Sox Take Pennant; NFL Week 7 Schedule, Lines, Picks; High School Round-Up

Red Sox Eliminate Detroit, Await St. Louis...

The Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series after a thrilling 5-2 win over the Detroit Tigers Saturday night.

Shane Victorino hit a grand slam in the 7th inning made all the difference, and Detroit Rock City never recovered. It was the second time those suckas were done in by the Salami, and I enjoyed each one mightily.

We will play the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. Game 1 is Wednesday night, at Fenway Park. Boston swept St. Louis in 2004 to end an 86 year World Series drought.


10/20 1:00 ET New England -3.5 At NY Jets 43.5

The Pats may be getting Rob Gronkowski back, although he is likely looking limited. If they do play him, they'll most likely use him to prop up their 30th of 32 teams red zone offense. That alone makes me think that we can beat the crummy Jets by more than 3.5 friggin' points. A win would open up a nice lead in the AFC East for the Pats.

Pats, 27-17

10/20 1:00 ET San Diego -7.5 At Jacksonville 45.5

Jacksonville may win this one, just to screw up the standings some. I don't actually feel that enough to bet on it, but I have this nagging feeling. I can't even bet them beating the spread, so I'll go for the over/under and hope that doing so quiets the voices.

San Diego, 21-13


10/20 4:25 ET At Kansas City -6.5 Houston 39.5

Who-ston was being spoken of as a Super Bowl contender right up until, in his 8th year or so, they figured out that Matt Schaub can't play QB in this league. Don't get me wrong... if I was rounding up a Powderpuff game, he'd be like my first or second choice (Some of the girls from my era are in the dreadnought class), and we'd probably start him. However, I'm not sold on Kansas City yet, and this would be a funny L to hang on them.

Houston, 21-20

10/20 1:00 ET At Detroit -2.5 Cincinnati 47

The Lions and the Bengals are historically inept, and- even though they're good this season- there's a chance that both team buses get lost or hijacked and neither team makes the game. They could just pick people out of the stands to play... a good GM would relish the chance to do an off-the-cuff draft from 70000 possible players. If you put the camera on the crowd, it'd be a bunch of fat guys yelling, "I played backup tackle in high school!"

Detroit, 14-10

10/20 1:00 ET At Miami -7.5 Buffalo 43

That is a mighty large point spread for what I see as a very average Miami team. That makes me think Buffy, although I only feel Buffy covering the spread. Buffalo, you see, is a below-average team.

Miami, 17-13

10/20 1:00 ET At Washington PK Chicago 50

I like Chicago, I love the spread, and I despise the over/under with the intensity of 1000 white-hot suns.

Chicago, 20-17

10/20 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -3 Dallas 55.5

Maybe a few of the Dallas players died this week, because I have no idea how they aren't favored over an ugly Philly squad. I don't even think Dallas is that good, but they're a point better than Philthydelphia.

Dallas, 28-27


10/20 1:00 ET At Carolina -7 St. Louis 42

Cam Newton will either get 35 fantasy points, or throw 3 interceptions and lose the game himself... and perhaps even God doesn't know how to tell which one is coming any given week.

St. Louis, 19-17


10/20 1:00 ET At Atlanta -6.5 Tampa Bay 43

If you told anyone that, by week 5, Tony Gonzalez would be poor-kid-at-Christmas-wishing to go back to recently 2-14 Kansas City from one-play-from-the-Super-Bowl Atlanta... well, to be honest, sh*t like that happens now and then, so no one would swoon or anything. Fortunately, Tampa just tore the heart out of their recent rebuilding effort by ridding themselves of their franchise QB, so everything should balance out some.

Atlanta, 21-14


10/20 4:05 ET San Francisco -3.5 At Tennessee 41

There appears to be some great advantage to playing in Tennessee that I am unable to visualize. Whatever it is, the mob feels that San Francisco is less than 4 points better than a lucky-to-be .500 Titans brood. I'd laugh at them, but they have taken a lot of my money over the years. However, I'm perfectly happy moving that decimal point over a place, or mistaking the over/under for how many Frisco gets.

SF, 41-6


10/20 4:25 ET At Green Bay -9.5 Cleveland 46

I won't move the decimal point ever on this one, but I would be comfortable adding 9.5 to that 9.5.

GB, 38-20


10/20 4:25 ET At Pittsburgh -2.5 Baltimore 40.5

I'm not taking that rotten Pittsburgh team I've seen this year over the Super Bowl champs, even if the champs are struggling.

Ravens, 28-24


10/20 8:30 ET Denver -6.5 At Indianapolis 57

Indy has knocked off some heavyweights... but notice that Peyton Manning's former owner sort of pulled Peyton Manning's ho card this week. That owner knows that Peyton gags on big games, so he's trying to make this a bigger game for Manning in order to elicit said gag reflex. That's the work of a man who knows in his heart that Peyton Manning is straight pup ussy. Unfortunately, any team that plans to cover Wes Welker with Darius Butler is going to lose by 35.

Denver, 54-19


Monday Night Football Line
10/21 8:40 ET At NY Giants -3.5 Minnesota 47

The Giants are 0-6 or so, but they're also only 3 games back in a division Michael Vick and Tony Romo play. They can come back, and a night spent smacking Josh Freeman around on national TV could start their momentum up. I do wonder what the "X" is in a "We'll give you Stevan Ridley and X for Adrian Peterson" scenario that Minnesota says yes to. "X" may equal "Cape Cod," and that scares me.

NYG, 28-7


Last Week: 4-10

This Week: 1-0

YTD: 46-45


High School Scores


D-Y 48, Falmouth 0

D-Y was in there like swimwear. Spencer "For Hire" Tyler and Corey Desimone each rang up 3 TDs.


Marshfield 32, Sandwich 13

Marsh Vegas has themselves a Sammich.


#8 Barnstable 20, #5 B-R 14

Hayden Murphy busted a 48 yard TD with a minute left to win it for Barney. Actually, make that "Hayden 'Motherf***ing' Murphy." Throw in a loss by #6 St John's Prep, and Barney could be Top 5 now.


Old Rochester 56, Wareham 8

Crikey, Wareham may need to go to the hospital-type OR after this whipping. 


Apponequet 56, Bourne 6

You know you had a bad game if the kids from the next town can taunt you with "Ha ha...  we only lost by 48."


Mashpee 56, Monomoy 38

If you took the Over on that 95 point over/under for this defensive strugle ....well, sorry about that.


