Wareham DNR has Film of Parking Ticket Thief

See the video - contact WDNR if you recognize either party...
Screen clip from video of alleged parking ticket thief. See video in story and call WDNR if you recognize either party. (Courtesy of WDNR)

From the Wareham Department of Natural Resources

Parking Ticket Thief!

A rather bizzare thing happened today along East Boulevard. Someone stole...you guessed right.....parking tickets! Rather peculiar thing to remove off of someones windshield dont you say? Is he going to pay them...doubtful.

Watch closely as the male removes the ticket off the first car, takes the next one off and then has words with the female party and looked like he was going to put them back...but alas decides to put them in the storm drain that leads to an adjoining coastal waterway. This happened all around 4:55pm. The 2 parties walked towards East Central Avenue.

Before everyone comments and says “maybe he was the driver” that is wrong. Why would he toss them down a storm drain that leads to a coastal waterway? The marine life of Onset Bay will not be appreciative of his littering. While the drivers of these vehicles were parked illegally, had this video not surfaced, these tickets would have gone as unpaid and the owners would not be able to renew their vehicle registrations and drivers licenses.

If you can identify the parties involved please contact the Wareham Department of Natural Resources at 508-291-3100 ext 3180 - email at [email protected] or send us a Facebook message. You will remain anonymous.

Note - we are working with the vehicle owners to null and void their citations since now, they can not pay them.

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