Weather for Dummies

Sometimes you have to recognize a bad investment and simply cut your losses.

Van Wilder


Unable to stay on topic Little Dick Blathermore dodges the subject on hand [quality of life living next to the wind turbine and the Falmouth screw up] and segues into Soweto, Iran, climate change,  slavery and other foolishness.  Any chance you could stay on topic and discuss the subject at hand Counselor? The subject is a poorly sited wind turbine, those affected by it and how to resolve it. Thomas Jefferson or George Washington picking their own cotton or tobacco has nothing to do with it but it must seem somehow relative to someone on the lower end of the integrative thinking curve.

[FYI, I dumbed down my last blog to help the Counselor's diminished comprehension out but evidently not enough.]

Never one to tire of hearing his own voice we are treated to his inane ramblings.....

"...massive climate change that has wrought widespread ecological disaster, most recently the devastation of New York and New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy. The scientific consensus on that is solid, that such high potency storms are the result of rising global temperatures, evidenced by glacial melting and shrinking of the polar ice caps."

"This [fossil fuel] has caused a global rise in the sea level, making the more frequent and more powerful hurricanes even more devastating, as seen most recently from the storm surge that hit New York and New Jersey just a few weeks ago."

Well if climate change is the subject, like one misplaced turbine will save the world,  so be it but it doesn't help with the matter at hand.

"more frequent and more powerful hurricanes"

A claim neither supported by science.....

nor history for that matter.

"...scientific consensus..."

Well Sandy [Cat 1]was hardly a high potency storm as claimed, the flooding was due to a full moon creating a "spring tide".....


a vast high-pressure system over Canada blocking it from following the normal North Atlantic hurricane path and a jet stream that shifted so that it was flowing from the southeast to the northwest.


" rise in the sea level..."

No argument there as I witness it twice a day [it is commonly referred to as the "incoming  tide"] from my little island in Florida. [Note to Dick....Feels like 72' F vs Feels Like25'  wily dog you]

Here is high tide as Sandy passed by.....


 And here is what low tide looked like.....

And as the ground swell passed, one of  the final breaches.....

And that Dick, is what caused the flooding.

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