Sox Take Pennant; NFL Week 7 Schedule, Lines, Picks; High School Round-Up

Red Sox Eliminate Detroit, Await St. Louis...

The Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series after a thrilling 5-2 win over the Detroit Tigers Saturday night.

Shane Victorino hit a grand slam in the 7th inning made all the difference, and Detroit Rock City never recovered. It was the second time those suckas were done in by the Salami, and I enjoyed each one mightily.

We will play the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. Game 1 is Wednesday night, at Fenway Park. Boston swept St. Louis in 2004 to end an 86 year World Series drought.


10/20 1:00 ET New England -3.5 At NY Jets 43.5

The Pats may be getting Rob Gronkowski back, although he is likely looking limited. If they do play him, they'll most likely use him to prop up their 30th of 32 teams red zone offense. That alone makes me think that we can beat the crummy Jets by more than 3.5 friggin' points. A win would open up a nice lead in the AFC East for the Pats.

Pats, 27-17

10/20 1:00 ET San Diego -7.5 At Jacksonville 45.5

Jacksonville may win this one, just to screw up the standings some. I don't actually feel that enough to bet on it, but I have this nagging feeling. I can't even bet them beating the spread, so I'll go for the over/under and hope that doing so quiets the voices.

San Diego, 21-13


10/20 4:25 ET At Kansas City -6.5 Houston 39.5

Who-ston was being spoken of as a Super Bowl contender right up until, in his 8th year or so, they figured out that Matt Schaub can't play QB in this league. Don't get me wrong... if I was rounding up a Powderpuff game, he'd be like my first or second choice (Some of the girls from my era are in the dreadnought class), and we'd probably start him. However, I'm not sold on Kansas City yet, and this would be a funny L to hang on them.

Houston, 21-20

10/20 1:00 ET At Detroit -2.5 Cincinnati 47

The Lions and the Bengals are historically inept, and- even though they're good this season- there's a chance that both team buses get lost or hijacked and neither team makes the game. They could just pick people out of the stands to play... a good GM would relish the chance to do an off-the-cuff draft from 70000 possible players. If you put the camera on the crowd, it'd be a bunch of fat guys yelling, "I played backup tackle in high school!"

Detroit, 14-10

10/20 1:00 ET At Miami -7.5 Buffalo 43

That is a mighty large point spread for what I see as a very average Miami team. That makes me think Buffy, although I only feel Buffy covering the spread. Buffalo, you see, is a below-average team.

Miami, 17-13

10/20 1:00 ET At Washington PK Chicago 50

I like Chicago, I love the spread, and I despise the over/under with the intensity of 1000 white-hot suns.

Chicago, 20-17

10/20 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -3 Dallas 55.5

Maybe a few of the Dallas players died this week, because I have no idea how they aren't favored over an ugly Philly squad. I don't even think Dallas is that good, but they're a point better than Philthydelphia.

Dallas, 28-27


10/20 1:00 ET At Carolina -7 St. Louis 42

Cam Newton will either get 35 fantasy points, or throw 3 interceptions and lose the game himself... and perhaps even God doesn't know how to tell which one is coming any given week.

St. Louis, 19-17


10/20 1:00 ET At Atlanta -6.5 Tampa Bay 43

If you told anyone that, by week 5, Tony Gonzalez would be poor-kid-at-Christmas-wishing to go back to recently 2-14 Kansas City from one-play-from-the-Super-Bowl Atlanta... well, to be honest, sh*t like that happens now and then, so no one would swoon or anything. Fortunately, Tampa just tore the heart out of their recent rebuilding effort by ridding themselves of their franchise QB, so everything should balance out some.

Atlanta, 21-14


10/20 4:05 ET San Francisco -3.5 At Tennessee 41

There appears to be some great advantage to playing in Tennessee that I am unable to visualize. Whatever it is, the mob feels that San Francisco is less than 4 points better than a lucky-to-be .500 Titans brood. I'd laugh at them, but they have taken a lot of my money over the years. However, I'm perfectly happy moving that decimal point over a place, or mistaking the over/under for how many Frisco gets.

SF, 41-6


10/20 4:25 ET At Green Bay -9.5 Cleveland 46

I won't move the decimal point ever on this one, but I would be comfortable adding 9.5 to that 9.5.

GB, 38-20


10/20 4:25 ET At Pittsburgh -2.5 Baltimore 40.5

I'm not taking that rotten Pittsburgh team I've seen this year over the Super Bowl champs, even if the champs are struggling.

Ravens, 28-24


10/20 8:30 ET Denver -6.5 At Indianapolis 57

Indy has knocked off some heavyweights... but notice that Peyton Manning's former owner sort of pulled Peyton Manning's ho card this week. That owner knows that Peyton gags on big games, so he's trying to make this a bigger game for Manning in order to elicit said gag reflex. That's the work of a man who knows in his heart that Peyton Manning is straight pup ussy. Unfortunately, any team that plans to cover Wes Welker with Darius Butler is going to lose by 35.

Denver, 54-19


Monday Night Football Line
10/21 8:40 ET At NY Giants -3.5 Minnesota 47

The Giants are 0-6 or so, but they're also only 3 games back in a division Michael Vick and Tony Romo play. They can come back, and a night spent smacking Josh Freeman around on national TV could start their momentum up. I do wonder what the "X" is in a "We'll give you Stevan Ridley and X for Adrian Peterson" scenario that Minnesota says yes to. "X" may equal "Cape Cod," and that scares me.

NYG, 28-7


Last Week: 4-10

This Week: 1-0

YTD: 46-45


High School Scores


D-Y 48, Falmouth 0

D-Y was in there like swimwear. Spencer "For Hire" Tyler and Corey Desimone each rang up 3 TDs.


Marshfield 32, Sandwich 13

Marsh Vegas has themselves a Sammich.


#8 Barnstable 20, #5 B-R 14

Hayden Murphy busted a 48 yard TD with a minute left to win it for Barney. Actually, make that "Hayden 'Motherf***ing' Murphy." Throw in a loss by #6 St John's Prep, and Barney could be Top 5 now.


Old Rochester 56, Wareham 8

Crikey, Wareham may need to go to the hospital-type OR after this whipping. 


