Monomoy Dollars for Scholars Awards Continuing Ed Scholarships

UPDATE: Recipients' names added


Monomoy Dollars for Scholars recently awarded scholarships to the students listed in the attached document who are in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of college.  The cost of higher education, for students beyond their freshman year after their High School graduation scholarships have been utilized is prohibitive. Continuing community support for their sons and daughters is imperative as the student and family discover just how expensive it will be to finish.  For certainly the lower and even some of the upper and middle classes must make choices to mortgage their homes or sell in order to finance their child through school.  This is not unheard of and then should other major, money-needing issues arise, they find there is not enough to go around.  More than half of students leave college to work, thinking ultimately, they will save money and then go back. Most never do.  Those that manage to make it through, by holding down 2-3 jobs, and work-study programs, end up riddled with debt that makes it difficult to buy a house or even finance their own children through school.  After a  lifetime of earning, some will end up passing their college debt down to the next generation because of interest charges that never go away.

Monomoy Dollars for Scholars believes that this is a terrible waste of a student’s abilities and a terrible waste of family resources.  Our group firmly believes that scholarships should be available in all years of a student’s education.  These young people, regardless of where they live, are our hope for the future of our planet.  Please support them by providing scholarships.  They aren’t asking for a hand out, they’re asking for a hand up. 

Please support Monomoy Dollars for Scholars, which is open to any student resident in Harwich or Chatham and supports education at Monomoy Regional High School and Cape Cod Tech, among others, please sent a check to: P.O. Box 244, North Chatham, 02650.  For online donations, please go to our website:, click on the Chatham link, open the website.  Donations are done on the “donor” page.  If you can, please indicate whether you would like your donation to be available to graduating seniors, Continuing Education or for whatever area the chapter deems necessary.  All donations are applied to scholarships.  Thank you for your support.

If you’d like to help for our organization, if a business or organization would like to sponsor a scholarship, or someone would like to create a memorial scholarship, please contact Margaret Martin  [email protected].


Student                                                                          Total Amount Awarded

Victoria Bessette                                                            $700

          JW Dubis  $200

          Simonitsch  $300

          Pilgrim Village  $200


John Blute                                                                      $1100

          Peter Ford  $500

          Monomoy Dollars for Scholars  $600


Abigail Burke                                                                 $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $700

          Monomoy Dollars for Scholars   $400


Olivia Burke                                                                   $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Emily Connors                                                               $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Rebecca Connors                                                            $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Colleen Cronin                                                               $2000

          Great Expectations   $2000


David Dalton                                                                  $500

          Elizabeth & Frank Odell   $500


Kylie DeOlivera                                                             $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Grace Fernandes                                                             $2000

          Great Expectations    $2000


Hannah Garside                                                              $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Cameron Gonella                                                           $500

          Eldridge & Lumpkin Insurance   $500


Lily Gorman                                                                  $2500

          Mary E. Courtnell   $2500


Eliza Hawthorne                                                             $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Vincent Jodice                                                                $500

          Elizabeth Cross-Mellen   $500


Jennifer Keim                                                                 $2500

          Mary E. Courtnell   $2500


Emily Lyford                                                                  $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $2500


Samuel Mabile                                                               $1200

          Frederick H. Wilkey   $600

          Jean Cassis Hammond   $600


Miriam Massaad                                                             $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Matthew McIntire                                                           $1295

          Raymond H. Peltier   $695

          Carrie B. Weinz   $600


Samantha Minshall                                                         $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Haley Nadeau                                                                 $600

          Frank & Louise Caton  $600


Christian Pavlakis                                                           $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Symone Seidewand                                                        $500

          Mary E. Courtnell   $500


Sarah Simpson                                                               $2500

          Chatham Garden Club  $2500


Marina Small                                                                 $1100

          Mary E. Courtnell   $1100


Catherine Street                                                              $500

          Jean A. Young   $500


Miranda Trieble                                                              $2500

          Monomoy Dollars for Scholars   $2500


Jack Watson                                                                   $2500

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