Plymouth North 20, Nauset Nada

Christian Carr, which sounds like a crossword-pussle hint for the Popemobile, brought two touchdowns to the party. Nauset got snuffed by both Plymouth teams in two weeks.

Nantucket 28, Old Colony 6

Keenan "Ivory" Phillips banged home two TDs for the Whalers. Nanny improved to 3-3.


Upper Cape 42, Holbrook/Avon 6

UCT had a rough early season, but they are back in full force now. John Dumont and Dylan Derby combined for 220 yards rushing and 5 TDs.


This Week: 14-5

YTD: 83-42

For All Writers



"Free" Event at Braintree’s Thayer Library


    Don’t know how to start your writing project?  Have you already started but it’s not working out the way you want?  Have you finished a final draft but can’t find an agent or publisher?  Or wondering how to market your published work? Would you like advice and support from experienced writers?  Or simply chat with others who share your interests, frustrations, obstacles, and successes?

Time and Place:  Saturday, September 29th,  from 11 am to 2 pm, Authors Without Borders is partnering with the Thayer Public Library to hold a free, public Meet & Greet— for writers who are published, unpublished, aspiring, or just interested in learning more.  The library is located at 798 Washington St., Braintree, MA 02184.

    Authors Without Borders began in 2007 as a regional consortium of four authors who came together to market their books and assist other writers in the difficulties of writing and navigating the rocky road to publication and beyond. 

    Founding members include published authors Pat Perry of Fairhaven, MA (fantasy), Willie Pleasants of Dorchester (poetry and short stories), Alberta Sequeira of North Dartmouth, MA (memoirs and Narrative Non-Fiction), Joyce Keller Walsh of Lakeville, MA (mysteries and plays).

    AWB does workshops, presentations, produce and hosts the NBTV-95 Cable T.V. show in New Bedford titled, “Authors Without Borders Presents.”  The group interviews writers, artist, and publishers.  AWB also has an Associate Members program which includes writers with a diversity of interests. 

    See our website  ( for additional information on members, services, and events. Check our other website at You can contact us at [email protected].

The Thayer Library is providing free refreshments for this meeting. To register (so the Library can estimate the number of refreshments needed), please contact Laurie Cavanaugh, Circulation Librarian at (781) 848-0405. The library’s website is








Cape Living & Ponderings / & Waldorf Salad

        Life is a beach sometimes and others it's a real beach. As may of you know the beach can be a beautiful and wonderful place filled with warm sunshiny feelings and experiences. Sometimes you find you way to the beach only to find it cold, dark and unforgiving. You wonder sometimes what brought you out into this awful stuff as the winds howl across baron dunes and deems to whip sand in your face as if you laugh at such a fool. Other times even when it is cold it can be an interesting place with ice bergs being pushed up onto the sand and being left to create their own islands where non existed before, then just a few days later like a silent mystery they are all gone. Likewise the summer in all it's glory of warm sun and warm waters be a place of mystery with deep sea creatures coming near the shore line, or staying there too long only to get burned in many unwanted ways. I love to go to the beach and the waters edge in both the summer and the winter and ponder the things of the universe, the things of life, the things that have been, the things that could be. Conversations with the one who I call my creator, my maker, my inspiration asking the questions that many of us have. Seeing the vastness of all that is and asking so many whys, and most of the responses have to do with the choices I have made in life. What about? have you looked down and counted the number of grains of sand under your feet, or looked up as you stood on the beach in the evening and counted the number of stars. What about looked out over the waters and wondered how many drops of water fill the oceans or fish fill it's depths. I do not regret moving the Cape at all, I would not want to call any other place home more than this place as long as I am able to. But sometimes you wonder and ponder while feeling the sand under your toes, or feeling the howling icy winds in your face. The beach can be a beautiful place, it can also be your worst enemy. The Cape is one of those wonders that has allowed poets and philosophers write of love and tragedy, and the depth of space to the vastness of the oceans. Artists have tried to convey the beauty and the emptiness of lonely dunes and street filled villages. Of cottages filled with laughter and frivolity to empty boxes lining the horizon with specked colors wondering what tomorrow brings. Life is a beach, changing landscapes with shifting sands, exposing hidden treasures and wrecked ambitions. There is beauty in her and there is are the not so pretty aspects of her. Living life on the Cape can have it's pluses and minuses, it's beauties and it's questions, its warming sands under the feet or its cold howling winds slapping you in the face. Sometimes it's great to be lying on the beach soaking in the sun, while others when you think all is good and right end up burned in too many wrong places. Life on the Cape I would not change it for much else, but sometimes when pondering gets deep, well, the ocean seems so shallow at times. The Cape a mysterious lady, do we really understand her, do we really appreciate her, do we really,,,,,    Do you? Are you? Live life to its fullest, and may the beaches of your like not end up being the beaches of your life. And may the beaches of Cape Cod find more warm sunshine under your toes than ice covered jetties with howling winds pelting icy salt water pellets in your face. You wonder at times what some of us who live thing and do and wonder. Does everyone think this way, Heck no and we are thankful for that cause nothing would ever get done, that need done, like transfer station workers, road repair crews, nurses and doctors and more. But from time to time I am sure we all ponder some of these those, as we stand on Cape beaches at different times of the year. Well have a great and wonderful and may your thoughts and ponderings be soothing of the Cape and not keep you up all night. Until we see you again, right here on old Cape Cod.           