Apponequet 56, Bourne 6

You know you had a bad game if the kids from the next town can taunt you with "Ha ha...  we only lost by 48."


Mashpee 56, Monomoy 38

If you took the Over on that 95 point over/under for this defensive strugle ....well, sorry about that.


Plymouth North 20, Nauset Nada

Christian Carr, which sounds like a crossword-pussle hint for the Popemobile, brought two touchdowns to the party. Nauset got snuffed by both Plymouth teams in two weeks.

Nantucket 28, Old Colony 6

Keenan "Ivory" Phillips banged home two TDs for the Whalers. Nanny improved to 3-3.


Upper Cape 42, Holbrook/Avon 6

UCT had a rough early season, but they are back in full force now. John Dumont and Dylan Derby combined for 220 yards rushing and 5 TDs.


This Week: 14-5

YTD: 83-42

75 Days Ago & Cranberry Chutney

       It's amazing to me to think that just 75 days ago we were still funning in the sun, bouncing on the beaches, swimming in the sea, and naturing with nature. The dunes were alive with with wild critters both on 4 legs and even some on 2. The sun would rise a little more like 112 degrees  vs today it is closer to 145 degrees SE as I look from my home office window across the street. and the angle is far less and the warmth of that beating down raise is only a haunting memory to my beaten joints and aching muscles. The things we did this past summer are mere memories in another scrapbook in the back of the mind filed away for those golden years. Fishing with the kids will become fishing with the grandkids, sunfish sailing with your Dad on the Sound will become something you never want to let go of. Eating home cooked seafood dinners with your Mother in the cottage one days you can only dream of coming in from the beach and smelling that good food. Mornings with a cup of coffee either on the cottage porch or even down at the waters edge sitting on the jetting as the sun climbs into the sky. Memories. What do we remember from yesterday, 75 days ago, 7 years ago, 25 or even 50 years ago. I have now been coming to, or part of the Cape now for over 5 decades or 1/2 a century. WOW, I'm not sure I have ever looked at my life as being over a 1/2 century old now, rather an odd feeling especially looking back over the years of Cape Cod experience. I hear the wind picking up outside my house, knowing they are not the warming breezes coming from the south up and across the warm Gulf Stream waters. The Gulls with their strategic aim nailing the freshly washed car in a grocery store parking lot not even close to a light post, now most have gone south. Now we wait we for the first sighting of the Snowy Owls returning from their summer homes in Canada. We remember the warm of 75 days ago and the memories we've made. What about looking forward 75 days and seeing what memories one can begin to make even as there are forecasts of snow in some parts of the state. What can you do around the Cape that will help build that warm fuzzy memory the overcomes the howling winds and bitter cold. The Cape in winter? Yup? Everything from shell fishing (when temps are above freezing). Take a drive up to P'town and see the fishing boats coming and going with the ice caked on them yet the crew still functioning. Take them around to the different harbors to view what they really are like without any vessels in them, or even go coffee shop hopping, there are some great ones around the Cape. The point is, just because there is a change in seasons, a change in temperatures, a change in the sun's angle, a change in the direction the wind is blowing does not mean that memories and memory making has to go away as well. Do whatever it takes to keep the memory making going all year round, regardless of circumstances and time of year. Well until we meet again, have a great and wonderful in all you do and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.         

      This past weekend I went to the Cape Cod Tech Holiday Craft Fair, had a wonderful time with many local crafters and vendors. This coming weekend Nov 19 & 20 at the Upper Cape Cod Regional Tech in Bourn and following that will be the New Bedford Voc Craft Fair ( I mention this as many of our local crafter will be there). So get out and support our local artisans and get your Christmas and Holiday shopping done early. 
      Restaurant report, It's been a while since I have mentioned Jasons Tavern in Patriot Square. Folks I can not speak enough good words about this place. They are family friendly, great food, open year round and still offer a fun early bird special. This is one of those go to places that when you want an outstanding home cooked style meal this is where you wan to go and not feel like you've been robbed to eat, and walk out with a well satisfied belly, this is the place. If it's been a while, isn't about time you check them out, and to think you don't have to fight the tourist crowds to get in. 
      One last place to mention, that being the Chatham Candy Manor, located on Main St in Chatham. If you are a chocolate holiday giver, you enjoy having fudge out for your guests, you want to do something special for someone with sweets I can not wave the flag high enough, toot the horn loud enough, or bang on the drum long enough about how good they are. No I do not hold any stake in them or have any connection to them. I just love their stuff, and this is saying a lot as I am not a big chocolate eater, ok except when it comes to the Manor's Truffles, and personally I could just go into a comma on those things. But enjoy all they have to offer and share it as well this holidays season.   
      Welcome to you all and I hope you are stating warm as we have gone directly to winter. The wind has been whipping around the light tower like the gales of Novembers are known to do as Nor'easter can stir up almost out of nowhere. The beacon is is full working order and last week I was able to get a good cleaning done in the lamp room and the windows are spotless now that our residential gulls for the most part have headed south for the winter. I also took the time to do a go over on the old fog horn, a couple of our local woodland creatures had taken up residence through the summer. So it needed a good cleaning and the places they made entrance closed up. Weather is this old guys worst enemy as the moisture and salt will corrode the internal workings the quickest. If anyone has been around, you know by now that the grounds are set up to celebrate the harvest season. The maze is all set up and we have had a good turn out so far of young and old coming to enjoy the grounds. We also have some displays that honor both our Native Americans and New World settlers as well as displays of our shipping heritage and whaling and fishing community. We have so much to be thankful for and we want to be sure we give a well rounded picture of how this area was established and what helped define it. So this will be up through Thanksgiving weekend then down it comes and up goes the next season. I just hope the weather will cooperate enough to allow folks to come and enjoy themselves and maybe take the time to sit around the bond fire and roast some marshmallows and drink some hot chocolate. Well, I better get and do my rounds and run a check on the weather instruments and take my readings. Yes I still do some things the old fashion way, lest we forget what this is all about, preserving history. Well I hope you have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.         
      It's almost Thanksgiving and we have to have a good cranberry dish to go with the meal, ok so a good cranberry dish is good any time of the year not just for Thanksgiving. I found several that were good ones but I wanted to find one that did not go super wild on the ingredients, but then again must chutneys do so I am going for something that I thing really all can do and enjoy. Key here is if you like a cranberries, you will like this, if not, well, what can I say. This is a make ahead, you don't want to be doing this at the last minute, if you want that, look for a good cranberry relish, those are much simpler. But give this a try and I think you will be pleasantly pleased. Now on with the recipe. 
      Recipe of the Week: Cranberry Chutney
      1/2      cup      apricot preserves
      1/2      cup      cider vinegar
      1/2      cup      dark brown sugar, packed
         1      tsp       curry powder
         1      tsp       ground ginger
         1      stick    cinnamon
      1/4      tsp       ground cloves
  1  1/2      cup      water
         1      med     lemon, seeded & chopped
         2      med     green apple, pared, cored & diced
         3      cup      fresh cranberries
      1/2      cup      raisins
      1/2      cup      walnuts, chopped
       In non aluminum pot/pan, combine preserves, vinegar, sugar and spices (tie the spiced up in a cheesecloth bag or use a loose tea mesh ball). Add water and bring mixture to slow boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Add chopped lemon and apples; simmer for about 10 minutes. Add cranberries and raisins and simmer, uncovered, for about 30 minutes, or until thick, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Pack into jars or other containers. Keeps indefinitely in refrigerator, ( if it last that long). 
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Our Blessed Mother Appears

