Chatham meeting on South Coastal Harbor Management Plan renewal - Judicial Court hears arguments on Ronald Renaud's appeal for burglary, larceny and vandalism
Adopting term limits was one of DeLeo's original reforms - Peake says she lost power for 30 hours in Provincetown this week
Kumbaya days of bipartisan leadership return to Beacon Hill - Backtracking on the Olympics - Looking into marijuana
Senate admits climate change is not a hoax - House bars taxpayer funding of abortions
Baker to roll out a budget-balancing plan this week - State Education Board to hear motions on 4Cs aircraft certificates
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Newly-elected state senator takes over seat vacated by retiring Therese Murray
Baker's 3-month hiring freeze - Patrick appointments SNAFU
Board of Higher Education to act on 4Cs aircraft mechanics certificates
Keating named the Ranking Member of the Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Subcommittee ~ Thirteen key votes in the House, only one in the Senate
Has served on joint committee since he was a freshman in 2011
Planning of 2015 events will begin
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Another bill would prohibit police racial profiling, require collection of data on police encounters, require the data be made public
This year's conservative comedy event features Anthony Scibelli and Dave Russo
All Chatham Democrats invited to attend
This was the week that was in state politics
114th Congress begins with 188 Democrats and 246 Republicans, Senate now has 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats and 2 independents
Walsh is the former Democratic State Committee Chair
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Wampanoag Casino and Bill-filing deadlines - 2024 Olympic bid - Lawmakers compete for leadership post, extra $$$ - Baker: "No new taxes"
Wolf says Baker's charter school promises will need revenue
Local hard cider makers, farmer wineries have cause to rejoice
Says women are held to a different standard, but money was what beat Coakley
Upper Cape State Senator ends speculation about her future
Baker sworn in as new governor at noon Thursday, gets "symbols of power" from Patrick - DeMacedo, Whelan sworn in
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John Chapman named undersecretary for consumer affairs and business regulations