Instead of a pure business report this week I am going to do a few reminders of things that are still open and happening that families and couples or singles can do around the Cape this time of year. First up are the whale watching trips out of Provincetown. These boats have the shortest trip to Georges Bank area and whale watching areas and always are a wonderful experience for all ages. Check local guide books for coupons to help fray the cost, but it is well worth the time and money. It has been a few years since we went on one but the last time we went out it was one of the most memorable times we had gone. While you are up that way, take the time after your excursion to go gallery and shop hopping. there is much to see and good eats all over P'town. Something else that is still open are several of the miniature golf courses. Again check your guides for coupons. There are barely any lines, at least during the week and a great time to get out and just enjoy being outdoors having fun. Next would be the rail trails, whether you take your bikes, or walk or blade, these are wonderful trails that allow you to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors and to see some of the Cape's natural settings. There are also nature trails from one end of the Cape to the other along with the National Park system that you can explore the Cape's landscapes and all that it has to offer in the fall. Also we are coming up on cranberry harvest season, so keep you eyes open and stayed in tune with different farms to when they will be doing harvesting if you have never seen one it is something to watch. Also the weekend of the 15-16 of September is the Harwich Cranberry Festival so done miss it, as this is the big, big, big one. On the restaurant scene, go check out those that are season only and still open through Columbus Day, cause once they close, you wont see them till about Memorial Day, but then again, we have so many good year round places to eat at, and without the lines you will have to pace yourself not to go broke or put on 100 extra pounds, and many of them start off season specials that are wonderful. Well happy naturing, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      Welcome back folks, I hope you are enjoying this fall unpredictable weather, cool one day and hot the next. Sunshine one minute and rain showers the next, but it is still Cape Cod and it is still beautiful no matter what the weather might be. Now the week visits have diminished greatly of tourists and as of this coming weekend we will shut down the week day open house. However we will continue to accept special by appointment tours from tour buses and specialty groups, as well as seeing our school kids of all ages. We love having the kids here and getting to talk about the history of the life saving station and the light tower. Showing them how the lamp room and the beacon has changed from the original lens and wick and whale oil lamps to the widely used Fresnel lens, until the modernization movement to update to the digital age and the current beacon system we have in place today. Did anyone realize that at one time there was a thought that lighthouses would no longer be needed? How silly a thinking was that? Sure many if not all the large seagoing vessels today have satellite and digital navigation systems but many of our smaller crafts do not and need that visual landmarks to help guide them along the shores and into safe harbors. We get to tell them of all the ship wrecks up and down the coast of the outer Cape and those that made it and sadly those that did not. And of course there is always some kind of treat going on that the Mrs has been baking. Well that's about another wrap to it, we will be open starting this weekend only on the weekends through Columbus Day weekend. So if you live here, great time to come out and see us and if you are visiting please make a point to stop in and see all that is going on. Until then, have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      I love fruit salads and this is one of the old time classics that just doesn't stop. However unless you really know what the name is trying to find a recipe sometimes is rather difficult. So if you already know this old time favorite great just chalk it up it as a confirmation that it is still around. If you don't have it well here it is, it is simple it is old school simple, tasty and fairly healthy. As always, take this recipe and add, take away, change up. Try using different varieties of apples to suit your taste, make it your own and enjoy this classic fall apple salad. Now before I start drooling all over the keyboard let's get this show on the road. 
      This week's recipe: Waldorf Salad
      2      cups      diced apples
      1      cup        diced celery
   1/2      cup        raisins 
   1/2      cup        diced walnuts
   1/4      cup        mayonnaise
      1      tsp         lemon juice
                            salt and pepper to taste.   
      Combine all ingredients and mix then salt and pepper to taste. The amount of mayo can be altered to ones taste just do it in small increments. You may also want to substitute grapes for raisins and some recipes use grated carrot in theirs. 
      So have fun with this one and enjoy. 
      Come join me for weekday morning fun at some laughts some support, some yucks and more. it's short, it's sweet sometimes and has some ideas for some did you know today is also,,, what's celebrating this week or month. Would love to have you join me. 

Searching for an Agent or Publisher

The Rusty Years Title
(cover may be different if picked up by a publisher)

Finally, after a good year, my first fictional series of The Rusty Years: A Remembrance of Being Young is completed. I sent my first query letter out to an agent of choice. Hopefully, the topic will be what interest her. She was looking for historical fiction, and especially, work featuring female characters, about families and friends, with unique narrative voices, I hope my story will interest her. 

The Rusty Years follows three friends, Jenny Rossini, Rita Costa, and Kathleen Perry, as they come of age and begin to find their way in the world during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Tragedy haunts the girls as they navigate complicated family dynamics, the workplace, romance, the mob, and a rapidly changing world.

I’d like to get this into a sequel. If it takes a third book, I will make it a series.  I’m confident the ending will have my readers shocked.  After three memoirs, Narrative Non-Fiction, and three handbooks from my writer’s workshops, I want my followers to see a lighter side of me.

I will keep you posted if a get a nibble with the query.  If no interest comes, my next action will be to self-publish again but I feel so different from this story. 

So my followers, and past readers hang in for an interesting, different and enjoyable saga about to unfold. 

Alberta Sequeira

Hyannis Youth & Community Center - September 9-15

Fall program registration continues for Barnstable residents only until Wednesday, September 12th when Non-residents can begin to register for programs that still have openings.  Although most still have space available, here are a list of full programs:  Babysitting, Lego Robotics, Mountain Biking and Beginner Pickleball.  For a list of all the programs with descriptions, and to register online, please visit  All programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and minimum participation requirements are needed in order for the program to run.  So please sign up for those you want to participate in early!


Coming up next weekend, from Friday, September 14th – Sunday, September 16th,  the Yarmouth Ice Club is hosting the US Figure Skating National Solo Dance Final Competition at the HYCC which will bring more than 500 competitors of all ages and skill levels, their coaches and families to the Hyannis area for practice and 28 competitive solo dance performances in pattern, shadow, and combined categories to thematic programs such as Swing Dance, Fox Trot, Rhythm and Blues and various Waltzes.  The weekend is sure to delight all who attend with the beautiful costumes, music and pageantry combined with artistic precision and athleticism of figure skating!  Tickets are available at the door and a complete schedule with more information about the event is available at

