How to Become A Cyber Security Specialist

Harness your passion for computers...

Are you a computer nerd? Do the technicalities of the device intrigue you to the core? And, do you believe that just becoming another software engineer won’t suffice your career goals? Well, you can transform your passion for computers into the profession by becoming a cyber security expert.

This is nowadays a highly sought after career path. With the exponentially growing usage of computers nowadays, everything is going online. To deal with this relentlessly growing information online cyber security has become imperative. The role of a cyber security specialist thus entails protecting the vast information online from getting jeopardized.

Who Is a Cyber Security Specialist?

A Cyber Security professional is the one who takes care of the security of the information stored in computer networks, cloud servers, mobile devices, payment software, and so on. The job of a cyber security expert or specialist ( as you may call it) is to identify the potential leaks and vulnerability of the information stored in the computers and protect it from the impending threats of unauthorized access, theft, and illegal duplication.

The job of cyber security is essentially focused on identifying the risk areas and accordingly come up with strategies to prevent potential breaches. The purpose is to safeguard the assets.

The cyber threats have now become extremely sophisticated, with cyber criminals devising more erudite hacking methods. As a result, demands of the security specialists are also growing at a rapid pace as they are the one who can disarm the cyber criminals and safeguard the sensitive and confidential information from the computers.

However, many would consider the job of a Cyber Security Expert quite similar to that of an IT Engineer, but in reality, the former is way different from the latter. A security specialist has to deal with a much broader scope of technology as he is entrusted with the responsibility of applying security measures to the sensitive and confidential information.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cyber Security Specialist

The highly sought-after designation of Cyber Security Specialist involves a comprehensive list of functional responsibilities. With an excellent career growth comes an exhaustive list of responsibility. Let’s ponder how the responsibilities of a Cyber Security Expert look like.

• A detailed understanding of the information that demands top-notch protection

• Identifying the vulnerability and potential breaches

• Deciding on the probable security measures that are deemed ideal for safeguarding the given information

• Clarifying the security measures that can be adopted to the other team members in a layman’s (non-technical) language.

• Regular monitoring of the key issues for unauthorized access or use:

• Designing effective strategies to prevent intruders

• Developing apt software systems to check illicit access.

• Running counteractive protocols and accordingly make a list of the incidents that have happened so far

• Testing security strategies and measures if they are working apt. This should be done keeping the hacker’s perspective in mind; e.g., trying to access the information without proper credentials or trying some security break-ins through firewalls and other security applications & features.

• Uncover the hidden risks

• Updating the security systems on a regular basis and come up with effective counteractive protocols

• Evaluating the authenticity of the potential users and providing them the access permission.

• Running diagnostics on information alternation to check out if there are any illegal or unauthorized breaches.

• Identifying the novel methods of intrusion by cyber criminals and accordingly come up with prevention strategies.

Certifications That Can Help You Become a Cyber Security Specialist

Basically, Cyber Security Specialist is a blanket term for all kinds of IT security jobs. In terms of degree, all the IT Security jobs demand candidates having Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science; but, most of the advanced level jobs require special certification in Cyber security from reputed University or Colleges. Nowadays, a lot of online colleges are also offering training courses and certification in this subject.

Learning Path to become a Cyber Security Specialist



If you want to explore promising course and training program to become Cyber Security Expert you must have a firm grasp of computer systems and its technicalities. Unless you have that exposure, you won’t be able to identify the vulnerability of the system, nor can you devise any cyber security strategies.


Preferred Skills of a Cyber Security Specialist

• In-depth knowledge and robust IT skills about computers including its software, hardware, and networks

• Eye for detail

• Excellent logical reasoning and ability to identify the strength and weakness of the computer networks

• A forensic approach to challenges

• Grasp over hacker’s perspective and their working methodologies to decode the criminal psyche of the cyber-underworld

What Salary Can You Expect as a Cyber Security Specialist?

The salary of a Cyber Security Specialist depends on the country where you are working. Today, the demands of an experienced Cyber Security professional is rapidly increasing, thereby unveiling multiples avenues for them.

According to PayScale, the salary of an experienced Cyber Security Specialist professional average salary is $71300. However, the figures widely differ from the government sector to private organizations. Also, it differs from one city to the other.

One of the prime determinants of the salary structure of a Cyber Security Specialist is the skill set they possess. For example, a candidate with proper training and certification in security risk management, testing & auditing can expect a high salary. For an entry-level professional or a fresher, the package is a bit lower, though on an average it’s quite handsome compared to the other fields of computer engineering.

Final Words

To become a seasoned Cyber Security Specialist, you need to have a sound knowledge of the computer systems and its technicalities. In fact, the role and responsibilities of a security professional involve a lot more technical expertise than what is required for a mere computer engineer. It’s a subject that demands in-depth and meticulous training of the technicalities and network systems. After all, the job role entrusts the candidate with the responsibility of safeguarding the sensitive information.

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