How Men Can Keep Their Hair Stylish and Healthy

Follow these simple tips...

We all know how many cool styles are available for men these days, especially the trending fade haircut, but how many of those men know the right way to properly take care of their hair?

Whether it’s a first date, job interview, or visiting the in-laws, we all want to make a great impression upon meeting, and not much is better than a fresh-looking and healthy head of hair! Gentlemen have the time to work on their hair, but many believe it’s too hard and confusing to keep it looking great all year round. In actual fact, keeping men’s hair styles healthy isn’t so hard once you know how.

Stop drying your hair incorrectly

For most men, the first step when you’re out of the shower is to grab a towel and rub vigorously on your hair to dry it. This is actually a bad habit because your hair is vulnerable when it’s wet, meaning that breakage, split ends, and frizz is bound to happen. The fibers of the towel aren’t so gentle, but if you simply pat gently on your hair for a few minutes, then it’s much better in the long run.

Furthermore, always air-dry your hair if possible, but if you’re in a rush or want to create some volume with a blow dryer, then ideally use the lowest heat setting. If you really want to be a hair pro and have healthy locks, then try to use a heat protectant spray before a blow dryer. This is also important when using hair straighteners or curling irons.

Check the heat when washing your hair

Similarly to a hot blow dryer, washing your hair with very hot water can strip away essential oils found in our hair – oils needed to prevent dryness. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair with shampoo – not forgetting the conditioner straight afterward to lock in moisture – but finish off with a cold water blast on your head to close the cuticles and prevent frizz.

Oh, and don’t overwash your hair, as your scalp needs time to recover after every wash. Unless you have a particularly oily scalp, then 1-2 times a week is fine. Be sure not to leave in any styling products for too long, like wax or gel, as this will make your hair too greasy.

Keep that hair brush nearby

This is especially important for men with longer hair, it’s wise to brush your hair once or twice a week in order to detangle the strands and to help keep hair shiny. This is because when brushing, you essentially lubricate the scalp and help distribute the essential oils across your hair. Only brush or comb your hair when dry, however, as your hair is much weaker when wet and this can lead to breakage.

Haircuts are healthy if you want to grow your hair

If your goal is to have long, luscious hair like a glam rock 80s band, then it will definitely require patience and commitment, but also a few haircuts along the way. Tell your hairdresser that you want to keep growing your locks, and they’ll simply remove the split ends to help promote growth. It might seem counterproductive to cut hair in order to grow it, but hair won’t grow properly if it’s impaired. Hair gets damaged from the sun, cold weather, chlorine in swimming pools, sleeping on pillows, and much more, so a haircut every 3-4 months is advisable if you want to grow your hair long. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on