Smooth Sailing at Captain Scott Restaurant

For over 50 years Captain Scott's has been serving seafood favorites and mediterranean specilaities on Tupper Road in Sandwich with the ambience of a cozy Cape Cod bungalow and the occassional sounds of a Cape Cod Train as they make their way to the canal. It all serves as a pleasant reminder of just where you are dining and a comfortable feeling of being a traveler on a journey filled with new experiences. The owners of Captain Scott's make it affordable with Lunch and Dinner Specials that change daily. For a $14 an exploring diner can enjoy a choice of salad, entree and dessert with some great choices of Baked Stuffed Scrod, New England Meatloaf, Swordfish Tips over Rice, Greek Style Pork Chops, Greek Styled Chicken and Shrimp Scampi just to name a few. By the menu selections, a diner can tell that their specialty is Greek food and if you are adventerous you should try some of their Greek specilities. As you know I like trying new restaurants or places that I have not yet visited and it has left me with not just one favorite restaurant but many places I like to visit on my travels around Cape. Captain Scott's was a pleasant stop on our way to the canal and the menu gave us lots of choices for all food lovers as well as a good Gluten free Menu. We started with a cup of Clam Chowder for my seafood loving friend and I tried  the Lobster Bisque which were both delicious and all that they had promised with a rich creamy flavorful seafood base. The Bisque had a light sherry flavor with nice bits of lobster and the chowder was rich in clams and potatoes. The salad that came with my friend Sue choice proved to be a garden fresh prelude to her Ocean Fresh Swordfish Tips served over a bed of rice with a light lemon dill sauce to enhance the overall flavor. I tried a Stuffed Quahog which in presentaion was awesome on a bed of lettuce with rings of hot peppers, cocktail sauce and warm butter but the flavor of the stuffing was dull as it had not, as I believe been infused by the broth of the clams. It was good but needed the kick of the clam broth to really make it come alive. I had the Baked Stuffed Shrimp and Scallops which were delicious and cooked to perfection with a creamy sherry based sauce but the stuffing was as dull as the stuffing from the quahog with no rich seafood flavor. My non seafood loving friend tried one of the daily specials which was an Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich which fries which she claims are the best on Cape Cod. She totally loved her sandwich and it was all it had promised and more. For the rare person who loves smelts I encourage you to come here as Captain Scott's really does extremely well with delicious fried seafood choices and offers a Smelt Plate. My friend orderer her's to go for a later dining experience. They have great choices like the Althena Sandwich which is Golden Fried Haddock Topped with Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach, and Melted Feta Cheese on Toasted Panini Bread and lots more dinner choices. The serve is friendly and the restaurant is cozy and comfortable. I will be visiting them again as I see there are lots of choices and I am looking forward to trying something Greek. I also look forward to trying their Seafood Chowder which includes Fresh Clams, Scrod, and Sole in a Creamy Mix of Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder. Thanks Captain Scott !!

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[email protected]


Weekend Wonderings & Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

       One thing that I was so unaware of before I made the Cape my permanent home was just how beautiful and wonderful the Cape is during September and October. I had heard how gorgeous the leaf peeping was in New England, I had heard how fabulous the North Coast was and all the wonderful food. I had heard of the festivals and fairs. But the Cape, takes a lot of that and adds in the sugar of empty beaches with warm waters and cool evening breezes. Ok so there are a few years in there that summer did not know when to stop but overall, there is a change of seasons that is not as fast as the Northern Kingdom and becomes more pleasant than the mid-west. The wine trail is at it's peak with the grapes coming into their own and apple orchards bring in their bushels to make cider, hard cider. But the Cape has most of this or are within a days trip to any of these than to come "home" to that beautiful fall sunset is like no other. Cape Cod in the second season, late summer, early fall, is like no other and one has to experience to understand it all. This Saturday I may take a drive up route 6A and visit some of the bookstores still there and see what I might find. Then find a nice place to enjoy a light lunch or early dinner and a good brew and a place to watch some football. Or maybe find a farm market or two and get some fresh fruits and backed goods. Or maybe find a nature walk or a dune stroll, or visit a lighthouse, or,, so many things to do such a short time to do it. So what are you doing this fall here on Cape Cod, if you had really never given it a thought maybe you should, it's a more happening place than you realize. Have a great day in all you do especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      There are farms all over the Cape, and in each area has it's own set of unique farms. After going to the Brewster Farmers Market I have a couple to nope that if you are in the Harwich area will want to check out. First is Hemeon's Farm, just off Banks Rd. in Harwich Port. They veggies was well as customer woodworking. Interesting combination but it works for them. 
   Next in the area is Pleasant Lake Farm on Birch Dr, certified Organic Veggies if that is your concern, they also do beef, Pork and eggs. Check out their facebook page at This is the time that veggies are all reaching their peak so get them fresh from the farm while you can. 
   Also in the Lower Cape area is Checkberry Farms off Tar Kiln rd in Orleans, again veggies, herbs, eggs, garlic and more. 
   Down the street in Brewster is Eldredge Farm, off Eldredge Farm Cartway, Veggies Chickens, Turkeys Egg, all available. And then there is Tuck-A-Way Farms off Barkely Way in Harwich again fruits, veggies, herbs, honey, eggs and more. This is just this small area and just a few of what is out there. Get a hold of the Cape Cod Buy Fresh Buy local Guide to Local Farms & Food and you can find Farms, Markets and more all in your area from P'Town to Sandwich, to Falmouth and back to Chatham and everything in between. Over the next couple weeks I will mention other in different areas of Cape. But please don't wait for my list, get to the book and go check out the local farms and farmers markets while still happening.
      Next up, You know I love to promote our local artists, but from time to time I come across something different and unique. Judy Plank Art is an Artist from Massachusetts, more specifically the other Cape area Gloucester, after spending time in Florida for a while. Please check her web site out at and check out the portfolio area. I am telling you the web does not do justice to how the colors just pop off the surface we is painting on. If bright colors are you thing, if ocean theme is your your thing than you need to check her out. I can not say enough how excited I was with here work. Not overdone and not too busy, just simple exciting bright and brilliant images that could bring excitement to any barren wall.  
      Well, welcome back, I'm glad just because Labor Day has come and gone that you have not forgotten me. We are still going strong here, and second season is just about as popular as primary season. One main difference though is that the number of children on the beach are at a minimum, and the although the days are way the evenings can cool off pretty nicely. (ok most the time.) The fishing boats are changing season and tuna is and stripers are in season, winter flounder are in, Cod, and Halibut and more. We have everything from commercial to chartered to the local personal fishermen going out. This time of year the weather can change quickly with winds in the morning out of the southwest and by afternoon coming in from the northeast. Mornings can be socked in with fog and the horn and the beacon are a necessity to clear the shoals and make it safely out to sea or to warn those freighters and cruise ships to stay clear. Sometimes we forget what the real purpose of us being here is for the safety of our ocean goers. Our history is rooted in help those on the ocean not need our rescues services, but if trouble arises we are available and ready to aid at any time. I am now adding into that is shark and whale watchers as well as need need to keep our mighty friends safe from harm as well as protecting our seagoing vessels. It would not make me unhappy to see some of these seals go away as they are cleaning out our fish population and are one of the primary reasons we have so many Great Whites Sharks. But they don't ask my opinion so whatever. Well, don't forget that we are open still through the middle of the month then will see how the weather goes. We are open to scheduling groups of all ages for private tours and this will got all through the off season. So until then please keep us on your schedules and if nothing else if you can only make it on the weekends we will open and ready to see you here. I hope you had a terrific summer season and hope you can make it back for second two, right here on old Cape Cod.   
      I do not do normally do a punches or multi serving drink recipes. However this time of year and what is available, campfires on the beach or out on the farm just calls for a beverage like this. I enjoy Sangria on an occasion, but this one is rather very tasty, and I would say could become a regular during the fall and winter months. On of the things that just called me on this was the use of Cranberries, and being here on the Cape, what else could be so Cape Cod like. Now if you don't like this recipe, go trolling on the web and you will find more variations than you have fingers and toes, or cranberry bogs in New England. But this is the one I picked so take it, try it, add to it, take away from it, but leave the apples and the cranberries or it gonna be Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria. No let's get this show on the road,,, but please be a responsible host and consumer, any life is to precious to loose over stupidity. Now, let's go
      This week's recipe: Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