The Virgin Mary appears!!! (Seven minutes into the video) I have visited Medjugorje in 1991 & 1993. This place completely changed my life for the better. As a result, I embrace the Catholic faith with much love and conviction. I witnessed several things at this site. The spinning sun was daily and throughout the entire day, rosaries changing into gold, but the most impressive thing I experienced was the “ultimate love” that penetrated (I know this sounds odd) into every cell of my body, a love beyond comprehension, a love I have yet to experience from anyone in my life.
One person emailed a diatribe in an attempt to condemn Medjugorje. Such an email deserves a response, one with facts, one that provides info regarding the Vatican’s ongoing investigations, one with sound reason, one with faith, one that requires an open mind and heart. Fact: The Vatican, more specifically, JPII, for the ‘first time in church history’ removed the authority of the local Bishop to suggest any final pronouncements in favor or condemnation of Medjugorje. The local Bishop retains all other faculties with this one exception. The local Bishop(s) of Medjugorje never extended an invitation for the Holy See, the Supreme Pontiff, to visit Medjugorje in all of JPII’s 27 years as Pope.
The devil is alive and well. There are many postings that mislead the reader. Instead of the conflicts, and propaganda, people ought to focus on the realities of Medjugorje. More notable, the millions of conversions, and countless people returning to the faith, and numerous investigations of miraculous healings i.e. deaf, blind, lame, cancer, aids etc. I do not know how the devil would benefit from such conversions. Oh yes, the church ‘does’ approve pilgrimages. The prized site will soon be the most important Marian site on planet earth. To date, Medjugorje is the 2nd most visited Marian apparition site in church history. I respect the office of the Bishop. God appointed him as such, and for a reason. God has a plan for everyone. The current Bishop of Medjugorje does not believe in Fatima or Lourdes. No doubt he rejects his own place of interest. Working at a Diocese, I learned much about people’s personalities, attitudes, behaviors, differences of opinions, and everyday activities within an organization. Bishops are people too. We are blessed to have one of the most Orthodox Bishops in America. Bishops are men, they are not infallible. What makes a Bishop? Answer, it is a priest promoted and there is no special “Bishop school” to attend. They are handpicked by the nuncio. The Bishop in Pueblo has visited Medjugorje and BELIEVES in it firmly! It is estimated, over 40,000 priests and 2000 Bishops have visited Medjugorje in the last 31 years. No small task, for something that is considered, by some, as just ‘ordinary’. Big Fact #2: The church has never condemned Medjugorje! The Mother of God once stated, what she first started in Fatima (in 1917) she will end in Medjugorje. What an interesting comment considering widespread apostasy in our modern society. Fruits: The lines of confessions are rather long in Medjugorje. This is a norm in Medjugorje. However, much of the world has almost forgotten this Sacrament. Recall what Jesus said, “You shall know them by their fruits.” People are returning to the church in record numbers in Medjugorje – like no other place on earth! In 1991, I waited in line literally eight hours, yes, 8 hours. There is an overwhelming amount of graces given to those who embrace Our Lady, Queen Peace in Medjugorje. In 1982, a message was given at Medjugorje to one of the seers. The BVM stated The Church would undertake a great trial. The devil was given extra power and permission to enter it for a period of 1 century. Sounds like the ecstasy of Pope Leo XIII? Personally, I think the 100 year influence started in 1917 AD, not in the year 1900AD or 1901AD, the beginning of the 20th Century. Our modern society strives to ‘get it quick’, we are a society comprised of non-thinkers, a society, for the most part, that does not pray. The Blessed Virgin Mary stresses praying, fasting, converting, attend daily mass, and to recite the rosary. If it takes 30+ years to complete the work of Our Lady — so be it. Avoid embracing a Burger King mentality, “This place has tested my threshold of patience….I have decided to omit these seers due to their longevity”. Wow, what if Our Lord took the same approach to each one of us? The more things change the more they remain the same. Medjugorje is by far, the most vital Marian site on planet earth. I anticipate the devil, the father of lies, the great deceiver, to continue his work in keeping people from listening and acting upon the messages of Medjugorje, messages that only mirror the Gospel. I suggest embracing truth, pray, virtue, Sacraments, and to live out Our Lady’s messages of Medjugorje. God love ya.   Mystic Pos

