Why blog? Reason #92, to get a $300,000 book deal

Why Blog?
Reason No. 92: A big Book Deal
This is how it happens. A guy starts a clever blog in January and calls it Stuff White People Like. The site contains a list of cultural totems, including gifted children, marathons and writers’ workshops, that a certain type of moneyed and liberal American might be expected to like.
christian_lander100_144   “The No. 1 reason why white people like not having a TV,” reads the explanation under entry No. 28, Not Having a TV, “is so that they can tell you that they don’t have a TV.”  Readers discover "Stuff White People Like", like it and forward links to their friends, who forward them to lots more friends. Newspaper columnists mention it, stealing — er, quoting — some of the better jokes. By the end of February, the NPR program “Talk of the Nation” runs a report on it, debating whether the site is racist or satire.
   And then on March 20 Random House announces that it has purchased the rights to a book by the blog’s founder, Christian Lander, an Internet copy writer. The price, according to a source familiar with the deal was about $300,000, a sum that many in the publishing and blogging communities believe is an astronomical amount for a book spawned from a blog, written by a previously unpublished author...  NY Times
Stuff White People like
Blogger starts in January,  book deal by March

We don't promise our Cape Bloggers a rose garden or even  $300,000 book deals, but despite the problems the old media has with them, blogs already enjoy the readership and national prominence which the mainstream media enjoyed a decade ago.

This virtual news(paper) is little more than a mega-blog itself with over 150 local bloggers writing for us. Many have prospered, most spiritually, a few with huge media attention and even a couple with money. 

The local daily still disses blogs with a house ad which proclaims "There are millions of blogs on the web... Some are breaking big stories. Others are unapologetically spreading rumors and lies."

Gee, can we survive with that much abuse?

Reason #92

The story in Sunday's New York Times on the right  relates the latest triumph of this new new medium.  A Google News search for the blog author's name, Christian Lander, brings back 15 stories in the past two days.  A search for the blog's name, Stuff White People Like,  brings back 43.

Like any good blog (substitute newspaper or magazine column here) Lander uses wit and irony to make his points which the old media mistake for racial slurs and bigotry.  A current post on his site asks the eternal white parent's concern:

Should white children be allowed to drink wine? 

The text begins - White people need to learn about wine as soon as possible. Not learning until college puts them at an inherent disadvantage to Europeans and white children raised abroad. It is strongly recommended that children learn about wine regions, vintages, terror, and tannins in elementary school to give them that all important leg up when they reach college... 

Of course the old media is so PC pot bound it could never understand thoughts like Lander's and those of most blogger except when the old media fossils decide to write a  blog for their own newspapers which turn out to be even worse than their regular print columns.

hobbs150_190 "A man is known best by his enemies rather than his friends." - Mal HobbsWhile our local daily ignores cc2day and its bloggers except to diss them, precious old media like Cape Cod Voice manage to mention us, but never seem to get the name of website correct. In the current self-absorbed edition they refer to us as  Cape.com which is a former Internet Service Provider which sold out to  Fall River company last year. Please, don't anyone correct them, we can't afford their approval.

All this is, of course, greatly to the advantage of new media like ours. As a wag said during the 1970's, "if Nixon's  Attorney General had said he loved smoking grass, the kids would all stop the next day", or as the late-great publisher of The Cape Codder opined, "a man is known best by his enemies rather than his friends."

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