For the Record...

No anger here Joe, just trying to keep things honest, getting to be a full time job around here.

I asked if I was misunderstanding the context of your statement, OK?

If I did I apoligize but it seems playing fast and loose with the facts seems to be an ongoing theme around here.

You can bash away at the GOP all you want Joe but I think you could put your talents to more constructive uses.


"And Bob Dole, who once led the senate and ran for president, and who gave his life to his country both in wartime and in his years in the senate, got a front row seat in his wheelchair to watch this happen.

Hey, thanks, Bob."

Joe Quigley

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters

cannot be trusted with important matters."
Albert Einstein


Seriously Joe.....again? Might want to check your sources. Bob and Libby Dole were there in support of the treaty.


"Mr. Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, his voice rising as senator after senator moved slowly into the chamber, rejected the concerns of Republicans and made a moral argument for approval of the treaty.

Mr. Dole, he said, had not come to the Senate floor “to advocate for the United Nations.”

“He is here because he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do”, he added.

Approval of the treaty, Mr. Kerry said, would demonstrate that “what we do here in the United States Senate matters.” He added, “Don’t let Senator Bob Dole down.”


Seems I just read this somewhere.....

"There is an impled contract between a newspaper and its readers. The paper prints the truth. Readers believe that it's true."

So am I misunderstanding the context of your statement or is this just an opportunity for some misguided, yet ever popular,  good 'ol GOP bashing?

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

John 8:32


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