Labyrinth Walk in Orleans this Friday

August 16th at Federated Church of Orleans...
(Courtesy photo)

WHO:  Labyrinth Quests Facilitators:

              Dr. Margaret Rappaport, Darlene T. Hagon

WHAT: Outdoor Labyrinth Meditative Walk

WHERE:   The Federated Church Of Orleans 508-255-3060

       162 Main Street/Meetinghouse Rd.,

       East Orleans 02643

WHEN:  Friday August 16, 2019 – 10:00 A. M.


 CONTACT:  [email protected]

THEME: Rhythms

On August 16, 2019  Labyrinth Quest Facilitator, Darlene T. Hagon will lead an outdoor labyrinth meditative walk at 10 a.m. behind The Federated Church Of Orleans 162 Main Street/Meetinghouse Rd., East Orleans 02643.  Her theme will be Rhythms.

We walk the rhythms of life in the labyrinth; rhythms of our life’s experiences thus far; new rhythms yet to be discovered, new paths taken; rhythms walked by others before us as well as rhythms shared with each other during each labyrinth journey. 

The singular path of the medieval Chartres Style labyrinth consists of 11 circuits (concentric circles) - some short, some long. The rhythm of the labyrinth circuits guides us in our rhythmic meditation. Different styles of labyrinths have different rhythms, very much like a music composition. In the medieval Chartres Style 11- circuit labyrinth, shorter inner circuits with quick turns create a faster rhythm. The longer outer circuits give us more time between turns. The combination of rhythms allows us to meditate on and dance to the thoughts and insights we discover deep within ourselves.

In the process of walking the path, we encounter U-turns. The 180-degree U-turns in the shorter and longer circuits change the rhythm of our gait creating even and uneven striding, short and long breaths, sometimes shallow, sometimes deep.  The turns also affect our energy flow and rhythm. They require us to adjust physically and mentally.  Our meditative state and walking pace determine whether or not we slow down and “mindfully” walk the turns, pause, or move quickly through them.

We adjust to these pattern changes in the Chartres 11 circuit labyrinth in the same manner that we adjust to the give and take of living; the stress and release in our minds and bodies, the longer days and shorter nights, the light and darkness. The spiral pattern is a metaphor for the twists and turns of events in our lives. They represent lessons learned and challenges met; approaching setbacks as opportunities to grow, create and inspire while pursuing new paths of creativity!  

Our life cycle choices bring us close to or away from our center and who we are. The labyrinth path brings us close to the center at times and far away at other times in our journey of self-discovery during the course of our walk and the rhythm of life!

Darlene T. Hagon has selected music to accompany Labyrinth Quests’ walks.  The labyrinth features artistic and decorative objects to enhance meditation and quiet reflection.

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