      1      large      apple, cored and sliced
      1      large      lemon, sliced & seeded
      1      med       lime, sliced & seeded
      1      cup        fresh cranberries
      1      bottle     red wine (750 ml)
   1/2      cup        apple liqueur 
   1/2      cup        spiced rum (South Hollow Spirits is my go to)
   1/2      cup        cranberry juice
   1/2      cup        apple cider ( NOT Juice, but cider)
      2      Tbsp      honey (if you can get an Apple or Apply Cranberry all the better)
                            sparkling water (optional)


      Place fruit in a large pitcher. Add remaining ingredients and stir until honey is dissolved. Cover and store in the refrigerator for at least a couple hours, best overnight. Serve with a splash of sparkling water if desired. Garnish with more fruit.

      And don't forget to join me for morning gags, giggles and usless information good for the water cooler or IM conversation, just check it out at



Summer is Winding Down!

The Barnstable Recreation Aquatics Staff again took first place in the Non-Surf Division for the tenth consecutive year during the 44th Annual Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition which was held at Craigville Beach earlier this month. 

As we approach the Labor Day Weekend and school begins next week, the Barnstable Recreation Division and the Hyannis Youth & Community Center are ready and looking forward to handling a number of activities next week that will serve the purpose for residents and visitors of all ages!  Click here for a list of all the public activities taking place.   

On Monday, September 3rd the Hyannis Youth & Community Center will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday.  Craigville Beach will be staffed with lifeguards and the bathhouses at all beaches will be open.  Beach sticker sales at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center end at noon on Saturday, September 1st, signifying the unofficial end of summer.  Gate attendants will be at public beach parking lots to serve visitors and residents should be sure their vehicle has a valid beach parking permit when parking at the Resident Beaches.  Please be advised, that parking rules are enforced year round.  Click here for more information.

The State Primary Election is Tuesday, September 4th and residents who are registered in Precincts 8, 9 and 13 will vote in the HYCC Gymnasium; polls are open from 7 AM to 8 PM.  Sample ballots can be accessed by clicking here.  If you are unsure of which Precinct you live in or where you should go to vote, no matter where in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you live, click here.

Fall Program Registration begins on Wednesday, September 5th at 8:45 AM.  To see a listing of all the programs and activities that will be offered and conveniently register on line, click here.  You can also come to the Hyannis Youth & Community Center at 141 Bassett Lane, HYannis MA 02601 and register in person.  Walk-in Hours are Monday - Friday 8:45 AM - 4:00 PM.  If you have questions or need help with your online account, please don't hesitate to call us at 508-790-6345 during business hours.

As always, the Hyannis Youth & Community Center offers affordable fun every day for the whole family to enjoy!  The Game Room and Gymnasium in the Lyndon P. Lorusso Youth Center are available for use by HYCC Annual Members or day pass holders.  Annual Memberships are available for just $20 ($40 for Non-Residents) and day passes are just $5 for guests and visitors.  Our professional staff are ready and waiting for kids of all ages to come and play!  Public skating takes place almost every day in the twin rinks and there are specialized programs like stroller skating, pick-up hockey and walk-on figure skating practice times that are scheduled in advance.  Check the web site for pricing and updates.

Questions, suggestions and comments are always welcome!  Please call and speak with on of our staff members about your concerns, ideas and experiences while visiting the Town of Barnstable's premier sports facility and let us THANK YOU for stopping in!


September Brews, Vines and Spirits Report & Grilled Scallops & Orange Skewers

      Ok this is the last of the summer reports from our breweries, wineries and distilleries. After this we go on the quarterly reports. Now September is a happening month. Let's start with Truro Winery, located in North Truro off 6A and Shore road, also home off South Hollow Distillery. First up are two big, no huge happenings. The report comes in with:  In September we have our Grape Stomp & Music Fest is Sunday September 23rd, 2PM-6PM. Live music, cocktails, wines by the glass, and delicious food.FREE admission and parking. Blackfish food truck will be open.Join us for the Truro Treasures weekend closing party that has become the event of the season! Bring your beach chairs and blankets and sip away, and enjoy live music from 2pm-6pm. Get your dancing shoes (or bare feet) ready! The annual Grape Stomp will begin at approximately 3pm, with the children going in first. We hope to see you there!  Last tour and tasting are both at 1pm. Music starts at 2pm. Then comes Vinegrass Music Festival (bluegrass festival) is Sunday, September 30th, this is another great day of Rhythm & Roots by the vines. Enjoy LIVE music all day, wine by the glass and Twenty Boat Rum and Dry Line Gin cocktails! Blackfish food truck will be open. Bring your beach chairs and blankets: It’s going to be another great to tickets and information.  6 bands, big stage, local vendors. The Vinegrass Organization’s mission is to enhance the cultural quality of life through the production of American Rhythm & Roots concerts and festivals. We will preserve and foster this traditional American genre of music through scholarships, workshops and instruments, ensuring its place for generations to come. 
      Something that is not overly publicized is their new Dry Line Barrel Reserve Gin. This is a limited release, barrel rested gin has been aged for a year in American and Hungarian Oak wine barrels, for a full-bodied, nuanced flavors of juniper and citrus, tranforming every pour into an exceptional drink gin. You are familiar with their Dry Line Small batched Hand Crafted White Gin,, but this new release is something special. Get it while you can cause it is limited. Ok check out their website for store hours and weekend tastings during our second season, and remember just cause the seasons change the winery is always open. 
      Next up is Cape Cod Beer, find them at 1336 Phinneys Lane, Hyannis, near BJs off RT 132, on online at or facebook and Twitter and Instagram. First up the important stuff what is brewing this September: we have coming 

