Everything You Should Know About Tempranillo Wines

One of the most delicious "cult wines"...

Have you heard of Spain's most distinctive red grape called the Tempranillo wines? It is one of the most delicious cult wines that sommeliers and wine enthusiasts want to collect apart from Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Not every wine enthusiast knows a lot about this wine, but once you've got a taste of Tempranillo wine, you'll certainly want all its bottles.

Imagine a taste of a full bodied wine with a lot of tannin and acidity, and is abundant in flavors. The most exciting characteristic of this wine is its grape ripens earlier than other Spanish grapes.

If you want to know more about this strange-sounding wine, here are all the details you can munch.

What is a Tempranillo?

The name Tempranillo came from a Spanish word Temprano which means early. This is because this grape used to produce this wine matures way earlier than other varieties  in a relatively cold and hot climate.

There are 88 percent of this crop grown in Spain, according to Wine Compass. There are also Tempranillo grapes planted in other parts of the world, especially in America and Australia.

You can actually have your own vineyard and have these grapes planted in your lawn because it is adaptable. But of course, if you want to have the most tasteful Tempranillo, then make sure that you have a good climate in your area.

Tempranillo Wines

The ripe skin of Tempranillo grapes gives bright colors to its wine plus good tannin and acid. That is why it can blend so well when creating a wine. Tempranillo is also known as a good combination of oaks. Winemakers also used oaks to balance the wine's color, tannin, taste, and texture.

Winemakers used the oak trees to make a barrel where the fermentation happens. The barrel also matters in creating a wine because it can affect the color and quality of a wine. Other winemakers also put oak chips in a stainless vessel during fermentation. It affects the taste of the wine, especially during the process of evaporation. It also lowers the exposure to oxygen, which affects its taste.

Tempranillo can be found in many regions, but you can find the tastiest wine in select regions only. Rioja and Navara regions produce wines with very good tannin. Other Tempranillo wines are also called Ribera del Duero, Toro, and Cigales, and they are deeper, darker, and have intense tannins.

The largest regions in Spain are La Mancha and Ribera Del Guadiana, which are known as the suppliers of the best Tempranillo wines in the country.

Other Facts About Tempranillo That You Should Know

  1. It is the oldest variety of wine, and the most recent variation of Tempranillo wine is from 1807. According to some theories, the first bottle of Tempranillo wine was introduced three thousand years ago to the Iberian Peninsula.   
  2. Tempranillo grapes dominated in Rioja Spain, and among all the vineyards in the world, it is the easiest to identify because of its structure.
  3. Tempranillo plant is not only used for wines, but it can be a beautiful vineyard attraction as well. During fall, its leaves will turn bright red, and the whole vineyard will glow. Imagine yourself walking in the vineyard with a glass of wine, enjoying the beautiful view of its leaves.
  4. A white mutation of Tempranillo was discovered and identified as a Tempranillo Blanco. Surprisingly it grows almost the same with red Tempranillo.

Are Tempranillo Wines Good For You?

There is a lot of wine enthusiast who wants to taste red wines such as Tempranillo. Because red wines are known to be savorier than white wines. Also, there are good health benefits for your red wines. Study shows you can lower your cholesterol by drinking a glass of red wine a day like Tempranillo Wines. It's also good for your skin, regulating your blood sugar, improving your brain, and reducing the risk of cancer. Drinking red wine can also help fitness enthusiasts to make you slim. So drinking Tempranillo wines in so many ways is good for you.


Drinking wine can be beneficial to us both for our self-satisfaction and health. A study made by the Medical News Today website stated that people who drink a glass of wine live longer because it can minimize the risks of cancers, good for our heart, and improve mental health.

Therefore knowing different types of wines and trying to taste them is not only for sommeliers but also for those people who want to live life longer. For wine enthusiasts, you can go ahead and include Tempranillo wines in your collection.

It is a good investment as a bottle of Tempranillo wine can last up to decades, and its taste improves as it aged. There are a lot of different wines all over the world, so open your door and explore more in the world of wines.

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