestrated to drive special interest win!  


    It is an outright lie that the vote could not have been coordinated to the Nov. 6th General.  (70% Statewide vs only 4K of YARMOUTH’s 19-20k voters) . 

  PPP-Poor Planning constitutes an emergency on YARMOUTH Taxpayers behalf! 

    Yarmouth voters lost when the Selectman were  outmaneuvered in the planning, compilation, negotiations and the negative results of the Renovation/Building, Regional Agreement Committees as well as the poor planning of this vote. 


Death by a thousand cuts or bled dry by a paper cut, it’s all the same! 

Now they willl cry that the budget must be cut or a revote.  Regardless the taxpayers budgets will be seriously cut.  They have been taken for an expensive ride that we the people will pay dearly.  

    In a battle of wits with Dennis Yaritj Select Board unarmed!

 They will again do the Kumbuya eyewash portending that the opposition officials will continue talks until the issue fades.  You played the fence and you got beat by the other side at every turn, by not taking a stand and using all the negotiating tools and then you did not even have a vote not to recommend the new school.  They are laughing at all your stupidity in negotiations and still are if you think they will come to table after they won.  You should have done a serious cost benefit analysis of deregionization that include economies of scale with Town Department consolidation of administration, maintenance, technology, parks and recreation, transportation and equipment purchase etc.  


Deregionization the only way out!

     All the reasons given that Dennis would not have significant cost as a single town district are justification to state that they will not be overly burdened for deregionization. (Only dozens of the 600 plus Districts in this 361 Town State are regional so every other town include schools in their budget.)  We now are going to have less stabilization funds and the inevitable poor bond rating and the correspondingly higher loan cost for all our projects.  


Fatigued Yarmouth Townspeople literally Taxed by ongoing Drama! 

 The school overrides will continue and personal budgets will be taxed literally.  The exodus will continue to choice and charter as no educational improvement will be measured with these same geniuses at the helm that have been for years. 


Here’s $1 five year lease to get you started! 


So sorry Yarmouth Select Board you blew it by being passive, so now you can’t be passive aggressive and ask for a debt exclusion.  Face the music and pay the consequences and come up with imaginative ways to cut cost or produce revenue like deregionization savings.  We have to pay up and shut up and so do you! 

     In your tenure YARMOUTH taxes was (like Dennis still is) around $4 per $1000 (lowest on Cape & in the state) now before all this new school rising debt (and CC Tech, Wastewater, DPW, 911 facility, and ME Small fix) we are at $12 per thousand more than the City of Boston with industry.  We wonder why people don’t rent houses to families for reasonable prices?  They can’t afford to keep cost down.  Grand Ma’s fixed income will make her do hard work and you want to make her budget crisis harder to make it politically expedient for you.  You should have convinced the public or at least made it easier for more to vote. (During your tenure town votes have gone down almost 50% while the state broke records and votes in pcts.  5 and 6 previously in the school you are replacing with “Community” access, has been lower still).  Maybe you can get the state and BSU to give more than $1 for town owned school across from your Select Board meeting hall.  


You win. They win. We Lose!

   You fancy yourselves as budget conscious negotiators but every negotiation you have had we lost.  The cronies in town win, a handful of insiders win, we lose by your mismanagement of the negotiations and your appointment to these committees.  It shouldn’t be a surprise with all the cover ups hidden in plain view that they arrogantly pulled off another one. I question whether you wanted to win from the beginning by the way you participated in your own demise. You composed these committees and knew all the players and positions and your member nominated his brother attorney (a different shark problem) Cleon Turner before they (Dennis) walked out, ran out the clock and beat you in every way.  


Profiles in Courage we said , not Profiles in Discouragement!

     Have some political profiles in courage instead of placating both sides to get re-elected . You showed your hand then let them bluff.   You should demand that all these boards and committees be compromised of a 70%-30% balance like the DY budget including the School board .  For you Selectman who have trouble with numbers, that would be 7-3 of 10 instead 4-3 now.  They never would have walked out of the committees could have kept a quorum without them.  


The new Town Motto will be in next Tax Bill! “Pay them now or pay them later”!

For you taxpayers you get what you deserve when you vote back these incumbents or don’t show for town votes.  If you are not outraged at this then they really got you and won’t stop. You voice your choice or you pay the piper. At least next election you can vote all day but don’t be surprised if you don’t hear how much the revote for the debt exclusion will cost u til they get it. Oh and they will get it. The new Town Motto:  “Pay me now or pay me later” will be in your next tax bill.  The good part about Astro Turf is it makes it easier to sweep things under the rug! 

Joe Glynn, Yarmouth

The author is an elected Board Commissioner -Assistant Treasurer on the YARMOUTH Housing Authority and has run against every Selectman and three of the four YARMOUTH School board members.

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