Dunkel-WeizenTide Jewels Saison and Narrow Lands New England IPA and a Pilot Beer (leave your growler at home on these) called Lone Galaxy IPA (actually available 8-31, this will have a tropical fruitiness about it, perfect for this summer oppression still going on. Next up are a few of the notable events; Craft Beer Cask Fest - September 8 @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm guest breweries, live music & food trucks! This is a ticked even and a 21+ only event so check out the events page. Next is the 3rd Annual Bee Ball – featuring a limited edition pilot beer made with local honey from Honeypots Hives in Provincetown. Ok for me that in itself sounds like a wicked good brew. This takes place September 15 from 5pm - 8pm. ATTN TICKETS SOLD ONLY IN ADVANCE all ages welcome. All registration fees and merchandise purchases are donations to the BCBA, what a great event. Then last but not least is the Cape Cod Oktoberfest – our annual celebration of beer! September 22 from 11am - 4 pm. Yes it's FREE Admission OR Get your VIP Package with access to an exclusive VIP beer line, an official event t-shirt, a pretzel & a half liter souvenir mug with two tickets to fill it with beer (1 liter total) for a nominal fee. Folks this is only a smattering of events happening please go to the website and check it all out. This business is not just about beer, it's about Cape Cod and a happen place. You don't want to miss anything that is going on here.

      Last for this report is Cape Cod Winery in East Falmouth on Oxbow Rd or on the web at First up they are going strong through Septembers, Check out there events page for details. Friday nights with live music from 5pm - 8pm through September the 21st. On Wednesday the 12 from 6pm - 8:30pm Museums on the Green-Wine Tasting & Special Lecture about our East Falmouth neighborhood by Lewis White. And their hours of operations is: September 4th through October 8th: Monday: 12pm-4pm (open Labor Day & Columbus Day), Tuesday: CLOSED, Wednesday: 12pm-4pm, Thursday: 12pm-5pm, Friday: 12pm-8pm  LIVE MUSIC 5PM-8PM!, Saturday: 11am-5pm, Sunday: 12pm-4pm. This is no longer an up and coming,, they are here and they have terrific wines to offer and have a coming wine club. So be sure to check them all out. 

      Last notes, please remember that although we are missing updates from Hog Island, Devil's Purse, Nautabout, Barnstable Brewery, Cisco (on Nantucket), Shoal Hope CidarWorks and I am sure I am missing someone. Cape Cod really is a destination for Wineries, Craft Beers and Craft Distilleries. Hope you have enjoyed and please let them all know you read the CapeCod Rockhopper either through or on my own blog Maybe we can encourage others to become more involved in upcoming or next years postings. Have a great and wonderful and please be a responsible drinker.  

