Injured Owl Thought DOA Surprises Wild Care Staff

At release time, bird chose to stay on rehabber's arm and share a moment...
Whoo are you lookin' at? Hit-by-car owl thrives in Wild Care rehab. (WCCC photo)

From the kind people at Wild Care Cape Cod: (see video below)

I was working on Tuesday afternoon when the Chatham animal control officer brought a little box in to Wild Care and said, "I think he's DOA." Face down in a baby blanket was a red-morph eastern screech owl, seemingly unconscious.

But the owl was still breathing, and responding slightly to my gentle prodding to see if he/she was hurt in any way.

I didnt find any wounds or broken bones, but I worried about head trauma - the owl was found in a driveway and most likely hit by a car, or at least a near miss.

After a little oxygen therapy, I gave the owl some fluids under the skin and set him/her up in a quiet space in the clinic.

Well - it wasnt long before he/she was up & about (as you can see from the video) and just 3 days later we released the owl right back where he/she was found!

This is how Diane, who released the owl, described it:

"At first the bird showed no interest in leaving the cage. After several minutes, I reached in to give it a nudge, and it hopped onto my gloved hand. So I just held out my arm and waited. After another few minutes it looked at me, we had little 'moment', and then it took off. Because it was so dark, I couldn't see where it had flown, but it was definitely upwards. It was so satisfying to be releasing instead of capturing - it felt as if that little bird took a tiny piece of my soul into the sky with him - and I'm grateful to Jennifer for giving me the opportunity to experience that."

Owls are so amazing!
- Kate Diggs, wildlife rehabilitator

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