Chimney Warnings & Cranberry-Bourbon Cocktails

      This round I am going to talk a little about fireplaces and wood burning stoves. This past year I got what I thought was good wood. Come to find out I was not, it was over saturated and old and when burning it put of so much creosote that it has rendered my stove non usable right now due to the flue being so clogged with this stuff that it created a fire in my liner, I am fortunate that it did not cause more damage than it did. No matter how much wood I pumped into it, it gave off very little heat. Thus I not only lost money on the wood but also on the heating bill as my heater worked overtime to make up the lack of heat the wood was not giving out. On top of it, we found out that my chimney (put in when the house was built in 1971, oh ya and the town considers this historic area? Say what? Don't bet me started on this one) was only about 6 inches above the roof line. So to get this whole project fixed, I had a mason come in and while securing the loose mortar we added over 2 feet to the hight of my chimney so it is almost 3 feet above the roof line. (todays standers) Next I am having to have the liner pulled (mind you only 3 years old) and a new liner put in with a new cap. And this year, I am going to use a wood vendor that my chimney specialist recommends and carries a good reputation, not just a good price, and hopefully will get back to lower winter utilities and a warmer more enjoyable house to be in. The moral of this story, be sure your chimney height is up to standards to help get a good draw and keep the smoke out of your house. Second, watch who you get your wood from, and if you suspect problems, don't wait till you have flames coming out of your chimney to have it checked out as it may be too late and you have bigger problems. Stay warm, and enjoy the winter season, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Business report: First up is an upcoming event at Kappy's Fine Wines & Spirits located at 333 Iyannough Rd or online at Hyannis.Kappy' Has a major upcoming event: Grand Whiskey Tasting at Kappy’s in Hyannis November 24 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. If you are a whiskey drinker, or have been interested in getting to know more about whiskeys this is the even for you. I will say right up front, Please be sure to bring a designated driver with you if you plan to partake, it just makes common sense. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving so mark your calendars and get ready for a great time.
      Next up, is Truro Vineyards has some hours of open operations change. They have posted: Truro Vineyards &
South Hollow Spirits, Winter Hours (beginning November 4th) Thursday - Saturday 11 - 5, Sundays 12 - 5. So for your holiday needs take a trip up the arm and go visit our friends at Truro Vineyards for your wine, rum and gin needs and while there take care of some of your Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanza needs. Find them on the web at or located in North Truro just past Atlantic Spice Company on 6A or 11 Shore Rd.
      And last but not least at all, Cape Cod Beer located at 1336 Phinneys Lane or online at As of this past Monday 11-5 they are now pouring one of my all time favorite beers Cranberry Harvest. It is a beer that embraces a tart, cranberry zing balanced with malty sweetness, just in time for the Thanksgiving season. There is so much going on at the brewery that there is not enough room for all. Just go to their events page and check it all out and sign up for their news letter so you are not missing out on anything. 
      Well, all these business are open year round, so check them out and know that they also are good supporters of our local communities. They are not just passive businesses but well involved with local farms, crafters, and artisans, looking to help promote those who work and live right here on Cape Cod. Thank you for your support as well. Have a great week.  
      Another roller coaster week with weather here on the cliffs of the Outer Cape. These rains and winds really do a number on our shoreline. Erosion is our number one issue for the actual cliffs and shore line, while shifting sand bars and channel openings are the concerns of our fishing industry and recreational boater (although we do not have that many this time of year). The other thing that these winds and rains do is wreak havoc on the shell fishing as the shifting sands tend to uncover and pull our delicious bi-valves out to sea, or worse burry them to deep to retrieve. I have had the beacon light set up with back up generators just for safety precautions. Thank heavens I did not need to use them at all. I think if it had been in the old days we would have gone through an extra tank of oil keeping that girl lit and burning. The fog horn has only been used a couple of times and I did that more for testing than necessity, need to be sure that old boy is in working order so when it is a necessity he is ready to go. Well, I appreciate the help of the volunteers that we had the beginning of this week to help make the change over to the Harvest & Thanksgiving season. We need to be reflecting all the bounties that we have been granted and remember our Indigenous People and tribes that helped the settlers make it those first years. We will be having harvest decorations and stations of Thanksgiving set up from now through Thanksgiving weekend. Then we will do the change around to the next Holiday season. The light house and beacon tower are now closed till somewhere between April 15th and May 1st depending on weather and things going on. However please remember that we will do special appointment groups and we are scheduling school kids visits throughout the school season. If you have to be out in some of these changing weather times, please be sure to have your radios turned to the local coast guard channels and to NOAA weather reports and be sure to pinpoint our beacon as a reference point for a safe return to Harbor. Now I think I have covered just about all I need to for now, Hope you stop by to see the new decorations and have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.        
      This time of year I love using cranberries in just about anything. Some people love love pumpkin, I love cranberries. So looking for simple cocktails using cranberry juice and ones that are more fitting to the cooler weather that my summer cranberry cocktails, (not cocktail juice, please use the real things). But what to pick? You have smashes, fizzes, twists and well just about any combination you can things of. But I have found a couple things that I have tried and they really do work. So I don't want to take credit for these as I am sure I came on them while thumbing through recipes. But give them a try, they are so simple that just about anyone can do these. Please remember to be a good host and don't let friends drink and drive and be a responsible consumer. A life is not worth another drink. Now on with the show. 
      Recipe #1 -  Cranberry-Apple
      1      part      Apple Bourbon
      1      part      Cranberry Juice
          splash      club soda (optional)
      Pour or build ingredients over ice and garnish with a few fresh cranberries and a wedge of lime
      Recipe #2 - Maple-Cranberry
      1      part      Maple Bourbon
      1      part      Cranberry Juice
   1/2      part      Orange Liquor 
      Pour or build ingredients over ice and garnish with a  slice of orange
      Recipe #3- Vanilla-Berry
      1      part      Vanilla Bourbon
      1      part      Cranberry Juice
          splash      club soda (optional)
      Pour or build ingredients over ice and garnish with a few fresh cranberries 
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Enjoying Fall 2018 & Stuffed Clams

   Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend, we fall back and get that extra hour of sleep. 
      Ever since I was a youngster, it was my dream to live on Cape Cod. We would come every summer for the month of August and put our toes down into the sand and just chill. I thought this is what everyone must do that live here all year round. As I got older I came to realize that, that was not the situation, but life was not different than any other place. Yet my love for the Cape continued to grow. I had not had to the abilities over the years to experience the winters here, I had not had the chance to see the leaves of New England, or the feel the winds of a NorEaster. Sure I have grown up with mid-western seasonal changes and they can be beautiful, and lived through the bitterness of blizzards coming our of Canada across soybean and corn fields. I attended a small farm community elementary school, that endured the lovely aroma from the cow barn across the street to the sulfur water rotting egg smell that was there year round at the water cooler. But the Cape is something different, New England's fall season is something like no other, and being able to experience walking the paths with all the turning leaves and experiencing cranberry harvests. Going clamming for the freshest clam chowder or sweetest soft shell steamers. Going fishing for Strippers and Blues or even Tuna. You can not do that just anyplace. I will say however that after have multiple back surgeries that I feel the barometer changes and humidity changes much more than when I first moved here. But for now as long as I can handle it, I will continue to live on the Cape year round, fulfilling my childhood dreams of calling Cape Cod my home. Oh we will talk about winter later on more in depth, I actually have a couple funny stories on those. But this is enough, for now. If you ever had a desire to live here, and have not experienced a fall season on the Cape, take the time to come visit us, we do not roll up all the carpets and there is still lots to do. The pace slows way down and it is a place to take deep breaths and enjoy what is around you, one day at a time, doing what needs done and just learning to enjoy life. I you have a great and wonderful, in all you do, but if you can do it right here on Cape Cod, and the more to you.   
      Business report: Ok, we still have a couple of our faithful seafood restaurants open and serving. One is Cook's Seafood on RT 132 in Hyannis. Cook's has some of the best fried clams on the Cape and has a wonderful clam chowder. They have daily specials and their regular menu of seafood and some things for those of you that done do seafood. Sometimes I forget that  not everyone either likes or can do seafood. So they keep this in mind so that the rest of the family has to do without just because of you. For more information and their hours through Thanksgiving weekend (cause after that you will need to wait till next season) check out their website at / or on facebook, twitter and instagram. 
      Another wonderful place I have heard is The Brewster Fish House located on 6A or 2208 Main Street, Brewster. I normally do not do a lot of promoting of restaurants I have not eaten at, at least once. But I have had many reports on this place from peers that I respect that I am confident that what they say is so. Check out their hours and menu on their website at / They are open for both Lunch and Dinner Wednesday through Mondays. I have heard outstanding reviews on their holiday offerings and as soon as they open the schedule to make reservations one should do so early. So if you are in for a special nice upper scale dinner this is the place you want to consider. Hope you enjoy. 
      Last but not least we leave the food world to one of my favorite all around shops, Just Picked Gifts, located at 13 Willow Street, Yarmouthport which is at the corner of Willow and 6A. They are an eclectic shop of gifts and house goods. They have a wonderful selection of holiday novelties for the cottage or home. And the thing I like best is that they do not charge and arm and a leg for their products. So you can afford to go in and shop for everyone off the Cape including Aunt Harriet who expects something from Cape Cod every year. The owner and his staff are friendly and wonderful to help find what you are in need of. One of the other things I like is they try to carry a nice selection of local goods as we. So as you start looking to finalize your holiday gift giving list check them out and be pleasantly surprised which all you can get at Just Picked Gifts.   
      Well I hope all of you are making it through this change in seasons. Halloween is officially now behind us and Thanksgiving is forthcoming. Now before anyone has a tizzy, the decorations and maze and all will be up through this weekend as I previously mentioned, since we lost part of last weekend. But come Monday we will be on full turnover to get this place picked up and turned around for Thanksgiving. No not Christmas yet, and although I know some of our sister light houses will be starting their December displays at Thanksgiving but we will stay with the season. So as far as the what we are all about here, you know, lighthouse stuff, I think it has been more exciting on land than on the high seas. Just remember this time of year that weather can turn quickly and seas can change without notice. Please stay in turn with the local Coast Guard and NOAA radio channels for the latest sea conditions. Our light is always lit and there to help guide you back into the harbor safely. I am hearing reports of Tuna strikes happening and several good size fish being taken. So if you're going be sure you are well prepared and have the right equipment and please be sure your radio is in working condition, I have had a few reports lately that folks got out and discovered their radios were not working. This is frightening to me and just a disaster waiting to happen. That's my guard stations PSA for the month, now back to our regularly scheduled programing. If any of our volunteers are available to help in clean up and change over on Monday please come on out as many hands make light. Well I know that this has been a real exciting report this week. But sometimes I like quiet as that allows me to get some rest. Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can did it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Now if you are a lover of seafood you will love these hot specialties. Whether you call them Stuffed Clams or call them Stuffies they are some of the best things you can make with Quahogs. There are some different ways to make them, without sausage and with or with other spiced meat along with the clams. The bread in some is specialty crafted bread to others that just use breadcrumbs. No matter how you serve them up they are usually a great big hit. So if you are up for it, this recipe is not that difficult and the fresher the Quahogs you can use the better. And these make a fantastic appetizers. Now before I get to hungry, let get on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Stuffed Clams
      1      doz      large quahogs
   3/4      cup      chopped onion
      1      can      mushrooms, small, drained and chopped
   1/4      cup      fat (best if bacon based)
      3      Tbsp    flour
      1      tsp       salt
                          pepper to taste
      2      Tbsp    butter, melted
   1/2      cup      dry bread crumbs
      Shuck clams. Chop or grind into small pieces. Save shells and wash thoroughly. Cook onion and mushrooms in fat on low heat; do not brown. Blend flour and seasonings. Add clams and cup or more of clam juice. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Fill greased shells (use a non-stick spray). Combine butter and crumbs; sprinkle over top of each shell. Broil for 10 minutes or until brown. If you have garnish with a small piece (or large) of bacon. Yum.