      Business report, I did not go with the expectations to put this first growing Cape business in, but as I was at the craft show this past weekend at Drummer Boy in Brewster I stopped over to the Farmers Market. First a word about that. Folks just because first season is coming to an end Labor Day weekend does not mean the farmers markets around the Cape cease to exist or operate. Now there may be a few roadside farmers stands that do but not the farmers markets. Now Labor Day weekend Brewster Farmers Market will not be happening, that's 9-2-18, but they will be going the following three Sundays after that. If you have seen on printed material that it was to end the 16th well they decided to continue it through the Sunday 9-23. This is the time of year you want to be there, Be sure to take cash or a check, however Brewster Historical Society that runs this has a token option that you can buy and use for exchange if you forget and only have your card. The tokens are only usable for edible goods but there is that option. So check your local to how long through second season they go through and support our local growers. 
      Now while I was there I ran into (ok not physically) Kala-Matta Foods out of East Sandwich. Where to find, try the Cape Cod farmers Markets,(check the schedule) Osterville Harvest Fest, and other farmers markets or on Facebook. Another place you can discover more about Kala-Matta Foods is get the last summer issue of Cape Cod Edible Food Magazine. That will tell you more about this growing company than I could in a month of business reports. But they are into some ridiculously delicious Hummus and what better to eat hummus with but with pita chips that stand up the dip but don'd steal the show from the hummus yet can be eaten alone or with other spreads and dips. I'm telling you this stuff is wicked good and needs to be had. And to boot on top of it's almost healthy. Hey have 3 flavors of hummus available besides the chips. If you cant make it to the farmers markets, they are available at Peterson's in Yarmouth Port and Ring Brother's in South Dennis. Check it out and then scarf it down. I will say, it helped when I asked for a business card as usually do, he hands me a bag of the pita chips instead and tells me that's his business card. So I just make that disclaimer, but honestly if it didn't taste good, I could easily have let it side under the table and just whoops.. So thank you Jerry Matta for sample and yes I will be buying more, yummm. 
      Next up isElixir Confections, Find them online at either or on Facebook at or even better in person at the many farmers markets around the Cape. Straight from there facebook about: Elixir Confections is a gourmet chocolates and pastries business where mother-daughter duo, Rose & Felicia Rocque, hand craft their latest creations!. Folks the best thing I can say about this duo is mountains of yummy goodness. As you are out and about watch for Elixir then share the experience. If you need or have a special occasion you need something for, give them a call and talk about a special order, they would be happy to help you out. 
      Last is an unusual business in that we has no facebook, no website and does most by word of mouth. The is Leather by Leslie of Harwich. She does,, wait for it, leather goods. wow bet you did not see that coming. But seriously, there are leather workers and there are leather crafters, she is the later. She has just about any kind or size bag, woman's bags, man bags ( I particularly likes the saddle bad.)  Her work is more for the ladies but I telling you men, she has products that would work well or she can customize. Trust me how many of us really like sitting on our wallets or what do we do with our keys, phone, if you carry a tablet, Im telling you it's not a bad thought, we all went through the laptop bag time, then all off a sudden that stopped when we can get it all on our phones or a tablet, but still. I know she will be at the Harwich Cranberry Festival coming, and she does other craft shows closer around Harwich. Be prepared guys to have your ladies wanting her stuff, or maybe I should be warning the ladies to hold on to their guys. This lady is good.      
      Hello everyone, how do you do? Other than feeling like I'm a lobster in a pot of boiling water, we are having great, ok very hot and sticky weather. I am praying by the end of the week we can get a break on this for Labor Day weekend. Wow has it been extremely active around here. I think more folks are coming out and climbing the tower to see if they can spot any great white sharks instead of climbing to see the actual lamp room and beacon. But I will take the visitors for whatever reason they show up for, cause once they are in the station or the tower itself they are a captive audience and that's my cue to tell the history of the life station and light house. How over the years the number of travelers and sailors that have been helped from the Cape waters. I also get to tell them how the coast line has changed over the years, and how the light house has had to be moved now twice, and hoping that the last one was far enough back that it will hold up for at least until the last part of this century. Then of course I get to take them down and over to the station house and let the Mrs talk to them about how the keepers lived and spent their time. May of the keepers were single men in groups of 2 to 4 depending on the time of year and shipping seasons. Someone always had to be awake or make sure someone was up every few hours to heck on the lamp oil and make sure the light did not go out or make sure if the fog rolled in that the horn was sounded. Then of course she finishes up by taking them to the kitchen where she has her cranberry oatmeal cookies waiting. I know the season is coming to an end, but second season is just around the corner. So for now we are going to keep going on with regular hours, we are scheduled to start having the kids in next week during the mornings but will have to keep an eye on the weather so the kids don't get to hot. But I think we are going to try to stay going till at least through the second weekend of September then start cutting back on the open public hours during the week and stay open on the weekends, then keep that till Columbus Day then we will be open by appointments only mostly for groups and kids, and then the holidays and the lights and special occasions. But you can still come out and go to the lookout deck and walk the grounds there is always something new to see. So I hope you have had a great summer and have had been able to come out here to this wonderful spot of land we call old Cape Cod. Until we meet again,,,,     
      Well this wonderful time of the when there are 5 Wednesdays in the month, which means I get to go appetizer hunting, and seafood to boot. Now the problem, which really is not a a problem, is that most of these could go either as an appetizer or a main course, the difference would be how many you put on one skewer, and now many skewers you make per person. Up front, this is not my recipe but as I say, I look for recipes that come up more than once in a search and or in my cookbooks and recipe cards and that i really can't swear where the recipe started. So if you find it someplace, ok great, but it ain't the only place, trust me on that one. So this is a fairly simple, easy recipe, It is grilled which is great with all the summer heat going on, quick in time so you could grill during pregame or half-time and still not miss a play. So if you like Scallops and grilling you will love this recipe, so let's roll up the sleeves and get this cooking game going, especially before I start dribbling all over the keyboard. 
      This week's recipe: Grilled Scallops & Orange Skewers
      1      tbsp      honey (for best results use raw)
      2      large     navel orange ( or 3 small or medium)
      1      tbsp      fresh grated ginger
      1      pd         sea scallops, (about 12-14) 
              kosher salt and black pepper
              Old Bay Seasoning          
              skewers (wooden or metal)
      If using wooden skewers put to soak in water as early as possible so they don't burn. Peel, pull slices apart and clean white stuff off, then cut in half or 3rds depending on side of slice or wedge, (other way to do this to cut orange in to thinker slices, quarter then pull peal off each quarter), leave a small orange or part of one to squeeze the juice from to get 2 tablespoons (or cheat and use fresh orange juice).  In a small bowl combine honey, orange juice and ginger. 
      If using grill non-stick spray, spray before turning on, if using oil Heat the grill, right before putting food on oil well so seafood does not stick. Thread the orange and scallops onto the skewers, starting and finishing with the orange. Season with salt and pepper, and Old Bay Seasoning. Grill for 2 -3 minutes on each side (depending on how big , don't overcook), until the scallops are opaque throughout, then brush and baste with the sauce and cook 30 to 60 more seconds on each side.
      If doing as appetizers do 2 scallops per skewers, (use small or cut in half) if doing as a main meal go 4 + per skewer) 
      This recipe is easily doubled or tripled or buy the number of scallops count you need, don't guess by the pound you will pretty much always come up short. 
      The other things you can do with this recipe is start playing with pineapple, or other grillable fruit and try doing with a butter and garlic baste or do with scallops and shrimp and fruit then add or exchange herbs and seasonings to your taste and likings.  
      Please join me weekdays for some fun at for my workday morning thunks and thoughts for a few pokes, thoughts, smiles and laughts. It's short, it's sweet and it's has some fun facts for around the water cooler. Hope to see you there. 

Reminiscing & Pineapple CheeseCake

      So would love to go back to the days of no worries, no real responsibilities, no bills, no thinking about where my food is coming from or who is going to prepare it, taken on vacations on someone else's dollar, freedom to come and go as one pleases with minimal restrictions. The days when the month of August meant sleeping later, laying on the beach, sailing, swimming, girl watching, biking, making new friends, fishing, and the list goes on and on. Life was so much simpler than and we took it all for granted for way to long. I know some out there did not have great childhoods or fantastic families. But I had parents who cared and even though my sisters were out of the house by the time I was in middle school/junior high I still had a fairly decent relationship with them. Why did we not learn earlier, or recognize how good many of us had. WOW, if only I could go back and make better use of my time or be more grateful for what I had and did not realize it at the time. When you stop and think about it, how many kids could say their family went on vacation for a whole month, let alone at the beach. I'm not talking about the rich and famous here, or those making six figures or more, I'm talking middle class America here, the working class, As a pastor my Dad worked more like 6 days a week and sometimes 7. He was not an Sunday morning only, or maybe through in the Wednesday night back in the day. Im talking Dad did, counseling session, he did visitations, he had board meetings, besides his studies. He was and still is well respected and used to write for a counseling periodical and the list goes on. He was a true pastors pastor and a churches gem, so he did "earn" his time off, but still on vacation put in time studying and working on what topics and passages of scripture he would be preaching over the next year. He did not belong to a conference or group of churches that dictated what he would preach each Sunday. So he had to prepare each week, and put in the time to research and read and make his outlines and,, most people do not realize what a good pastor really does. So when August came around, although he was still semi-working he never took away from my mother's and my time. August was my time away with Dad, we would ride bikes together, through baseball or softball, he taught me here on the Cape to throw a frizbee and how to fly a kite, and when I was in my older teens we would go golfing together. Funny today we could not afford it it has gotten so expensive. Oh those wonder years of living at home and part of a caring loving family. Perfect heck no, but much better than a lot others and that I did understand. I hope that through the years you are able to carve out time for those you love in places you love to be where ever that may be, here on Cape Cod, New England in general, Disney World, Europe or where ever your happy place is. And don't take for granted the times when life is giving you a break, cause there will be the rest of the time we only wish would pass. At least for now I am able to enough work days looking out my office window in my house knowing I live here on Cape Cod. May you have a great and wonderful rest of your summer and if you have the opportunity, come and visit us here on Old Cape Cod.  

