Police & Fire News

Jeep rolled over on Old Barnstable Road Saturday night
Twenty-two arrests, an inert grenade and an obvious private eye
Suspect allegedly enticed local high school girls to pose during photo shoots
Fire contained to one room of Joan Road home
Donations will aid the Homeless Prevention Council
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Joshua M. Gonsalves and his brother Stanley were both convicted in October 2014
One OUI, a seal stuck on the breakwater and suspicious activity involving hot dogs
Suspect was arrested in Yarmouth two weeks before
Police confiscate heroin and a BB gun during raid
Range Rover strikes guy wires on Old Post Road
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Suspect allegedly attacked a Keenan Road woman with a knife
85-year-old woman was reported overdue around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday from assisted living facility
Jail in the midst of an "unmistakable uptick in drug smuggling attempts"
Five arrests, one OUI and someone sore about trees being cut down
HFD: ice on ponds and lakes can be unsafe and unpredictable
Drugs found hidden in firewood pile outside Point Pleasant Circle home
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Woman was reportedly outside in freezing temps overnight
Two search warrants lead to three heroin-related arrests in South Dennis
Twenty-two arrests, nine drug overdoses and two fatal car accidents
Falmouth man located hiding in Ellsworth Drive home
Icy roads made for a slippery ride Thursday night
Seventeen arrests, two overdoses and a woman doing "Where's Waldo?" on the Bourne Bridge
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Forensic evidence reportedly linked Randolph man to month-old crime