Blowing into the Lanyard

On a brisk windy October day when route 28's landscape reminded me of Vermont in fall without the mountains but the added attraction of picturesque beaches, we stop off in Harwich to try The Lannyard Bar and Grill. The building has gone through some changes in the past few years from the 400 East to Land Ho and now with some of the old decor of Land Ho promises to blend the connection between community and a local pub where you can feel at home with comfort foods. Their luncheon menu offers burgers,sandwiches and a few taco choices and the after 5pm menu offers some tempting entrees.I was a little disappointed that there were not entrees available for lunch as one of my lunceon companions has been having a few problems with diet restrictions. The waitress was awesome and willing to help us as we navigated the menu options. We started out with a warm cup of creamy Clam Chowder that had a hint of amber glow to it,but maintain its savory clam goodness. My guess was that a little beer or wine had been added to the chowder which enhanced the flavor a bit. I decided to build my burger which was an 8oz Angus Beef Burger griddled and served on a toasted sesame seed bun with bacon and grilled mushrooms. The burger was cooked to perfection with enough mushrooms and bacon to make this girl a "happy camper". Naomi my Reuben expert ordered the Corned Beef Reuben with sauerkraut, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese on pumpernickel bread and was quite pleased with her choice. Now Sue my friend with some diet limitations was ready for the Lobster Sub but they had run out of it so she decided on the Fish Tacos with broiled fish instead of fried. It was served with a side of rice which was basic and not extraordinary. I think she would had prefered to have tried one of the entrees instead with diet limitations the menu was alittle difficult because of this. They have daily specials and a variety of club sandwiches as well as fried pickles. Thanks to Lanyard and your waitstaff !!

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Work at Home on the Cape & Pumpkin Cheesecake

  I'm not sure if it is the weather change or if I am just run down physically or what but I have been having the toughest time getting motivated this week. On time of it all it has been a full moon this week which does not help with long hours in the office. Some say that working out of ones own house is the ultimate, while it does have it's advantages long hours in an office is still long hours in an office. Or my commute is like fifteen steps from my bed to my office chair and getting off the commute to the kitchen is about 20 steps. Usually when it is nice and I am working regular hours I have time after work to get out of the hours while there is still light shinning and I can enjoy seeing more than the 27 turkeys I had outside my office window the other day. I try to go out periodically and go meet the people that walk past the house everyday so I have more that just a passing face to identify with. I have several older folks (older than me that is) that do daily walks regardless of weather. I also have the dog walkers of all ages, and the funny thing is we know each others pets names than we do each others names. I know what time everyone leaves for work and what time they get home. I am the proverbial know it all of my neighborhood, but most don't mind as I am the first to know if something is no fitting or appropriate going on, or if there are issues happening and I make sure everyone on our streets knows everyone else and we keep an eye on each other. This is what makes living on the Cape such a joy is having folks around me that are fun to be around and that want to know each other. This is what I like so much about living on the Cape. Parts of New England, and the east coast can be very cold when it comes to people, but the Cape has different and open and caring people. So although I get stuck in my office sometimes I can wave to my neighbors, I can see what is going on around me and I can at least go raid my refrigerator when I am hungry without having to spend extra at the local shop or worse not get out of the office and just go hungry. LOL. So I will snuggle in my blanket, and relax in my office chair and type away at my work. Regardless of how I feel, what the weather is like outside, who is on the road, I can be comfy during my work times then get out of the house as soon as I'm done and enjoy whatever the Cape has to offer that day. 
      I hope you have a neighborhood and friends like I do, regardless of where you live, and I hope you are not fighting the changing weather or seasonal bugs. But if you are able and live here on the Cape take advantage of any down time and get out and enjoy this wonderful place, even with the changes happening. And if you live off Cape, give the weekend a try and come on out and get a relaxing weekend in, enjoying harvests, festivals, farmers markets or just wondering from town to town in and out of shops, or a rail trail or nature hike. The Cape has so much to offer, so have a great and wonderful wherever you are but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      So is the time for local business reports. It's been a while since I have gone over some of the pie shops on the Cape. With the holidays quickly approaching I think it would be good to reiterate some of the great local pie shops and bake shops we have here on the Cape so if you are either not handy at making pies or you just don't have the time you will know there is someplace close by that can help you out. 
      First up is Pie in the Sky in Woods Hole, find them online at, on facebook and at 10 Water St. This shop is more than a pie shop, it's a breakfast place, a lunch place and a coffee shop. They also carry a lot of other baked goods. Totally fun place to check out. 
      Second up is Centerville, find them online at or on facebook or at 1671 Falmouth Rd. If you are anywhere from Hyannis to Mashpee this is the place you want to check out for your pies. They have fresh pies and frozen pies and take and bake pies. They have savory pies and well as standard fruit, cream and specialty pies. If you don't see something, you can call them on a special order but I can assure you there will be no slice or crumb left of these pies if they even make it home. Check them out they have won awards and are wicked awesome. 
      Third, Marion's Pie Shop in Chatham, find them online at or facebook or at 2022 Main St (also known as RT 28). They have outstanding savory pies as well as the standard fruit, cream, custard and specialty pies. Marion's does more than just pies they do breakfast items and treats as they say as well as soups and sides. if your between Hyannis and Chatham check Marion's Pie Shop out for all you holiday pie needs or any other time of the year pie needs. How can pass up a great piece of pie anytime, no one. Yumm.    
      Well have we seen the last of the warm weather? I know the winds have been howling round the tower the last few days and I have been feeling it in my bones and these old muscles. The Full Harvest Moon has been giving the skies an eerie look casting long shadows across the cliffs and shimmering off the water and waves. At times I have felt the presents of spirits long past wandering the shore lines looking for loved ones and to complete business unfinished. As a wisp of a cloud passes over the moon you can almost hear the creek of a ship silently slipping it's was across a windless ocean only to look out and see nothing there. Are these waters haunted with the spirits of ships wrecks past, I really can't say, I suppose anything is possible to those who have a vivid enough imagination and a willing mind. Just don't too many of those who have been through the haunting woods trail, I have heard some strange tales already. We have been having some fantastic attendances these past couple of weekend. And really only this weekend and next left. I have heard roomers of rain, but I am holding my breath not, so we can have a great time for all who come. Well the time has come and gone and so must I, to tell the tales of sailors old and ships that pass in the night. Well you will have to come to the bonfire story time for more. Have a great and wonderful Halloween especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.
      Ok I am not one of these gotta have pumpkin in everything I eat or drink this time of year. I like pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and an occasional piece of pumpkin cheesecake. Keep it out of my drinks, and I'm not one for pumpkin ice cream. pumpkin cookies I could take or leave but pumpkin custard can be enjoyed once or twice a season. So I do this recipe cause it's the season, and I know some people just crave pumpkin this time of year. So this comes from a reliable source, another one of them church group pot luck cookbooks and so if this is your thing and just have not found a good recipe, please give this one a try and hope you enjoy. Now on with the show.
      This week's recipe: Pumpkin Cheesecake
      1      cup      graham cracker crumbs
      1      cup      chopped walnuts
   1/4      cup      firmly packed dark brown sugar
   1/2      tsp       cinnamon
   1/2      cup      unsalted butter, melted
      3      8oz      cream cheese softened
      1      cup      sugar
      4      each    eggs
   1/2      cup      all-purpose flour
      1      tsp       cinnamon
   1/2      tsp       nutmeg
      1      cup      canned pumpkin
      1      tsp       vanilla (real)
      Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a medium bowl, combine crumbs, nuts, sugar and cinnamon, mix in butter. Pat mixture into bottom of a 9 inch springform pan
      In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy, gradually add sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each. Mix in flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Add pumpkin and vanilla, blending well. Pour into a prepared crust; Bake 10 minutes. Lower temperature to 325 degrees and bake 1 hour longer or until a cake tester comes out clean. Turn off oven. 
      Let cake stand in oven with door closed 20 minutes. Remove to wire rack and cool. Chill at least 2 hours before serving. 
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Hyannis Youth & Community Center - October 21-27