      Business report, General Stores, seriously have you checked out all the General Stores around the Cape. Do you know the history of the general store. Do you realize the history behind the general stores, they were the life line of the towns, they were gathering hub other than the local hall or church. Everyone did business at the general store and caught up on the local gossip. So as you are traveling the Cape this summer either on Rt 6A or Rt 28 or there are a couple others off the beaten path, stop in, check them out, and see what kind of history they have and experience so of the real good old Cape living. Just to name a few, in Centerville it is call the 1856 Country Store located at 555 Main St, The Barnstable General Store located at 3220 Main St (6A) Barnstable, Millie's of Chatham General Store 1291 Main St Chatham, Provincetown General Store located at 147 Commercial St, Provincetown. While your up that way South Wellfleet General Store 1446 Rt 6, Wellfleet, Then there is DennisPort General Store located at 662 Main St (Rt 28), then of course the Brewster General Store and Brewster Scoop located at 1935 Main St (6A), There is also the Wild Harbor General Store in North Falmouth at 200 Old Main Rd (Not Falmouth center but North Falmouth). If you can find any others go for it. But these are the listings I could find. Funny thing is I think have been to all but 1. So that makes me feel really good, when you get there, take the time to walk around and find some of the other stores, ice cream shops and local eateries. They all have their quirky perky places that are fun to go in and just look around and if you find something, that's even better. So have fun checking out the general stores and the areas surrounding them. The Cape has so much to offer, don't miss out on all the hidden treasures.  
      Well hello folks, what can I say about this past week. We have seen some of the highest highs and lowest lows. We have see encounters with Great Whites, Whales and Ripe tides have been around the area and in the news. What can I say to this, the ocean is a wild place, that which flows in her depths can be great on one hand yet a freaky scary on the other. We need to respect her in all her glory while enjoying what she has to offer. I have seen ships succumb to her watery graves and I have seen the anger of her waves that takes back her land. The Ocean is a wonderful but wild place. Respect her every time you step into her, or take to her by vessel of any kind. I know that seems heavy right right now but we got lucky with the meeting of the surfer and Great White off our eastward facing beaches, the gentleman will have a time recovering but reports are he will. Our friends in New Hampshire were the Bay open up to did not fair so well. And our gentle giant that used to swim the waters of our Cape Cod Bay. On the flip side we did wee the picture of the young fisherman getting up close with a breaching brother Hump Back, and the pictures he has shared on that Tube thing, to remind us just what wonders are out there and to be cautious as you travers our Cape waters. Our shinning beacon of light can only do so much, it can help point the way to a wayward boatsman or ship captain or warn of imposing dangers nearby. It can be used as a road map to whose sailing up and down the coast either for pleasure or looking for a safe harbor. While others just want to see the comfort of it's light, knowing they are not that far from shore. The guard station has been a home for those committed to helping others, whether on every day normal swim days to riptide days to those where seas are angry and someone needs rescued from the perils that stir within her at times. You see we are more than just a light in the dark, or a guard in a life chair, the station has many other duties, from weather watching and reporting to whale counting, to keeping history alive to those who seek. As you go about your travel this summer, visit lighthouses and get to know them. Check out there history and see what they are still doing, and remember when it comes down to it, they have much more function that what most people realize. Befriend a keeper, if you can fine one, or the group that is preserving them. Read their history and the lives they have saved then spread the news and keep the light burning so that all, whether on land or on sea can continue to have the safety and comfort of knowing we will be here for a long long time. May you have a safe rest of your summer, and have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.           
      This week I wanted to stay summery with the recipe. And being that we are on cheesecakes I needed something that was fruity and full of sunshine. So what better way to celebrate then with pineapple and combine with our favorite, ok one of our favorites, desserts. Now you know when you have an idea in your head and you have searched high and low and finally found what you thought was what you wanted, only to find our as you go to use it, it's close but so far away. Yup this week's recipe is one of those. I thought I had me a Pineapple CheeseCake recipe but went to my source what I had noted was Pineapple Cake. Hum, what happened to the Cheese? So back to the search I went,, after looking through more than 30 books and tittles I finally found one I could live with. Now don't get me wrong, I found Pineapple upside-down CheeseCake, I found Pineapple-Coconut CheeseCake, I found several no-bake Pineapple CheeseCakes, and something called Pineapple Delight CheeseCake. Sorry folks I wanted a basic, simple real Pineapple CheeseCake. So after finding about 3 or 4 I could live with and making sure it was not one of those big brand name recipes (although most were so close I am not sure who came first the cheese or the cake. As we all know Kraft is most likely one of the earliest noted cheesecake recipe originators. There are some cheesecakes that go back a little further that utilize other forms of cheese that were known as cheesecakes but you will need to google the history of and get the full story. So now that I have my recipes in order let's get this show going in the kitchen:
      This week's recipe: Pineapple CheeseCake
      1      cup      honey graham crackers , finely crushed ( or plain)
      3      Tbsp    butter, melted
      1      cup      plus 3 tbsp. sugar, divided 
      4      pkg      cream cheese, softened (8 oz each)
      1      cup      sour cream
      1      Tbsp    vanilla extract (the real stuff please)
      4                  eggs
      1      can      pineapple tidbits in juice, very well drained (8 oz )
   1/2      cup      pineapple preserves
      The Crust:
      Mix graham crackers crumbs, butter and 3 Tbsp. sugar; press into bottom of 9-inch springform pan. Bake in a preheated 325-degree oven for 10 minutes
      The Filling (the good stuff)
      While crust if backing, beat cream cheese and remaining sugar with mixer until well blended. Beat in sour cream and vanilla. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating on low speed after each just until blended. Once crust is finished, pour batter over crust. Bake 55 minutes to 1 hour or until center is almost set. Run knife around rim of pan to loosen cake; cool before removing rim. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
      Mix pineapple and preserves; spread over cheesecake just before serving. (note the cheese cake should be cool before putting the topping on. 
      The nice thing about this recipe is you can put just about any fruit topping on the CheeseCake. Do it with Cherries, with Mandarin Oranges, any kind of Berries or what about Carmel & nuts or Chocolate. Use your imagination on this one. And enjoy.  
      Please come and visit me weekday mornings for some laughs, encouragement and fun for the water cooler. We all need a boost now and then and it only takes a couple to read. So please join me at Hope to see you there.