How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

Start with your research...
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Have you ever asked yourself why some students write excellent essays while others fail the task from the very beginning? In fact, it is not difficult to answer this question. If you want to write an excellent and professional looking argumentative essay, you have to provide various supportive evidence, present accurate facts, provide supportive evidence, and use logic to clarify the main points. Do not make the mistake of using personal opinions, emotions, and experiences, if you do not want to lose credibility. Before you start writing your own essay, you should see argumentative essay examples for high school, which are available online. Such examples will inspire you and give an indication. If other people can do college assignments that good, there is no reason for you not to master this skill either.


Students should make a plan of action on how to write your argumentative essay excellent. The following procedure will look like this:

In-depth research

Research is the first thing you have to do towards writing a professional argumentative essay. Once your essay is based on your thorough research, you will quickly compel your target audience to agree with you completely. Once you know the topic, do extensive research. We encourage students to use various resources: the internet, books, magazines, or any other resources you trust. Once the topic is chosen, you should make a stand. Just pick up the side, which is easier to argue, search for the facts. However, note that specific issues are only one-sided.


Writing an essay outline

It is challenging to organize your thoughts logically without writing an essay outline. Do not ignore this step because the flow of your essay will depend on it. The outline is a perfect stage to present your arguments. Make sure that your outline has the main ideas and at least a couple of refuting arguments, which support the stand.

An essay introduction

The central part of your argumentative essay is the opening section. The attention of your readers will be captured with this part. If you write it correctly, it will not be difficult to trigger people’s interest. By this part, your readers will decide whether to continue reading or leave it. Try to introduce your essay as better as you can. Include minimum one introductory paragraph. If your essay is enormous, you can include several paragraphs. We recommend you to start your introduction with a hook, by explaining your readers the relevance of the topic. You can explain to people the opposing side’s stance on the topic by presenting the detailed background information. Some writers start this section with a joke, a fact, or a quotation, which is relevant to the topic. However, the end of your introduction must include an appropriate thesis.


How should you formulate your argumentative essay?

  • Question & Answer format
  • Roadmap
  • Three-part thesis
  • The Body of Your Essay


The section where you include the main arguments to support the stand in the thesis is called the body. If you want to make your audience agree with you, you should provide a full explanation.

Make sure that your essay body section includes:

  • Enough supporting facts and reasons
  • Opposing positions and objections
  • Conclusion and Verdict
  • Conclusion


Make sure that you structure your closing paragraph properly. Does it merge with the body? You must provide an explanation about the impacts of accepting the argument. Try to illustrate how functional your ideas in real-time.


Once the content of your argumentative essay is written, you must proofread it attentively. This is the final and essential part of your argumentative essay. Many students are immersed in their writing so that they completely forget to check for obvious mistakes. When you have to read an essay which is full of irritating errors, you just feel like to stop reading. We recommend you not to use too many sentence fragments because they are difficult to understand. Once you checked your essay, you should ask your friend to read it through. If you want to be sure that the essay is perfect, you can hire a professional editor.


Writing an argumentative essay takes time and a lot of energy. So, we advise you to take some time off and restart the final editing once you are fresh. You can be sure to discover some points which are different from what you planned to write. Always pay attention to detail. Take your time, do not rush, and you will accomplish this task easily! welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on