The Hyannis Youth & Community Center is ready for the Fall!  We are gearing up for some end of season volleyball action this week and some favorite seasonal events!  Students can look for the Winter Program Brochure in their backpacks next week and mark your calendar for the first day of registration on Tuesday, November 6th at 8:30 AM to be sure and have the best chance of getting a spot in popular programs like Babysitting, Lego Engineering, Street Hockey, Learn to Skate and more!  For listing of the public activities scheduled to take place next week at the Hyanis Youth & Community Center, please click here.

The Barnstable Youth Commission in partnership with the Barnstable Police Department Community Impact Unit will be holding a Community Substance Abuse Prevention Forum on Wednesday, October 24th at 6:30 PM in the Shepley Room at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center.  Barnstable’s Channel 18 interviewed Recreation Director Patti Machado and Barnstable Youth Commission Chair Matthew McCauley.  Here is the link to that interview:  Should you have questions about the forum, please contact Sgt. Jennifer Ellis at [email protected]

Friday, October 26th 4:30-7:00 PM is the annual HYCC Halloween Carnival & Skate!  Test drive your costume and have fun with your friends and family.  There will be a costume contest, fun games with prizes off the ice, plus spooky music, props and lights for ice skating fun!  Bring your own skates or rent a pair of our brand new ones!  We have all sizes from Tots to Adults in both figure skates and hockey skates.  See you then!



Falling in Love Again with Chapin's Restaurant

Nothing like a good crisp day at the beach and today we ventured off to Chapin's Beach in Dennis. It's somehow comforting watching the waves and listening to the peaceful sounds of nature. For me Cape Cod offers something very special in the fall, as I drive along route 6a I am blessed with the foliage that sings of life in new england, magestic beaches and specialty shops with true treasures for the eclectic collector. Our explorations lead to a hunger that was well satisfied at Chapin's Restaurant on 85 Taunton Avenue which is just off of route 6a in Dennis. The restaurant is spacious with a cozy modern Cape Cod Cottage influence and with just the proper acoustics to be able to converse with your dining companions. My friend Sue ordered her usual cup of Clam Chowder and was quite pleased with its savory creamy blend of pure new england goodness. As usual I tried a Baked Stuffed Quahog with their own specially prepared stuffing . It was a pure bread stuffing with a good fresh clam taste and just a little kick of spice from the linguica and a little tomato flavor to make it a stand out for me. I have been to Chapin's Restaurant on many occassions and they have never let me down. Sue ordered the Baked Seafood Combo which was prepared with two jumbo shrimp, broiled scallops and cod with seasoned bread crumbs. The presentation was every bit as good as the taste as we lost Sue for a few moments. My friend Naomi tried the Chicken, Broccoli & Penne which was sauteed chicken tenderloins tossed with garlic, broccoli, Romano cheese and penne pasta. Garnished with a fresh tomato basil blend. It was delicious and freshly prepared with just the right blend of flavors to make it a savory taste. I tried the Cape Mixed Grill which was a  perfect medley of steak tips, jumbo shrimp, and salmon. Served with tavern sauce and wasabi cucumber sauces. It was beyond my expectations and the presentation did not do justice to the all theflavors in the dish. I was surprised by the wasabi cucumber as it was light with a predominate cucumber flavor and a little kick of wasabi. It was all delicious and the wait staff were awesome. If you have not been then you have to try Chapin's Restaurant and yes they do have a gluten free menu as well as some good mexican choices and  great sandwiches. Thanks for a Great Dining Experience !!!!

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Life Continues on Cape Cod & Tuna Chowder

