Letter in Support of County Commissioner Ron Beaty

from Adam Lange of Brewster


I support Ron Beaty's rights to freely share his opinion, and denounce efforts to silence him or anyone else. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are key to maintaining freedom from our government, and are non-negotiable.

While our Cape Cod government officials have a right to disagree with Ron's private social media posts, they have no right to silence him. More troubling to me is that it appears our local politicians are trying to do so in their official capacity as our representative, and signing on additional government officials to bully and intimidate someone they disagree with.

Yesterday's Cape Cod Times op-ed attempts to place these same politicians  on the moral high ground by labeling Ron as “uninformed” because he had the audacity to criticize liberal causes such as the #metoo movement, David Hogg’s Gun ban effort, and climate change. All 3 are good examples of initiatives that will fail to reach their desired results because valid well-reasoned debate has been silenced in the name of political correctness and I'll explain why.

#metoo lost significant credibility during the Kavanaugh hearings due to false claims by what turned out to be fake victims. I feel badly for the real victims of sexual assault, that the movement created for them was hijacked by political operatives to damage their opponent. Confirming the movement has lost it’s way, #metoo has remained silent during the recent substantiated rape charges by 2 women against the Virginia Lieutenant Governor, a Democrat. This is what can happen when people act unopposed.

David Hogg may have been a student at a school that suffered a tragic act of gun violence, but left unopposed he quickly ran off the rails and demanded a semi-automatic gun ban across America. A guaranteed constitutional right he has no right to take. He too has destroyed his brand and credibility because he refused to have a discussion.

Lastly, climate change is being forced down the same path, hijacked by political operatives denouncing those that have the gall to raise their hand and ask a question. Brewster is a good example. The climate consultants hired by the town used a Boston Tidal Station with a NOAA sea rise forecast of 0.93 foot over the next 100 years, then  reported the Brewster sea rise will actually be 4 feet in 60 years. I’m trying to get on board but struggling as questions go unanswered. I suspect I’m not alone.

I share this all not because Ron is always right. My point is that outcomes tend to be poor for those that silence opposition, even when its politically incorrect. Our country is built on this premise.

Similar to recent incidents like the Covington Catholic High School kids or the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime, politicians were quick to condemn MAGA hat wearing conservatives, and reluctant to apply the same standard to liberals who have committed real hate crimes like the Berkley Campus assault last week that has actual video evidence.

My question is, if our local government officials take action to silence those that are critical of LGBTQ politicians is it still acceptable to criticize straight politicians? How about those that are white males but over 65? And who makes the rules on all this stuff?

Adam Lange, Brewster

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