How To Make Your Home Give A Lasting Impression

A little something special to make it stand out...
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If you’re hoping to give your home a little something special to make it stand out, you’ll need to add in a little bit of your personal style while making it a bit more modern with certain upgrades. Whether you hope to sell your home or you plan to wow guests on the next visit, the following ten ideas will help you set your home apart.

1. Make Your Front Door Stand Out

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Paint your front door a bright and unconventional color to set your home apart with just the curb appeal alone. The color you choose should generate a positive emotional reaction for anyone that sees your door. This color will speak volumes about you and your sense of style as it is the gateway to your home.

When making your front door stand out, don’t forget to personalize your door knocker, doorbell, and anything else that will make your front entryway more unique. Your finished entryway would look clean, inviting, and easy to identify from the street.

2. Keep the Entrance Well Lit

As the entrance is the first thing that any guest experiences of your home, be sure to have this area filled with light. While you may not notice this during the day, guests that arrive at night want to feel safe when approaching someplace new. Though you don’t need to have a hallway filled with the brightest lights, this area should be lit well enough for them to enter safely.

When considering your options for lighting, opt for a lighting fixture that fits in with your style whether it’s a finely detailed chandelier or a few spotlights here and there, these lighting choices should set the tone stylistically for the rest of the house.

3. Spread a Beautiful Scent

The scent in your home is more important than you may realize. Most people often grow accustomed to the smell of their own home, so they may not realize that their guests are inhaling quite a different scent. For example, someone that has been home for several hours may no longer notice the smell of their garbage can while a guest that has just arrived will smell this unpleasant stench quite quickly.

Do everything you can to make sure your home always leaves a positive impact by way of a good smell. Do this by lighting a candle or incense about half an hour before guests drive. This will give you time to air out the home without overwhelming anyone with the smell.

4. Hang a Statement Piece of Art

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Nothing sets a home apart quite like art. As one’s choice in art is so specific to that person, this is a powerful way to make your home very memorable. This piece of art should be a reflection of you and fit in with the overall style of the rest of the house.

While you may be thinking that the bigger the art the better, you may want to opt for a salon-style wall with a smaller collection of pieces hanging in a grid. Whatever hanging options you choose, remember that the purpose of this artwork is to draw guests in and make them more interested in enjoying the rest of your home.

5. Play Captivating Music

A subtle way to give guests a unique experience when visiting your home is to play a collection of your favorite music. While this music should not be blaring, it should be loud enough to filter through the background. Similarly, you can hook up outdoor speakers to play ambient music in front of your home. As guests and neighbors pass by, they will be greeted by your atmospheric songs and become intrigued.

6. Keep it Clean

We all love amazing before and afters on reality shows where the home gets a complete cleaning up makeover. Don’t underestimate the power of a few minutes spent tidying up. If you’ve become accustomed to living a certain way, you may not notice certain untidy or unsanitary things about your home. Do a quick sweep of your house to make sure everything is as clean as possible before guests arrive.

Additionally, try your best to sanitize all surfaces before inviting people over. While guests may not comment on a clean home, the messiness of a dirty space will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

7. Eliminate Clutter

Guests are sure to notice and value an exceptionally tidy home. Whether you’ve just watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or you have a new set of organizers you’d like to try out, finding a way to better store your things will definitely give your home the extra “oomph” it needs to stand out.

Not sure what counts as clutter and what doesn’t? Try to have completely clear surfaces everywhere in your home. Any loose items like mail, papers, receipts, and dishes need to find a place where they can all be stored away.

8. Redesign the Landscape

Whatever season it may be, part of the responsibility of having a house that stands apart from all the others is staying on top of the landscape. Prioritize your gardening needs with regularly scheduled lawn mowing, tree trimming, and hedging.

Likewise, many homeowners are taking to the trend of mixing contemporary styles with more traditional looks for landscaping options. Whether you opt for a driveway completely paved in cement or you chose to install a cobblestone pathway leading to the front door, find a way to incorporate your style into your landscaping choices.

9. Add a Water Feature Outdoors

Water features will likely never go out of style. From stone statues spouting water to mini koi ponds in front of the home, including a water feature on your property is another way to set your home apart from the rest. If you’re particularly crafty, you can DIY this water feature yourself or hire a contractor to put in the perfect fountain for you. Either way, guests and passers-by alike will marvel at this addition to your home.

10. Consider the Exterior Lighting

While exterior lighting will only be enjoyed at night, your choice in light can either make your residence look like just another home on the block or transform your house into the neighborhood conversation piece. Consider investing in the latest trends in outdoor lighting like solar lights or lights that change color by a timer.

Whatever choice in decoration, landscaping, and painting you make, your decisions should do the work to highlight everything that is special about your home. Keep these 10 ideas in mind when working to make your house stand out for all the right reasons. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on