   The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are starting to fall and not come back to where we have been accustomed to having them. There is talk of frost on the pumpkin, for real, and the smell of leaves burning and fire pits and fire places going. You actually need a jacket going out and some would say a nice sweeter, but I'm not a sweeter person at this point in my life. I am finding that since my back surgeries the cooler air and changing barometer are not as kind to me as it once was and the impending winter season that I used to look forward to and not really bother me a bit, well that's a story in change and I'm not even 60 yet. And now on top of it all I need to find someone new to get a flue liner into my chimney as the one I have is out of commission due to bad wood that I got. Someone did not care what they were giving their customer and just scooped up what was left sitting at the bottom of the pile in the mud in the standing water and I was the lucky son of a gun. Not only did I not get heat last year but the creosote is so thick I can not ever use the liner any longer. So I need to replace the liner, and the guy who put in the last one has raise his prices so much you would think I live in a house that was worth 7 figure or that I make a 6 figure salary. So I guess unless I can find someone quickly no firebox for me this year. Oh well. Life we think sometimes only happens to us, that others certainly don't have these problems. And that is why I write, to share the frustrations of life sometimes so that someone else realizes they are not the only ones having issues or problems. And I am not here to complain about life but just share so that someone else can get encouragement that someone else is leaving to live with inconveniences that they would rather not. Life on the Cape is all paradise, right? Well, reality is, we still have to pay the mortgage, still pay the insurance bill, pay the taxes, put food on the table and put in 8-10 hours of work a day. We do get to see the sun set over the Cape Cod Bay or over Bass River (which is an inlet by the way) or Buzzards Bay. I know I have talked about this in the past and will continue to share living the dream here on the Cape, as some will boo hoo, folks that move here than realize it's really no different than living any place else, we just have some extra perks, like high winds, hire cost in housing, favorite restaurants that are only open for 3-4 months and the list goes on. So why live here, why put up with the quirks and irritations. This time of year there are the sunsets, there is the seafood, there are the nature trails, there are whale sightings from the cliffs of Wellfleet and Truro, there are lighthouses to go visit, there are historical places that due things up for the holidays, there are strolls there are, tell me when to stop. And if you really do have to leave the Cape, within a couple hours drive there is Rhode Island, the Berkshires, New Hampshire and Vermont, Maine, Boston, Plymouth, and again the list goes on. So life on the Cape encompasses so much beautiful, nature, community, It has it's faults, changing weather, being the biggest, and limited heat from limited sun angles. You need to be fairly hearty to really make through the winter, although todays Cape Codder is nothing compared to years gone by. But with endurance and patient's and persistence you will be able to experience all that Cape Cod has to offer not just one season, but all seasons of the year. A flew that needs replaced seems so small to everything else. It will happen I am sure, I may be thin on wood and have to learn to like sweaters, but I will not lose my love for old Cape Cod. Hope to see you seen.              

      Small business report, I have a big one but it only has 4 more weekends, as they are a seasonal ( and I mean cranberry seasonal) business. That is Annies Crannies, find on line at, or on  Scarsdale Road across from the Dennis House off Whig Street in Dennis. The gift shop will be open from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sundays for the 5 weekends starting on Columbus Day weekend, October 6th. If you see Annie's Crannies signs on 6A, we are open. They may not be the easiest to find but when you get there you know you are getting the real deal. They do, do a tour each day at 11 but please email Annie or call her to confirm the time. They also have a store where you will not buy cranberries anywhere else any fresher than what she is offering, cause she harvested them that day. She also has other products available and there is an online store that you can order her products from as well if you can get to the farm physically. So get to Dennis on 6A and find your way on Whig to Scarsdale Rd and across from the Dennis House look for the sign to Annies Crannies. 
      While in Dennis, you could do lunch or brunch at Scargo Cafe, super yummy, I love this place. Grace staff and even better food. Then wonder across the street to the Nancy's Candy Shop and take some delicious chocolates to go. or visit the Pottery shop or if you need a good coffee or you are looking for breakfast or a lighter lunch there is the Underground Cafe located behind the Post Office. Take your time and drive up and down 6A and stop into so many fun shops from one end to the other. But please don't stop in the middle of the road with other cars behind you trying to make up your mind where you want to go, pull into the parking lot and then decide.  
      Welcome one and all to one of several beacons in the night here on the Cape. Yes folks, as night time falls earlier and earlier the beacons along the coastline of Cape Cod becomes very important. Both fisherman/fisherwomen leaving early in the morning or coming back later afternoon need that site guide to help them find the opening of the ever shifting channels and tides, along with staying out far enough to avoid the seal population before making that turn into the harbor. We also support those freighters scooting off the coast of Cape Cod on their from Canada or Maine down to New York or Baltimore or even before turning east to head across to Europe or the Mediterranean Sea even though they use more GPS satellite guidance systems. And let's not forget the cruise ships that come passing through the the Cape Cod Canal going both ways north and sough hitting all the tourist spots they use us as landmarks to stay on track along with the digital guidance systems they use. Anyway we are in great demand along with aircraft pilots using us, now again that is more smaller private planes but that is were all the airport beacons came from is from us lighthouse towers. Any way with the shifting and changing winds September through January have been some of the harder months for ships over the years for wrecks. So again our beacons and horns are most important. Now for a quick update on the Fall Harvest / Halloween festivities. This past weekend we were packed to the gills, what a fun time we had. Weather for the most part played our direction and we picked up many who after going to the Oyster festival stopped by our place on the way back. The maze was doing its wonderful job of confusing the heck out of people, the bond fire was going, and the hot cider, donuts and other goodies we barely had enough. And towards the end had a few reports of some haunting sightings. But I am not going to get into that as there are some skeptics out there and you will just have to come find out for yourself. So I hope to see you over the next couple weekends while it lasts. Well that's about it for now, have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.       
      Now as we are in a full on change of seasons this week, what better time to get the chowder pots going. This time of year one of the fish that run is tuna and from what I've heard it is as exciting if not more than catching a marlin or swordfish. But what is even more exciting is eating fresh tuna, regardless of how it is prepared, whether in sushi, or grilled or as we are going to see chowder. So get out the pots, check the list twice to be sure you have it all, I usually don't like a lot of ingredients but it really is not as bad as it looks, and is evening easier to prepare. So get them chowder pots out and let's get to it. 
      This week's recipe: Tuna Chowder
      4      Tbsp    butter
   1/4      cup      chopped celery
      1      cup      chopped onion
      1      cup      diced potatoes
1 1/4      tsp       salt
   1/4      tsp       pepper
   1/4      tsp       thyme
   1/4      tsp       dill weed (dill not the other weed)
      2     Tbsp     flour
      1      can      stewed tomatoes (8 oz)
      3      cups    milk
      1      can      tuna, drained (6.5 oz) (or go fresh)
      2      Tbsp    minced parsley
      1      cup      Monterey Jack Cheese - shredded
      Saute celery, onion, and potato in butter for about 15 minutes. Stir ion salt, pepper, herbs and flour. Add tomatoes, milk, tuna (cooked if you are using fresh and shredded) and parsley. Heat, stirring until chowder is thickened and comes to a boil. Stir in cheese.   That's it, nothing more to it, have fun, eat healthy, and eat well.