5 Things About C# Every Programmer Should Know

Structure is easy to grasp...

After the advent of C in the 70s and C++ in the 80s, it would not be wrong to say that these two languages revolutionized the world of computer science. At the onset of the 21st century, when Sun Microsystems’ Java as a class supporting object-oriented language had become quite popular, Microsoft launched C# as a competition. Microsoft designed all of its applications on the .NET framework, and C# was developed with a focus on .NET. Consequently, developing anything for or related to Microsoft Windows meant the use of C#.

The syntax of C# is quite similar to the C family. If someone has some basic idea about C or C++, it is not difficult to learn C#, in fact, it is one of those languages whose structure is easy to grasp. There are C# training courses of 30-40 hours which can get you up and ready to code for all kinds of applications. In this article, we will cover the ten most important things about C# that anybody related to programming or willing to become one, should know.

5 Most Important Things About C#

  1. Object-Oriented

Being Object Oriented is a logic that, as the name suggests, focuses on the object as a whole having attributes and less on the intricacies of it. As a simple example, a cola vending machine is an object, whose attribute is vending cola on inserting a coin and pressing a button. There is a lot more that happens inside the machine, including electronics and mechanical stuff, but we focus on the object and the attribute.

In programming languages, objects are sets of data with defined functions. A class (sort of a parent category of objects) contains multiple such objects which can communicate with each other. The benefit of Object Orientation is efficiency and speed due to the reusability of components of the code.

  1. .NET and Windows

.NET and C# are often spoken about together and the creation of C# was done with a focus on developing .NET applications. C# and .NET are very different. .NET is a framework for developing programs, while C# is a coding language. .NET is a framework developed by Microsoft for applications to be developed for Windows.

Currently, Windows as an operating system holds the highest market share with over a third of devices in the world using MS Windows. This naturally implies that C# has plenty of use as it is mostly used for developing desktop applications (along with web apps) based on Windows.

  1. Game Development

Game Development Engines are platforms used for developing games. Many platforms use .NET as the framework. Some of the examples are Unity, MonoGame, and CryEngine. Unity is used to create almost half of the games worldwide, and C# becomes an important part of the development of these games.

  1. Comparing Java

Around the late ’90s, the most popular option for Object-Oriented Languages was Java, which itself was developed using C. Microsoft had created C# as a competitor to Java. Although on a general level it cannot be said which one is better, there are cases where Java is more suited and vice versa. For example, game development is more suited to C#, while messaging is best developed using Java.

  1. Xamarin and Other Updates

In May 2016, Microsoft acquired software company Xamarin, which develops cross-platform applications. Developers can use Xamarin tools with a C#-shared codebase, to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces that can easily be shared across multiple platforms, including Windows and MacOS. Within a short time, there are over a million developers using Xamarin, which means, again, a lot of C# is being used.

With the 8.0 version now rolled out, consistent updates with each version have been done, adding new abilities to C#.

C# From The Career Perspective

It cannot be denied that the .NET framework and MS Windows are, and will be mainstream for a long time. As long as that remains, C# programmers will certainly be in demand. To answer the frequently asked question of how one should proceed to become a C# expert, it is advisable to look for a properly designed and professionally delivered C# Certification. A training course is a good medium to progress on your journey as a programmer but it is not the end, as programming comes best with practice and the more lines you write, the more applications you create, the better you will be.

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